^^| STA-2 Making them credits. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Please take a look at the historical bi fired t49 tank you will not regret

  2. And of course arty still goes for circon til the very end. Watching those
    misses felt pretty good.

  3. Wel played

  4. Lol he has 40 thou gold, 11 mil credits and 1 mil free exp. gg

  5. Circon and Foch uploading STA-2 videos on the same day :)


  7. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    my 1st ever game in T-44-100 was 4.5k dmg , 2k spotting and 4 kills and
    that wasn’t an ace ;_;

  8. The combination of anger and resignation in Jedi’s voice over the artillery
    really hits me right in the feels….

  9. I personally like to use the skorpion G for credit making because I usually
    have really good games with it.


    Try the T34 3 i wanna see if anyone can make it work without missing 8
    shells and hitting 3

  11. STA-2 is one of the best T8 mediums at the moment now since they buffed the
    speed. It has really good gun handling, nice penetration and good gun

    If I didn’t have so many T8 premiums already I’d definitely buy this one as
    I loved the STA-1 and I love the Japanese medium line.

    Cobra 6

  12. i usually like your Youtubes and replays but with this one i dont know. i
    dont know what it is, but i feel this replay wasnt entertaining or
    educational or funny or whatever. feels kinda bland. which makes me feel
    bad a bit because every other Youtube you made i did like

  13. Circon can you upload your modpack? :)

  14. Not played my Lowe in a few months. But 1259 xp and first class? I guess
    the Lowe drivers upped their game of late. As before 1050 was usually
    enough more so then not.

  15. Why do you copy Foch? No need for those kind of memes.

  16. is this computer rgb mate?

  17. ad saying ‘WoT is the best stress killer’… top. kek.

  18. Circon do the type 61 with the 90mm. OP rate of fire

  19. never liked that tank tbh

  20. where do people subscribe?

  21. Japanese memes! So exotic

  22. early jokes anyone?

  23. Hey Circon, I saw Jedi the other day in WoWS. Do you still play it (even if
    only rarely)?

  24. The STA-2? I am not aware of this meme….

  25. pre good replay

  26. ooohhh,shiet! Before notification squad

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