ST-I Review/Guide, Brawling with Sidescraping

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Source: Taugrim

I review the ST-I, a tier 9 Russian heavy tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Malinovka and tier 10 Ruinberg battles.

The ST-I has strong frontal turret armor and unusually thick side hull armor (140mm), and these characteristics pair up well with a brawling technique known as sidescraping.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb side hull armor (140mm)
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Excellent frontal turret protection
+ Good silver AP penetration (258)
+ Good frontal hull armor, albeit vulnerable ammo
– Fairly sluggish mobility due to the heavy armor
– Long aim time (3.4 sec base)
– Long turret is a big target against flanking fire
– Front lower plate is weak (185mm effective), as is the driver’s hatch (235mm effective)
– Poor view range (380)

Recommended Equipment
1. Rammer
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  2. now we need the st-ii

    • I Climb Everything

      Same armor one tier higher, bad DPM. Double shitting is something you only do when you really really need to kill something, besides that situation you should never double shot. It ruins your dpm, and your likely to bounce one of the 2 shells that took you 20 seconds to load

    • Listen to the comment above me, I Climb Everything is giving spot-on advice.

  3. cool content you deserve more subscribers

  4. awesome content you deserve more subscribers

  5. Yay taugrim I’m earllyyy

  6. whats the noise i hear around 2:57

  7. Really glad you’re uploading again.

  8. Not sure if i never noticed or something’s wrong, but your voice sounds a bit weird

    • My voice has been a bit more hoarse after I was sick in the fall. My throat still isn’t 100%.

    • @Taugrim Ahhh i see. Hope it gets better soon then!

    • @Taugrim I love having you back doing these excellent videos, but please take care of your throat. Less videos if need be. Especially if it means hardship with work and family, and if we have to go another six months without one of your videos!
      Cheers and GG.

  9. Could you do a Т-10 vid? Recently researched the tank and I am having a horrible time playing it 🙁

    • Patrick Ellinwood

      T10 is awesome it just trades hull armor for mobility, just do everything you can to protect your hull. I thought it was the best handling of the large caliber Soviet guns.

    • Covered back in Episode #15.

      I don’t like playing the tier 9 and 10 pikenose tanks. Just doesn’t gel for me.

  10. Is someone having a shower 3 mins in?

  11. In the first match at the end when it was just the wafflecock and arty left you might think to use HE since either of those are thinly armoured.

  12. Patrick Ellinwood

    Taugrim you make the best WOT instructional videos. Love how you cover everything from basics to advanced. Always choose position over damage Ina HT! Thanks!

  13. I normally keep open in a web browser while I’m playing. If I load into a match and have a question about the armor layout of a tank on the enemy team, I’ll call it up and take a quick peek during the countdown.

  14. Dylan van der Velden

    could you stop frying things in the back when you’re recording? thank you. i loved this tank. good gun. good armor. baiting the shots on your side. wonderful

    • With COVID-19, my wife and I are at home in our 1-bedroom condo 99.9% of the time. I want her to be comfortable and do what she needs to do.

      So I’ll be making more videos but you can expect to hear some background noises. Hope you understand.


  15. Wow this is the first time I see Taugrim playing HT.

  16. I love your measured analysis. I would be interested in a video with your opinion on the state of the game as a whole. I recently came back to play after not looking at it for a while, and it seems to me that things aren’t good. There’s a lot of mindless rushing (especially at lower tiers) and more P2W with the premiums. Meanwhile, basic flaws like unlimited gold ammo have not been fixed. It could just be me being rusty, which is why I’m interested in your thoughts. I’ve had some great experiences in WoT in the past and it’d be nice to enjoy playing again. (Also, I miss Rift 😉

    • Word on the street is Murazor at WG heavily influenced the OP tier 8 heavy premiums – Defender, Patriot, Chrysler K, etc – when he had a voice in tank design. A lot of the newer heavies between tiers 8-10 lack meaningful weak spots on their turrets and frontal hulls, which is bad as it puts pressure on players to spam premium ammo, which indirectly makes real money for WG (due to credit sink effect).

      I’ve been able to play through it but it’s certainly not good for the game’s health.

  17. such a random tank to review….keep em coming anyway

    • Keep in mind that the advice I give about brawling and sidescraping applies to a lot of heavies that have meaningful side hull armor. E.g. IS-4, ST-II, all the German heavies, 60TP, etc.

  18. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Obj 263 has bad gun depression: it is because of its geometry. Why the fucking WT auf Pz IV has bad gun depression backwards?


    thanks for this video i like the ST-I. can you do one on the IS-4 when it is buffed

  20. About that sound about 3 minutes in, it’s probably just his family doing stuff around the house which he has no control over, and his house probably isn’t too huge. I didn’t find it to be too distracting and I’m just glad he’s uploading for us again.

    • Exactly.

      With COVID-19, my wife and I are at home in our 1-bedroom condo 99.9% of the time. I want her to be comfortable and do what she needs to do. So I’ll be publishing more videos but you can expect to hear some background noises like when she’s in the kitchen.

