STALIN’S HOT ROD, Point & Click Kill (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

We take the Super Pershing out as well as the P-61 to drop 1,000 pound bombs and have the Tiger Patton and the Duster SPAA in reserve. Some good teamwork between Slick and I today.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Can you do the M4A3 76w with the add on armor?

  2. T-95 the Doomturtle!

  3. THAT SKIN>>>>> <3<3<3<3<3

  4. how can you change the skin of the tank sir baron??

  5. lol

  6. Baron why is compression so bad? video looks blurry even on 1080p :(

  7. Baron,you can see in the bottom left corner how many crewyou got left in
    the tank…you still had 2 in the video :P

  8. did i see a subtle archer reference there slick?

  9. where do you got them skins BaronVonGamez

  10. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    russian bias not tru ? i played russian tanks as last ones after germans
    and muricans and man some russian ones are like for the retarded ppl so
    much i even switched to brits when they came out

  11. Baron you should use a KV-2 in 8.0 ground trust me you can get kills

  12. i h8 it when baron thinks hes last man, when he really isnt, just look in
    the bottom left baron, you can see how much crew is left…

  13. Russian bias is bullshit, the IS2 is the perfect example of that, no turret
    depression, long reload, and paper armor.

  14. Ming Yan Franco Ngai

    Baron is everything all reich?

  15. I swear you’re are the most frustrating person to watch some times.

  16. Mostly russian bias shit, is tell by guys who suxx. Honestly. I’ve never
    read that in chat, during the game, from guys who was doing well…
    I play all the nations in WT, and IMHO Brits and Germs are way more OP,
    especially Tigra II.

  17. Stop ********** skipping the killcams!

  18. Fun fact: when soviets testfired the D-25T at one of the damaged trophy
    Panthers back at the polygon, the shell went in from the front, went
    through the entire tank, got stuck in the engine block, tore it out, the
    engine block then tore off the entire back armor plate and flew a few more
    This gun was overkill at it’s finest. And in reality being a loader on one
    of those IS-2s was real bad. Imagine lifting a 25-kilogram shell to head
    level. Every thirty seconds.

  19. I think you just proved that russian bias exists

  20. Is it me or does baron feature (more often that not) games where slick dies
    right away and ends up carrying baron to the victory? No offence of course,
    but we are missin out on the team play. LOL nitpicking at its finest. Good
    stuff regardless, this channel is always a pleasure to watch.

  21. Gameplay starts at 5:12min

  22. Is it an Australian accent that your trying to do?
    I could definitely give you some pointers…

  23. I think than russian bias exist just a little bit


  25. baron dont angle is1/2 because then you flatten the thin armor on the sides

  26. Baron the Great can u play Unturned because u were like a pro at it

  27. maybe u can play Tiger II

  28. play the T-92

  29. Want easy mode? Play stuG

  30. I like how baron said he was on last man yet he actually wasn’t

  31. I don’t really think it’s Russian bias but more German bias

  32. Lol every time Baron gets hit he thinks hes on last stand XD XD XD. They
    could take his track off and he would think he was on last man

  33. IS-2 should not face tiger h1 thats bs

  34. CoalWorker's Channel

    We need a Skiperino Baronino

  35. CoalWorker's Channel

    Baron hitting that high note on the into… a singer I hear?

  36. no America tanks not Russia

  37. IS-2 is an easy kill for me when I’m driving any German Tank with 75mm+

  38. damn she lookin spotless

  39. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    i always die from this is 2 tank when i take out my tiger h1

  40. It’s not so much that is2 is easy mode, it’s more that it performs the same
    regardless of skill a good idea player will do better in a tiger but a bad
    player will do better in is2

  41. The N0o_b game r :3

    Can people actually see your skin or is it just your self

  42. also, Tiger H1 from 1941/2 is fighting the IS-2 from 1943/4…polese gaijin
    plez nerf plez

  43. 2 russian 7.62 and 1 russian 12.7 does more damage than 6 M2 3.23 kg/s …
    russian bias doesnt exist

  44. IS-2 op.

  45. FLAME PAINT JOB #420blazeit

  46. So, you were mentioning Russian Bias and such, and how you think most
    German tankers are the best for teams. What do you think of American
    Tankers? Also, any tips on going from Arcade mode to Realistic?

