STA-1 Review/Guide, Winning With Gun Depression and Vision

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Source: Taugrim

I review the STA-1, a tier 8 Japanese in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Kharkov and tier 10 Glacier battles.

The STA-1 is a typical finesse medium tank. While it is not fast and the armor is weak, it can win with vision control, gun depression, and DPM.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb DPM (over 2.3k base, 6.23 sec reload)
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent camouflage (over 31 with Concealment and BIA)
+ Good gun handling
+ Good HP (14)
– Weak turret armor
– Weak hull armor
– Low top speed (45)
– Below average accuracy (0.38 base)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Emman Locaylocay

    Lez go weeb tech line

  2. just alt f4’d playing this tank in its semi stock form then a minute later i open YT and see this, Thanks Taugrim much needed help.

  3. Weeb tanks hit different

  4. Insert Generic Insult

    I don’t understand why your were giving out about the light on your team, what can he realistically do when 2 ebr’s are roaming around infront of him

    • If you’re referring to 5:25 timestamp, the enemy EBR was near our cap, not near our EBR.

      We ended up pulling out the win but I still think our EBR and 704 pushing into 3 tier 9s plus arty was not a smart play.

    • I usually try to passive scout in my lights from somewhat safe positions and try to punish EBRs, then when they die I proceed to scout as normal. I see no point of trying to spar with them since they have a massive advantage over normal light tanks. Uninstalled the game because I have some exams to do, maybe I’ll come back to WoT once I finish them, or when they balance the EBRs, whichever comes first.

    • Insert Generic Insult

      @Taugrim Fair enough man, thanks for the video

  5. Is AMX 30 B possible soon Mr. Taugrim?🙏🏼 I am loving this MBT lately and would love to have some pro tips from you.😊 Thanks!🤘🏼

  6. Awesome thing to watch first thing in the morning. Great video as usual! Keep it up!

  7. Nice vid. Enjoy your play style. Thanks

  8. This will apply to sta2. Thanks for all the videos dude.

  9. darude- Sandstorm

    And dpm!

  10. Loved the video as always, are you ever going to do a review on the rear mounted Russian meds?

    • The last 2 requests for lines were 430U and STB-1, so I grinded those lines. I may try the K-91 line. I just got the STB-1 so I’m going to chill from grinding for a bit.

  11. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    STA-1 has one good feature: the gun. It’s reload is fantastic and you can put a hurting on some fools rushing you with some peek-a-boom tactics. It was fun to play it in Frontlines. The following Type 61 is an upgrade to it with a bit more turret armour designed to deflect the errant shot while playing hull-down and peek-a-booming. And the DPM is also fantastic.

  12. Taugrim did you pick up the Char Futur 4 yet? I grabbed it yesterday and really enjoy it so far.

    • Yes, I received it months ago as a NA Community Contributor. It’s a funky tank, with the high clip potential and high intra-clip and clip reloads.

  13. TheyCallMe Nyquil

    New player ranking in 500 for several tanks. Just wanted to say thanks tau I learned a lot from watching and have translated it into good strats on field. I needto find more people to grind with. Is3 iswaiting for me. Loving thet92 love to see you play that a bit again. Keep it up.

    • TheyCallMe Nyquil

      Not t92 party. I’m not cancer. Lt.

    • I may review the T92 one of these days. I haven’t yet.

    • TheyCallMe Nyquil

      Its has great on the move values amazing gun handling and ok speed limited to 60. But super low profile with bad paper armor. So you can really make it shine in the right hands. Iv only played 800 some odd games and I’m 4 or 5 k ranking in it.

  14. Thanks for the video Taugrim!

    Still kind of amazed by how high the DPM is on this thing, first after Circon’s video playing it and now this. Wow.

  15. can you do a guide of stb1?

  16. Was kitty wanting attention?

  17. Prinz Von Bismarck

    I am trying to grind this tank and for some reason I am struggling hard! I have a 4 skills crew, over 2000 wn8 with STA-1 and yet only 28% win rate…

  18. Great review as always. This is the tank that truly taught me patience. Learning how to play this tank effectively improved my playing across all tanks.

  19. Really struggling with the 13 105 since i i constantly play against ebrs. If you’re looking for video ideas.

  20. At 19:40 you keep poking from the same end of that mound (with bad “soft cover”). Wouldn’t it be better to move to the other end? I’m not pointing anything out – just asking (during battle I very often miss better options). And thank you for your work on the videos!

  21. For those of us that are cheap, you only need hull cam or turret to get full camo affect. It doesn’t look as good but you can camo up three tanks for the price of one.

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