^^| ST-I(DGAF) (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Sup man I’m new to ur channel and I enjoy the content !

  2. I don’t even play tanks… don’t know a thing about it. Keep coming back here anyway. Says something… maybe that I’m as nuts as Sir. Claiming it as a good thing. My story & I’m sticking to it.

  3. Circon is working 3 marking EVERY tank in thw game? If so WHERE G 1 R GAMEPLAY?

  4. I must have been living under a rock to not hear about you being on a diet. Congratulations on the weight loss, keep up the good work!

  5. I love you Circon. Your videos are always entertaining and educational. I do, however, loathe you just for the simple fact that you make excelling at this game look so. damn. easy. Screw your nonchalance and grace as you wreck tanks and rape face. Really, though, don’t stop. Thank you for everything you do.

  6. Good work Circon, you can doooooeeeeeet!!!

  7. This was an especially wholesome and memeingful video today Circon. Keep up the great work and congrats on the pants.

  8. You need to upload videos with st1 more often 😀

  9. Hey Circon, play some phat beats.

    Lke Sabaton.

  10. I hate how you make this look easy.

  11. 90% of the 3th marks on ST-I 😀

  12. In Flames (my favourite band) <3
    Sabaton <3
    Raubtier <3
    Love swedish metal
    sincerely, Joe The Englishman

  13. I once penned one of these things, best game ever

  14. I did 6k dmg 2k assist 3k blocked in Emil2 with the stock gun and it was only second class… feelsbadman

  15. That looks like it was fun lol

  16. glad to see the sunglasses back

  17. im new to this channel and i have to say man holly shit you are good and keep it up
    and dont use drugs because they are bad mkay

  18. Vert stabs are a con fabricated by serb-stream reference

  19. this tank is so comfortable. im on it right now, and you cant even call it a grind, i love this tank so much. I thought the KV4 had good armor, and this mkes it look like a med.

  20. CYKA BLYAT!!! lol.

  21. Good god they gave this thing a better engine eh

  22. Circon, what is your crosshair?!?! Please pleeeease tell me

  23. Slowly grinding through the KV-4 to unlock this one (already have the IS-4 from before the switch but the ST-I was not unlocked). The KV-4 is just as awesome on it’s tier, manage to block on average 1800 damage with the KV-4 while the HP of the tank is 1600 XD.

    Great for the HT-12 missions!

  24. ST-I needs to be on HD model thanks WG for modeling tier 1 and 2 and forget about the best tanks in the game.

  25. i love how the top tier tanks in the “slow russian heavy line ” go 40 kph on the flat

  26. The title says sti, but I see no subie

  27. haha evil chuckle and “you dumb cow”…the memes!!

  28. i love the ST-I my tier 2ed tier 9 fav

  29. 4:28
    You can’t overmatch VK4502B’s roof with a 122mm gun, it’s 60mm thick, you clearly hit the cupola.

  30. how many goats did you sacrifice to RNGjesus circon for him to bless you with such amazing matchmaking? xD had me dying when you said yeah fuck you pendejo lmao as a Hispanic person 10/10 great memes

  31. 5.8 k damage and 1k spotting is ace? I did 7k with 900 spotting and got a 1st class…

  32. sn00ze dies early!

  33. I have been waiting for an HD model of the ST-I for months.

  34. that feeling when you watch it the first time in the stream and then on youtube…

  35. ST-I one of the best tier 9 heavy. I wish i see more replays with it.

  36. damn circ i love your channel and i dont even play world of tanks 😀

  37. Hoodie has arrived

  38. ST-I(dgaf) I love it

  39. Congrats on your weight loss Circon. Fight the darkness.

  40. how to play st1:
    1 give 0 fucks
    2 use the fuck you turret as much as possible
    3 get so close you cant miss
    4 farm all of the damage done and damage blocked
    5 repeat

  41. st1 is a beast 1 of the top 5 heavy arnor tier 9 hts with the vkb e75 type 4 and soon the mauschen

  42. Didact917 -Community Gaming

    The ST-I is the best Tier IX in my opinion! Can’t wait to play the IS-4, just need to the gun depression

  43. Spotterino Cappuccino

    I stands for one, not ‘eye’. There is no letter I in cyryllic script(aka Russian alphabet) and the name of this tank on Russian WoT site is CT-I.

  44. go go power rangers!

  45. I didn’t know it until I saw the post game stats, that Circon and sn00ze where on the opposite team, yesterday.
    One guy on our team wrote “Focus ST-I he has 3000 WN8!!!1!111!”
    I rewatched the stream and arty did indeed focused him hard.
    Hope they rework arty soon… That arty focus is really bad, especially with WN8.

  46. Hm, I actually thought Circon to be a kilt kind of guy… whaddya know, he’s wearing pants. Live and learn.

  47. that DISGUSTING amount of free xp man. holy crap

  48. Congrats on the weight loss, Circon. I lost 150 lbs last year. It’s nice being regular sized again.

  49. Ah glorious Russian steel, the ST-I still one of the few tanks that used to tank death star rounds for fun. Good times.

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