  47. Baron you where not on last stand man you could of moved and shot

  48. When does Slick not die in the first 2 minutes…

  49. putin approves

  50. Baron I love you but you are so fucking blind

  51. nice aussie accent there m8

  52. Did anybody else notice the Description mistake?

  53. we are going on a trip in our favorite war machines lumbering on land
    little Семён Моисе́евич Кривоше́ин

  54. where ia men of war mondays?

  55. U weren’t on last man

  56. Baron if you look at the very bottom left corner where the tanks condition
    is it tells you how many crew members are still alive, you weren’t in last
    stand when you got bombed. I just sat here yelling “Drive Baron drive!!”

  57. The bias has actually flipped the tactics used. In real life it was the
    allies that absolutely had to flank German tanks to get kills. In the game
    due to unrealistic tanks fighting in tiers they shouldn’t be, the Germans
    have to flank even smaller Soviet tanks. If they buffed Germans to
    realistic numbers, then you’d see a lot of butt hurt former commies.

  58. Soviets for the win!!!!

  59. When Baron just decides that he is on last man

  60. U not on last man xDxd

  61. The Is2 mod. Version is much better than the regular is2, that’s the real
    easy mode is2

  62. BugManGaming & Airsoft


  63. Russian, German? I play American… thats the.. someone looked at me.. “It
    burns i’m on fire” game mode. D:

  64. I get it +BaronVonGamez. It doesn’t behoove you to call out Warthunder for
    their proven russian Bias.( look at the game files).
    I won’t ask you to stop sucking the teet of russian bias, I’ll leave that
    up to you, but don’t say you don’t know. Don’t lie.

  65. When will men of war Monday be up?

  66. No Russian bias, only 37 second repair on both tracks, engine, and the
    transmission. Not like the German turret ring is 50 seconds or something.

  67. Where is the men of war special you were talking about?

  68. do the comqueror next, its a beast! :-)

  69. I miss you playing World of Warships and giving everyone your massive
    torpedus :(

  70. Panther A? 6.0 BR on that can put it into some difficult games :)

  71. So from the beginning I’ve used Russian tanks. I’ve recently been using the
    IS-2, I honestly don’t think it’s an easy tank to play. In fact it took me
    about 2 days to figure out this tank. While it has a great gun, the German
    88’s can disable it pretty quick. I honestly don’t think it’s that over
    powered, I’ve even raged at it a few times.

  72. Why are German tankers complaining about Russian tanks?? It’s actually hard
    to do well using Russian tanks, considering that Germans have better
    frontal armour. IS2 and T-34 are easily less superior when it comes to

  73. I think they say they are OP because the ammo but overall the BR normaly is
    better for the german tankers, 6.0,5.7 you going to see a lot of tiger 2
    wich have good cannon and good armor

  74. Which nation do you prefer to use baron?!?!?

  75. “IS-2” is easy mode
    Me: aims 88 at drivers front plate and shoots
    Me: kills IS-2

  76. bratya po orughiu – brothers in arms in Russian

  77. Notsosneakyninja11

    I eat IS-2s for breakfast mother fucker playing german tanks

  78. So annoying! You had two crew left and then you were shot and then there
    was 1.

  79. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    15:04 its a Rissian television lmao slick

  80. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    12:15 HE HAS 2 PEOPLE LEFT IN THE TANK… god barron your a noob

  81. Merica will fuck the Nazis up

  82. Its be when you are in a 5.0 rank and you see 2 is-2 and the whole team
    base raping

  83. invisible !

  84. Baron y u no pla wit phly?

  85. Last man with 2 crewman left? boy I learned something today.

  86. I recently got this tank and love it’s gun already. But since that last
    mini patch I noticed that if I shoot a tigers front flat plate, I CANNOT
    shoot at the MG port or the vision port because for some reason all I do is
    destroy a view port

  87. Michael von Hirschmann

    People say War thunder is better than WOT, but it looks like it’s too easy
    to get killed and you can respawn.

