STALIN GUIDED ANTI-TANK MISSILES | IT-1 Missile Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Get outta town with your fence shrapnel.

  2. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #80!!
    Common, don’t let me reach 100


  4. You don’t need to guide the ATGM ! Let the hand of PaPa Stalin guide your rocket

  5. Next map for that leopard: gulag

  6. Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!

  7. great video as always m8

  8. once i was playing a M56, and hiding behind a cover… someone called an arty strike, and when an arty shell hit the dirt… 2 pieces of the shell went through the building and killed my ammo rack… this game is bullshit, most of the time.

  9. XP-50 Attempt #1

  10. Play the HOT next so we can compare them

  11. The fence was infused with a Stalinium coating from the rocket

  12. play IL-2 Tank Crew

  13. Is it real T32 hours?

  14. Bet u 1000 rubels u had to call 911 Stalin to get that BS shot in Phly XD

  15. Hey mate, yep i still play it in arcade, man it loves the german tier 6 tanks if you hit them in the right spot, better from a distance and holed down. Only prob now is damage to the missile area, mind you the rakpzr 2 is just as good, just aiming is a bit harder. The IT 1 AWESOME, cheers


  17. Poatao And Butter

    Comrade what was the Soviet music in the background

  18. May the hand of Stalin guide your fortune like it has guided your missiles

  19. PhlyDaily? Are you sure it is not StalinDaily?

  20. And every time you play a Mitsubishi Zero, kamikaze an enemy carrier, while on your way down yell: I do this honorably for the imperial Airforce and my honorable ancestors, BANZAI!!!!!!!!! Remember, always come from a steep angle to hit the carrier, straight down will do, and have a 100kg bomb

  21. Bitchass russians and their biased tanks

  22. wee wee wag wag

  23. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    Remember when Gaijin said “No ATGMs, No modern tanks, No APFSDS, No IS-7”? What’s next, AIM-9 Sidewinder? xaxa))

  24. محمد العتيبي

    Released from the Inn❤

  25. Phly is a Russian tank you don’t aim with them if you want to hit targets

  26. *cough* *HACKS* *cough*… : p


    *Then* 0:01 *Now* 6:50

  28. thegamingguineapig holland

    Could you please make a separate channel for tank stuff since this channel is almost tanks only now, I get exicted every time I see a new video but I am disappointed every time.

  29. Freaking Russian Bias in the intro

  30. all te comments about stalin

  31. “accounts banned for using unauthorised modifications for August”
    – Boomdabow

  32. well Phly, another name for wood is of course, stalinium.
    that expalins the leo

  33. Why it not are a problem for you is because you are one of the best War Thunder player in the World.

  34. VintagePC's alike

    Basically; ICBM simulator


    Hand of Stalin, Phly, Hand of Stalin

  36. 5 rockets per minute and good amour are just brutal when you compete It to all the other rocket tanks

  37. Russian bias

  38. WarThunder.exe has stopped responding.

  39. Airborne Artillery

    in the backround i hear stalin whisper into Phlys ears oh mighty stalin

  40. NANI!!?? HOW DID U DO THAT and also how to u spot tank like that

  41. lmfao the bush can mess it up when the target is right behind but 20 feet off to the right and hitting a wooden fence will destroy a tank nice game in 2018

  42. SGATM Stalin Guided Anti Tenk Missile.

  43. Thanks phly for giving me ptsd from the times of it-1 spam

  44. Турархан Кенжегалиев

    Stalin’s hand helped you.??

  45. OR it was shrapnal from the missile.

  46. 10:08
    you ar a facking idiot

  47. Stalin is Phly

  48. Hey @PhlyDaily – You killed the same guy twice in two different games @ 12:32 and 17.06. Bet the salt is real.

  49. 5:38 to 5:44 Perfect timing?

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