ST-II Goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Ninoslav Markovic

    Oh my God, it’s alive!

  2. Wachira Narongsack

    Welcome on YT Foch!

  3. Foch made a video in 2020 :O Never expected that

  4. He’s not dead

  5. I hope you are ready for your yearly dose of Foch 😂

  6. What the fuck is this? A Foch video on Foch’s channel? Are you fucking kidding me? Go back to Jingles’ channel!
    JK love it.

  7. OMG a wild Foch sighting!!!!!

  8. Bet that EBR was raging hard after being hit twice on the move by a Russian heavy lol.

  9. that’s all folks for 2020 🤣🤣🤣 see you guys in 2021

  10. Stopped playing WoT a long time ago, but I still love the content, Foch.

    Infinitely satisfying shot on that artillery too, I’ll never get tired of those.

  11. nice arty snipe !

  12. tier x is complete cancer now, now ebr drivers are learning that they can just yolo into base and kill your arty.. so yeah fun

  13. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Hull down….the least useful term I’ve ever heard because that state of being lasts about 2 minutes on most maps and they you are just open and free as a bird.

  14. what is this ! 😀

  15. I think, it is ok. I am just happy that these new tanks are not overpowered anymore.

  16. How does this tanks armor stack up to the ST-I

  17. Foch my man, hell yes. Best youtuber

  18. So you don’t recommend getting a Foching STD 2?

  19. Good to hear ya again Blyat !

  20. It’s been 20 years…

  21. Skycancer getting double barrel blind killed. Doesn’t get much better than this!

  22. Hjalmar Wänstedt

    The Strv S1 fits way better in the tech tree than the Udes 03 aswell

  23. Great to see a review type video from you, gj.

  24. I guess I should give props to WG for putting in a balanced and unique tankline,but at the same time they’ve done everything in their power in the last 3 years to make those kind of vehicles more and more miserable to play with the constant addition of OP stuff,further and further widening the gap between normal vehicles and the “top of the top” tanks. I’m thinking about getting the IS-2 II, as it does seem like an interesting fun vehicle, but that’s it, the tier 9/10 experience does not worth a single minute of my time anymore because of the absurdly unfair tier 10 meta tanks and the unparalelled toxicity. Sadly tier 8 isn’t too far behind in this regard,making me mostly playing tier 5 and 6 nowadays.

  25. Holy shit where have you been? I don’t even play this game much anymore but your takes crack me up.

  26. Foch delivers the most elaborate, thought-through, informative replay-casts and reviews … unfortunately just once a year nowadays ;P

  27. 1:59 to 2:24 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. THAT BLIND SHOT <3<3<3<3

  29. Good thing you didnt get to shoot the last Shitbarn because otherwise it would be goldspam for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. When you killed that arty, I got up from my chair and started clapping.

    • It was truly stunning and brave. In fact everyone on my bus stood up and clapped and the bus driver drive us all to our exact locations….or well that’s how it felt anyway. Fuck arty


  32. Hernan Alberto Rojas Roldan

    A new Foch video. Yay! ^^

  33. Why are you still playing this game?

  34. Double Double 4G

    The Salt Lord returns!

    EDIT: That 1 dislike is prolly that artillery player 😉

  35. Just fuck those EBRs!

  36. Happy to see you Foch!

  37. Makes the jgE100 look like shit lol

  38. Wg should hire you as a cc

  39. Missed your vids man, and they’re much better when you’re chill…

  40. Whatta rare guest to my subscriptions! The more I want to watch the vid. Arty murder in first minute – priceless.

  41. I love anyone who plays with little to no premium shells and make it skill based not a i win button. Good to see you again Foch

  42. We really miss some of your seriously salty rants about this pathetic game x)

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