  88. Barons ‘last man’ belief gave me aids

  89. You weren’t on last stand…

  90. When he said from uncle joe, I dearly hope he didn’t mean Uncle Sam

  91. So an is2 can literally be 1 or 2 metres away from a bomb and it doesn’t
    die yet a tiger2 10 metres away dies? And Russian bias doesn’t exist? Smh

  92. sigurdur gunnarsson

    the IS-2 only had 8 AP out of 28

  93. Russian tanks to stronk

  94. Baron do you know what Gulag is ??? Cause it isn’t good thing… P.S. Love
    your vids keep up awesome work !!!:):):)

  95. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    Dude link us the skin!

  96. ok I didn’t want to get triggered but I did, look, Russian bias is only
    present because couch warriors believe that if they look at the combat
    performance of a tank in and play it they instantly should have amazing
    results. Now this not true ur performance is dictated by how well u know
    the enemy and their tech. If u try brawl with fuken is2 point blank in a
    tiger ur an idiot and ur.the one to blame. if ur saying ohh ru tanks planes
    are op, thats cause u dont play them and don’t know wat its like most of
    the time. tge germans usa and British have alot of strong picks yet no one
    complains but wgen they see a t34 get a kill rhey luke omg ru bias. Op
    other nation vehicle’s I can remember. bearcat, hellcat, spitfire, me410
    (against tanks), do335 (against tanks), hellcat tank, super hellcat,
    panther, tiger (if u have an iq at an average lvl), bf109G2 (same as tiger
    iq applies) The Fuken dickermax, the nashorn, leopard, and many more, just
    cause a is2 one ahot doesnt mean anything ok its got wat 200 grams of
    explosive equivalent in its apbche shell and imagine that exploding in a
    compact space of a panther or any tank they will die quick so yeah,
    although my poiny is straight forward moat of u will disagree well if u got
    this far into the read ty if.u did 🙂 but oh well its the war thunder
    community after all have a nice day guys :D


  98. it’s easy mode… come on now.

  99. you were NOT on last man standing :p

  100. skullcruncher1361

    is it me or does he have a description of his Pershing video on this one

  101. WITNESS ME!!!

  102. piss of trying to b auzzie ur no where near

  103. play the t92

  104. 0_0 the best point and click adventure ever! !!!!!!!

  105. Deeperswine Gaming

    The IS two deafly point-and-click

  106. “I’m on last stand!” -BaronVonPleb

  107. what is the opening song?

  108. You unlocked Turkish Air Force emblem :D

  109. Alexis bob13 (Alexisbob13)

    he didn’t notice that he had 2 crew members alive lol

  110. [noob question, even though I’m level 73] how do you get custom skins for
    your tanks?

  111. russian bias is confirmed even in gamefiles

  112. It’s a shit tank. next

  113. Ludvig Juel Martens

    what exactly is russian bias?

  114. baron. I think you have to play the absolute pleasure to driver the tea
    machine itself. the CHURCHILL any of them I don’t care just please play one.
    Jordan hard

  115. Baron, why do you keep saying your on last man, when you have 2 crew left?
    You had a driver and a gunner.

  116. CROATIA IS A COUNTRY BARON!!!! i think i heard you said cro atian..hah BTW
    i am from Cro

  117. History is written… By victors u meant , baron?)))

  118. the russian bias is as strong as russian polatics theres always a deadly

  119. Dicker Max next…

  120. i only come across the is 2 when im in my panther and i shoot it all over
    the only thing i crit is the tracks ?

  121. Happy 420 bros… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  122. all the saps saying Russian fuel tanks explode when hit,that was so funny.
    I have personally pumped 7 rounds into an kv2 fuel tank,killed all but one
    crew,he’s on fire yet is able to shoot and kill me.,

  123. Baron please open your eyes! you aren’t on last man

  124. Baron have you still not seen the po2 skin you requested from me since like
    before Christmas?

  125. happy 420, Baron!

  126. It has a good fun but it has weak spots optimum for… German and English

  127. Papulezcibule hohoho

    where can I get that skin?

