ST vz. 39 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Continuing up Czechoslovakian Lines.

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  1. The problem with insisting the heavies go to the hill is when you get your
    O-I and Churchills driving up there from the bottom road and by the time
    they arrive, half the battle is over.

  2. And yeah V8H sounds way better

  3. I love the way you say ‘R’ or should I say Oar. Heh J/k. Now the game ..I
    am not a huge fan of the hill. I know you need some tanks there but I lose
    so many games with my team concentrating in hill combat and then wtf cap
    loss ! Happens way too often for my liking. So now i always ask folks to go
    hill while I sneak off to deal with the cap myself.

  4. its hard work if you dont enjoy playing a certain tank. but rewarding when
    you have finished

  5. Glad you`re back Osirish!

  6. Fuck, forgot how good this youtuber was?

  7. Aced and sold, no tank for great games.

  8. this little tank is a lot of fun for some reason… for me lol

  9. First lol

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