STA-2 Goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. nice.. yesterday I was on the same map quite aggressive, got sniped by a
    jageru for 1100+ sitting on the red line in their base……. dynamic

  2. I love how the TVP says “Eh, Foch has this in the bag” and goes off to help
    the batchat leaving all the health to Foch. :D

  3. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Next, Lowe goes ham, k ?

  4. Awesome advice Sir Foch, wish I would have found your channel when I first
    starting playing this shit game

  5. that was some good advice Foch, there are a lot of things I as a 57%er can
    learn from and dont usually do in my bottom tier games, so I will try to
    put that advice into practise thx.

  6. another great video Foch this was very helpful

  7. Ladies and whuttttt? O.o

  8. Any love vid/review?

  9. its a pleasure watching a skilled driver come top of the chart with a weak
    low tiered 8 in a t10 match and should be an example for other seal
    clubbing youtubers to learn from.

  10. A unicum giving tips on how to be a team player!? What sorcery is this?

  11. I much prefer to see good game play when playing tanks at low tier, rather
    than top tier blast vests. Keep it up sir!

  12. Does sta2 have 212 pen now?

  13. Damn this tank has epic gun handling i need to buy it asap

  14. Foch too OP please nerf :)

  15. dafuq, 3 days, 3 vidoes PogChamp?!

  16. Congratz with the 50k sub SirFoch 🙂 been nice to follow you over the years
    🙂 and thumps up for 2 replays on 2 days ;)

  17. love the advice you`re giving in your new vids

    really helpful, thanks

  18. I’d like to ask about the top 5 premium video you are about make, is there
    a reason the IS-3A isn’t included or did you just forget about that one?

  19. In your honest opinion Foch, does it feel like the STA-2 has some of the
    best gun handling on the tier 8 premiums? Supposedly the M46KR has some of
    the best gun handling but my God I cannot pull off near the snap shots I
    can with my STA-2. Both crews have the same perks, same equipment load-out,
    but it seems like the STA-2 is just a better all around medium in every
    aspect besides armor.

  20. nick van achthoven

    your team is actually playing well and shooting what you spot, wish i had

  21. Congrats on 50k subs Foch! Keep up with good work?

  22. Really enjoying the more instructional tone of the video!

  23. are tracking shots whit AP as random as whit HE ? like whit ap 2-4 normal
    for higher tier tds tracks. whit HE you can get lucky whit shot, or
    sometimes u shoot like 10 to enemy tracks and nothing.

  24. Wow Foch! Putting out so many videos lately! Keep it up, you are awesome!!

  25. Nice video man! Very informative. Keep up the good work.

  26. every whining bitch ..omg mm , fuck wg mm” should watch this XD

  27. hey sirfoch, what’s your real name? :D

  28. Very informative.

  29. Good news foch !
    WG has finally figured out the E5 is op and it is getting its cupola nerfed
    (9.17 supertest)

  30. Thanks for the video and for the tips on how to play!


  32. In terms of guns the STA-2 is definitely one of the better T8 mediums to be
    in, at least you have around 218 penetration on the standard rounds which
    is quite good.

    Loved the STA-1 when I ground that, one of the best all-round T8 mediums at
    the time due to the nice gun depression, OK speed and nice gun performance.

    Nice match Foch and good work on the tracking :)

  33. sta.goes haram

  34. STA-2 Goes ham is not a title I ever expected to read

  35. b-b-b-b-b-bitch

  36. President Donald Trump

    Give me a cookie, im first

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