  128. hey baron ! can you fly the Il-4 ? because i had never seen a big youtuber
    playing it…

  129. +BaronVonGamez what’s the link for the skin I like it

  130. 2 crew still alive, thinks he is in last man…..triggers me so much like
    how can you not see that number 2 on the bottom

  131. Was slick joking about buying weed or something?

  132. War Thunder has a difficulty Russia super easy mode, British tanks easy,
    American medium German tanks hard mode

  133. Tristan Thibodeaux

    Germans aren’t the best players you have the best fucking vehicle’s, the
    is2 has a 122 of course it’ll kill. First off the is2 can be penned
    anywhere a tiger 2 which is the only thing they face must be shot in the
    turret cheek to hurt it, can’t stand German crybabies

  134. Germans were successful in ww2 because of experienced tank crew, that’s not
    in the game, so no Russian bias.

  135. nothing personal Baron, i think you should have an Annotation that skips to
    the gameplay. I don’t hate your commontary! just my Honest Thought.

  136. M4A1 Sherman (76) W and the P40Warhawk

  137. gotta love consistent men of war mondays….

  138. +BaronVonGamez Croatia is country!!!!!!

  139. that opening song though

  140. f… rusija

  141. No you’re not in last man damn it and you could’ve shot during the repair
    there’s a fucking HUD all around the screen for your benefit or just press
    a key to see the status of your tank and crew.

  142. I one shot the IS-2’s ammo with a Panzer 4 G.. Pretty E-Z KILL MATESSS

  143. is good the IS-2 but is better IS-2 mod 1944

  144. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    So in my opinion the IS-2 is very powerful in skilled hands, BUT as a
    German player I can say they’re not that hard to destroy. While I believe
    Russian bias MAY be a thing it’s not hard to play around.

  145. Its “Bratya po ruki” with a “k” sound not a “c” sound. Just FYI.

  146. i think the russian bias is a result of br, the russians get t34s way to
    early killing it is a real problem most of the time

  147. Invisible Kartoffel

    the is 2 is tier 6.0…rly gaijin?!

  148. so I know this sounds dumb, but can someone pls explain what “bias” means

  149. Stalin’s “hot rod” eh?

  150. Yes now we can see the glory and shine of Stalinium.

  151. So shiny, So chrome, Much Witness.

  152. You weren’t on last man, ya pleb, you had two people

  153. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy



  154. Is2 1944 is good. The earlier one is absolutely terrible, it’s basically a
    massive sign on the front saying “SHOOT HERE”

  155. Is 2 mod is soo op man get like 7 kills per rb with that and the t-44

  156. Modern chaos maker

    War Thunder is anti-german baised

  157. German Tankers are the best because they have to constantly adapt to the
    new Russian Bias Bullshit. When a German Tanker does well, that’s because
    of skill. When a Russian Tanker does well, that’s because of Russian Bias.

  158. When he doesn’t realise he wasn’t on last man ?

  159. So honest thoughts on the IS-2?

  160. “last man”… 2 people left

  161. Anyone els annoyed by the spawn camping superpershings?

  162. #niceshirt

  163. Does baron not know he can look at the bottom left hand corner of his
    screen and see how many crew members he has…?

  164. Thumbs for those of us who in a match up between a IS2 and a Tiger H/Tiger
    E you both end up knocking out each other when you fire at the exact same

  165. Ace skin m8ty

  166. #niceshirt

  167. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Cool skin bro! THAT’S rolling in with style! :D

  168. IS-2 can OHK everything and it gets OHK’d by everything. As long as you
    shoot first, you’ll be fine, but if you miss, you’re f***ed.

  169. Maybe Crusader AA Mk I

  170. T-44 pls ( the normal one)

  171. Play the IS-1 its aids ;-;

  172. sa Turk varmi ?

  173. you sound like your getting your pay strait from gajin

  174. Russian tank is easier for the newbie

  175. The Real Huckleberry Finn

    people scream russian bias in every game with russian tanks, can we all
    just think for a minute and come to an honest conclusion that russians are
    just very good at designing tanks?

  176. so early :D

  177. FrozenFox Mr.FurryFox



  179. 3rd

  180. hi 2nd

  181. First? IS-2 is hardly easy mode, gets 1 shot by 88mm often

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