      Hope y’all understand.

    • @Taugrim I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind, looking forward to more awesome content! Been a fan of yours for years ever since I first started playing tanks and really appreciate your great teaching style.

    • Thanks and I appreciated your earlier comment.

      If people have an issue with the background noise, and I have to choose between recording my narration with my wife doing things or not doing a recording, I’ll choose the latter.

      Before COVID-19, I could time my recordings for when my wife was out, but now that’s not an option since we’re staying home as much as possible.

    • @Taugrim Thanks for sharing again! Stay safe and see you on the otherside.

    • @Taugrim Can you make VK 30.02 (D) review? It’s a great tank, suffers a little with silver penetration, but is very mobile and can flank easily. Having a great time with it, and would love to see you use it more properly than me 😀 Thank you <3

  21. Why would you make a review on a tank right before it gets buffed/altered?

  22. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Wow, talk about timely. I unlocked this over a year ago but just started playing it yesterday. So far it seems to work for me a lot better than the other tier 9 Russian heavies, other than the IS-3-II which I have not played yet. Oddly enough, the gun has been awesome, I had to check to see if they’d buffed it or something, the amount of mid range cupola sniping I’ve done is incredible.

  23. Can’t they wait until you are done to wash dishes?

  24. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    2:40 What is up with that water sound? lol xD

  25. Slow and steady I love st1

  26. Justin Raug Veggerby

    Thx Taugrim, it’s so darn good to have you back 🙂

  27. Thanks for the video! On the first replay, what I probably would have done is about the same, and a similar exit strategy. I might have stayed on hill a bit longer in order to use the turret armour and try to see what my team spotted, not sure if that would be a good idea.

    In the second replay, would have gone to where the Waffle was earlier. They were the only tank on that spoke, so it would have made some sense. Your team definitely threw that one though.

    • Yea that’s fair. It would have taken some time to go backwards out of the lane, and because I was proxy spotted they’d know what I was doing. But it may have been better for the team.

      It was frustrating to watch our IS-7 and T-10 die pretty early in sturdy tanks. People get tunnel vision and forget about protecting the sides of their tanks.

  28. About time you did a video on my favorite tank 🙂

  29. Dont let complaints about background noise get to you. Viewers tend to forget youtubers have lives going on in the back lmfao
    Really happy about the uploads again man good to have you back

  30. I enjoy watching replays with analysis both lost and won battles… others would only brag how good they are in spending money and paying to win… such wallet warrior skill level is boring… this on the other hand is refreshing – thank you

  31. Have you considered running optics instead of vents? you can reach the maximum view range with a decent crew that way.

    • That’s probably a viable choice. I choose Vents for the slight bonuses to everything.

      There are valid arguments for Vents, GLD, or Optics for the 3rd slot.

  32. Great tank and the first tier 9 besides the e75 that wasn’t a total fail for me years ago, eventually ended up selling it taking the five skill crew for the is-3-2. The aim time even with a gun laying drive is ruinous but beyond that it was a great tank till it went HD. Trolling tier 10s in the SD era was a treat when hull down bouncing cHeat all day long.

    • The gun handling on the ST-I is poor, however I still don’t use GLD on it. I’d rather have Vents as the 3rd piece of equipement. It’s debatable which is better.

      The other 2 slots should definitely go to Rammer and VStab.

  33. Good to see you back. For the love of god, do dishes later! BTW, you killed me one battle, it was a badge of honor for me 🙂

  34. There is a lot of good advise here, especially for newer players. I can’t tell you how often I tell my team to be patient, don’t rush, let things develop. Dying early puts you team behind from the start.

  35. why do you have 30-40 fps?

  36. Taugrim, what do you think about the upcoming IS4 buff, especially for it’s armor and gun? Will this finally make it a competitive tier 10 heavy?

    • It’s continuing the trend of removing weak spots. It’s fair for the IS-4 and E-100, but I don’t know whether those buffs are good for the game. Heavies as a class are very strong at tier 10 and 9 currently.

  37. I really want the ST-I but the KV-4 is giving me nightmares…

  38. taugrim thanks for the videos its really helpful, Tums up

  39. Héctor Lamaña i Sánchez


  40. I was lucky enough to play in a match with you when the bourasque came out. I played terribly but watching you play was like art.

  41. Thanks for the video Taugrim. Stay safe during this virus mess.

  42. A superb instructional video mate. Side scraping 101 with an excellent explanation as to the specific weaknesses of the tank you are driving. So happy to have your videos appearing on my Youtube home page!

  43. Awesome video as usual!! I prefer to use a reverse side scrapping method for Soviet heavies, it is a little more dangerous if they are close to you and you don’t have backup but I feel that you can aim in and shoot at them while not having to move at all. Just my two cents. Looking forward to you next vid!

  44. ST-I was my first tier 9. I would recommend everyone don’t waste your time with this shit tech tree line. There are billions other Russian lines you can grind but not this one.🤪

  45. Glad you’re making videos again!

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