ST-II, IS-3-II, IS-2-II | Double-Barreled Tech Tree in World of Tanks: Update 1.8+ News

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World of Tanks Double-Barreled Tank Tech Tree IS-2-II (ИС-2-II), IS-3-II (ИС-3-II) and ST-II (СТ-II). World of Tanks Object 703 Version II (Объект 703 Вариант II) Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Patch 1.8+ Update News.

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Because so many of you wanted to know what WG is thinking about doing to double-barreled tech tree, I always have to keep myself informed. I was able to get some more information about them after all those tanks were tuned a bit, so let’s take a look!

Double-Barreled tank tech tree:

Tier 8 – IS-2-II / ИС-2-II
Tier 9 – IS-3-II / ИС-3-II
Tier 10 – ST-II / СТ-II

What do you think?


  1. Username: Maximum_Power_Tank
    The double barreled tanks look really cool to get

  2. Hope the tanks are not OP
    And hope that WG do their announced tank rebalance


  3. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. But the st-II Is premium ?

  5. I love the double barrel

  6. Name Snips23
    Server EU
    I think is a mini branch fun to play like 703.

  7. From the start the tech tree will be unbalanced as almost always and later WG will balance it, so I’m going to buy KV3 right now.

  8. Username : krazy_8
    Server EU
    Can’t wait for that line even though it doesn’t look very op, and sad is that is3 II and is2II are not historical

  9. Alrighty time for some Recoilless cannons who’s ready for the Type 60?

  10. Username: CrazyBeef01
    Server: EU
    I think these tanks will be will not be so op for everyone, but for experienced players i think they will extract the most of them.

  11. User name: mpitts
    Server: EU

    OP rubbisch from Russia. What else did you expect?

  12. Username: LordSmaytz
    Server: EU
    Answer: new Mechanic mod is always welcome and will be op at first sight but when you play with it more people will know more about it they gonna counter it

  13. user: Graymourn

    server: EU

    I hope it will be fun either way. Their big frame will be easy to hit (I sense arty magnet)

  14. All op? Probably…

  15. Hey Dez,
    in my opinion it is pretty nice thing to add to the game. It will open many new possible plays and so on.

  16. username: thatmagicbean
    server: na

    these look amazing, cant wait to hit a double shot in the tier X

  17. Question:
    The Tier 9 & 10 will be somewhat OP, they’re Russian after all….
    Username: Steelwarrior01_Actual
    Server: NA

  18. user: CrashBandicoot1
    server: NA
    Im very interested how will the is2 fare vs the is tier 7s

  19. Username: scunc
    Server: Eu
    I welcome this branch with new tech tree content and new game play concepts. I think in the right situations they will be OP but in other situations they will get owned.

  20. Username:FirefoxHUN
    I want to play this line. Its gonna be fun.

  21. i think they will be balanced because they have worse armour and because they are so big arty will love them.
    Name: DerEnthusiast
    Server: EU

  22. name pataaskir
    server eu
    i m looking forward, i guess they r not op and i like the premium double barrel. the mecganic is just nice to play

  23. Username: VinnieVirgin
    Region: EU

    answer: i think its gonna be OP at first but they are gonna balance them

  24. Name: zmogustapke
    Server: EU
    I think branch is OP, by giving good gun depresion, except T8

  25. username: the_bra_m_for_president
    server: HK
    answer: poor IS-4……

  26. just fuck you wot, whats next flying russian tanks, oh wait the mil 24 is a flying tank hmm?!

  27. Uh uh! I want a T57 with two autoloader!

    Wait, JP E-100 with two guns!

    Wait, wait, wait…. T92 o0

  28. The good fun dep stats seems like a conscious attempt by WG to make the tanks easy and desirable to play… On the one hand that’s good, on the other hand it’s not… What exactly are the drawbacks to these? Their sub tier armour? … Rather pointless when being fired at by high tier ammo anyway…

    Oinked, EU

  29. Nick: HellMauss
    Server: EU
    Answer: it looks very op but we must wait for it and from me I love it

  30. Met one of these the other Day in my Tier 6 Tank Destroyer. Dead in one shot. I was stopped, full Camo, Binocs & Camo engaged, wasn’t spotted by me, I was not spotted, he was moving. What great fun.

  31. Username: DrunkenMastr
    Server: Eu
    I think the double gun i a nice addition to the game, if they lower the alpha damage a bit, it could work.
    (i dont see the deficit of having two guns / there should be a deficit) maybe less grenades ?

  32. Username: BlackBloodBandit
    Server: EU
    I think the line is too strong. Yes the type of tank is new, which gives the chance to get great results, but I think this feature gives something new to the game that you can not counter.
    The first thing I was surprised about is that the IS3-II looks stronger on paper then the ‘normal’ IS-3 does. Turret design is better, most gun stats are better (as far as I can see here, no soft stats added here) like aim-time, reload, dpm and gun depression. Armor is better on several points as well then the regular IS-3. It seems that new tanks always have to be better then already existing tanks.

  33. Disappointed no KV-2-2.

    Oinked, EU

  34. Username:lou14
    New branch seems ok but will have to wait but in a game with ebrs what is op anymore.

  35. Username: ToTheWest
    Answer:Like all russian tanks they’re annoying to fight in the first weeks, at least until people learn how to counter them. Thing with russian tanks is that they’re extremely good at clubbing tanks below their tier, they are strong at their own tier and still competitive when uptiered. But I don’t know for sure, honestly is 2 with 2 cannons and an is3, both at a higher tier, seems pretty fair

  36. IGN: FinRek
    Server: EU
    The line seems surprisingly balanced, but again tier 8 prem is better than the techtree version ;_;

  37. So what will be the line pf this tanks ? That whith KV-3

  38. Name :SPYDER_EDY_1



  39. Username: KingSholym
    Server: EU
    Answer: i hope this line will not be OP, for now it look like strong line, situational tanks and i think it will be tricky to play for some reason.

  40. Username: pzx_
    Server: EU

    the preparation 2.5 sec , 8 degres gun dep and 2500 hp I think its going be a little OP

  41. It’s a Russian company so the Russian tech tree remains overpowered. The RU players will be happy.Username: ManFromOzServer: SEA

  42. Username: gerhard_45
    Server: EU

  43. Username:vasfugony
    server: Eu
    Anwer: I think they will be interesting i didnt tried any double barreled but i hope they wont be that bad as british light tech tree.

  44. Username: MultiTaskForce

    Im really eager to try them out but I have the feeling that the hull of a tank one tier down isnt going to cut it.

  45. Next line to grind.
    shearerbg – EU

  46. EU
    They gonna kill all the old tanks. Pls buff IS-4

  47. Username: Schoumi89
    server: EU
    Of course they are going to be Super Douper Hipper Turbo Over Powered, comrade Dez. Double barell shotguns on tanks. What are you talking about? Instead of diesel fuel they are going to burn vodka, straight from mother Russia! I am going to name my commander Stalin! What is better than that??

  48. Aleksandar marinkovic

    Server EU
    I dont like this too muchy tier 8 looks like tier 7 compared to 703 II… But wr will see ?

  49. Username: LaurentiuBoss
    Server: EU
    Probably op, they are russian after all.

  50. M1thr4ndir
    What to say, Its Russian, and it have depression. Stalin love it :D.

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