^^| STA-2 Gun Handling on mines. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. song name anyone please!

  2. Just got this tank and I’m absolutely loving it the gun feels like the best
    gun I’ve ever used but I’ve played so many lines so don’t understand that

  3. I love that position on Mines…. get dug in there like a tick.

  4. What was the song and band playing right at the start of the vid?

    Oh, nice replay, too! :P

  5. Hello Circon, is that ServerCross 2 for 9.17 and where can I find it?
    Good game btw, STA-2 looks like a tank I should get for myself asap…:)

  6. Gotta love that zen rock when you’re just executing like half of the enemy

  7. good auto aim wish my work like that

  8. That Type 58 TKing the Borsig was like something out of a bad movie.

  9. Hey, I really had a good time watching your video so I decided to leave a
    comment! The only thing I think you could improve on is putting a little
    more time into editing your videos but other than that it was great! I feel
    like you have a lot of potential so just keep on making videos and it will
    work out sooner or later! Have a nice day!

  10. The way to get forward in wot/life: “Step on the shoulders of lesser
    skilled!” your “boyfriend” made it obvius as if it wasent allready ^^ Pro
    gameplay as always Circon, i like and sometimes learn thx! So salt & sugar
    from me ;)

  11. One thing I hate about this tank is the shit shell velocity. Other than
    that it’s a beast.

  12. Circon is blue! LMAO DID HE TK AN ARTY

    lel just finished the video and found out he shot someone in the cap

  13. Patrick “Kryptic775” Krypt

    why is Circon blue?

  14. beautiful gameplay!

  15. what do you guys think??? STA2 or Panther 88??

  16. Lowe got buffed but he still pens it frontally like nothing

  17. wtf…blue tank??

  18. what mods do you use ?

  19. lol blue

  20. On console this thing has the old 186(?) pen, 8.45 rof and for some unknown
    wargaming logic it has fucking preferential matchmaking. So does the
    panther 88 and it has the same stats as it does on pc prior to the
    horsepower buff.

  21. Did a ambulance pass by? I heard a Ambulance early on the video

  22. What’s with twitch not muting these highlights with music?! Not complaining
    but it’s surprising.

  23. SirCircon, where can I get those blue gun sights you use?

  24. Mr circon, can you please tell me your graphic settings ? or can you take a
    screen shot of it ?

  25. Sta-2 after this patch is so comfortable to play, it’s the m46 of t8. I
    recently 3marked mine and imo it’s one of the best t8 mediums now.

  26. STA-2 is probably the best tier 8 medium in the game. And it’s a premium :)

  27. all berry calculated

  28. Circon you blue. Who pushed your buttons and was it worth it?

  29. How can you post videos with music? They are not forbidden anymore by the
    licence thingy?

  30. Casual circon game

  31. sta2 or revalorise?

  32. I call that position the Foch hole.

  33. Sta-1 and Sta-2 are so much more fun to play because of their wonderful gun
    handling. I’d trade DPM on the Stb-1 for good gun handling any day of the

  34. Circon, I love your videos. You’re such a chill and funny dude. Shame I can
    never make it to the streams :(. Would you reccommend this tank? I have a
    bit of money to get a t8 prem medium and this one seems quite nice.

  35. damn it, Dez is giving these away, i can feel it slipping through my
    fingers, if he only knew what i’d do for one… he’d fix it for me ;-)

  36. Best tanks money tanks!

  37. siiick plays circon! nice

  38. Nice replay tho gj circ as always.

  39. STA-2 mustard race ?

  40. AAAAAAAAAANd First
    What are you gonna say about it he 😀 Hi Circon

  41. Also, i was blue cus i teamkilled a t29 on low health… in the cap circle.
    Whoops. :^)

  42. We went past 69000 subs today, hue hue hue. Live at http://www.twitch.tv/circon
    tonight at 17:00CET! with World of Tanks <3 Thanks for the support all!

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