^^| STA-2 Derpenberg.. (facepalm) | World of Tanks

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  1. Is the STA-1’s gun and the Type 61’s, as nice as STA-2’s gun?
    I like STA-2 but I am only at Chi-Ri on the line…
    I have heard about the STB-1’s gun 😛 But that DPM :O

  2. um I’m new to wot but I watched a lot of guides before playing so I’m a
    green player,now to the point I had my first good 1v3 and I won can some
    walk me through how to upload vids

  3. sorry sir, you’ve failed your driver’s test

  4. Circon I’m getting my first tier 10, the Centurion AX, what equipment do
    you suggest I use?
    Vert stabs, gun rammer and optics? optics or vents?
    also, what tier 10 should i get next?

  5. Lots of whining in this game!

  6. EU channeling their inner SEA?

  7. Are you a jew ?

  8. sn00ze is right, the internet never lies.

  9. Jesus Christ look at that fucking lemming train!!!!!

  10. How I play World of Tanks

    That map is so broken…. they changed it to stop camping and just
    encouraged more camping instead!

  11. Holy shit that at 4:08 scared me so much because I was just editing some
    stuff in the registry and thought I messed something up.

  12. lol loved the ending

  13. oh this reminded me so much of the old days in Wot. This level of camping
    came standard in every match.

  14. Oh the end lol

  15. Circon (or anyone) where can i get your mod?

  16. Derpenberg is the worst map in wot. Today I had a game on and it was a
    draw. 8 live tanka on both teams………….xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  17. That sounds like a good idea Dimitri, lets have some more vodka
    da comrade more vodka!

    Snooze is hilarious

  18. Man, havent seen camp that hard since beta LOL. Awesome finish to that

  19. Tasty arty for dessert. Yes!

  20. I haven’t played for few days, got into couple of random today and it was
    hardly playable with all the lemming trains and games being lost (or won)
    in 2 minutes…
    I thought it was already over but apparently it’s not.

  21. So I can come and throw arty shells your way ;)

  22. did someone else see some graphical glitches in the video?

  23. man i need to watch more of your streams!

  24. Michael Stiles (Phantom13)

    4:06 That scared the SHIT out of me.

  25. Would you recommend vents or optics on a t62A? and should i bother with
    food over a auto fire extinguisher?

  26. Going live in about 30 minutes at http://www.twitch.tv/circon First stream of 2017
    😀 See you there!

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