STALINS LIMO | SMK = Battleship on LAND (War Thunder Tanks)

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STALINS LIMO | SMK = Battleship on LAND (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. Phly try Pz IV J, for the loving the unloved series!!

  2. 0:20 That’s how I feel when you pass 1m Credits

  3. play the heavy tank no 6

  4. Rush b in the Berlin map with some Russian stuff start with b words like the bt7 attempt 89

  5. The start, feels bad

  6. Play kv1s lol

  7. Braedon DuBreucq

    Phly, you should use the speedy artillery with the worst turret in the game (m8 HMC) with HE only
    Attempt 7

  8. Intro song?

  9. 1 mil credits < 5 backups kill me pls

  10. Lower br is where its at!!

  11. Subtitles. 🙁

  12. Alex loves Physics

    Stalin’s Limo Vs. A Bunch Of Snow Camo Farmers On Skis, Who Would Win?

  13. Hey follow can you go out in the first Russian land battleship the T-35

  14. Make the Führer proud, get a kill on a player ground unit with the Do217 with the Schräge Musik…

  15. you give me inspiration to keep grinding for top tier in War thunder thank you so much

  16. hope to see you in game

  17. 18:55 1488!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The SMK hits like a freight train!

  19. Damn . That was quick. I’m still living in the same spot when u moved into that place. I remember the day u signed. Well. Good day sir chip chip cherio

  20. Anyone else hearing echoing?

  21. PHLY,
    I have no interest in playing these games but for some strange reason, I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos. Lol

  22. what gives – this is the worst game i’ve seen from phly. Missing easy shots and overextending every time. This is horrible to watch, I quit 12 minutes into it.

  23. hay phly when are you going to check out the new ships for naval

  24. >Implying the Bismarck wasn’t just a water-going landship

  25. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

    94 Km zis 12 need you Phly!!!!

  26. But if you die fast all your other crews get locked its gay

  27. Relax and warthunder don’t mix

  28. Hey phly can you play post scriptum again in the tiger or panther I miss seeing yall destroy the enemy team hope to see it soon keep up the good work man……knock knock who’s there…..”go away” ??

  29. Oh man the roulette wheel of disapointment, that happens every time to me. I know it must be rigged.

  30. that intro is my life.

  31. Penguin_Life_Gaming

    hey Phly was wondering why is the British Sherman II at 3.7 and the American M4A1 at 3.3 when there is no difference between them

  32. Royal cyka blyat

    Come on where’s the sneeki breeki challenge 🙁

  33. Russian tank designers.
    >What is depression?

  34. Phly won’t pin me

  35. Phly , love u and your video. So fun and energetic! You are good !

    1 request , can u fight 5.0 and up tank with 2.0 or 2.9 or 3? Any map u choose please ?

  36. now that you did a tank with alot of guns do a plane with a few guns
    tempest vickers p attempt 18

  37. Ist jemand Deutsch?

  38. This tank is best in urban combat, mainly Italian city maps. I died in this tank point blank from 6 tanks 2 of which were kv-1 and it took god knows how many rounds to kill me. I kept alternating turrets cuz I had 1 crewmember left and it was the driver. Plus I only carried 30 rounds for each turret which vastly increased my survivability. Honestly, when I died, I texted them “I went afk for a bit while they were shooting me.”

  39. Phly please

  40. Those damn Russians and there Bias tanks which are useless but somehow kill everything. Damned Russians they don’t even know how make guns and tanks anyway such as the good Sherman used ON EVERY FRONT which could be used for Mine clearing, Anti-Thicc boi tank clearing, construction, that vacation you’ve been planning on in the Philippines…… Basically everything. They don’t even know how to make machine guns like are beautiful M2 Browning .50 Machine Gun nicknamed Ma’Duse by soldier that’s been in service since WW1 which the recipe to a great machine gun.

  41. SMK= Soviet Mobile Kanon

  42. Russian Battleship preview for naval battles

  43. So this is a kv3 yes

  44. Excalibur Rising

    Nothing like taking a break from “World of Tanks” BS RNG, and watching PHLY club 3.7 in a mobile russian biased battleship that has tracks lmao

  45. U know the russian rockets at 1.3 that pen 60mm…
    So CAS time!

  46. Phlydaby say it now folks ;-;

  47. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    How does Phly only have 1.4 mill SL? ??

  48. 6:10 When Phly was having sex with Hanz

  49. No Soviet Bias, huh?
    Something that long should not traverse so quickly, even on paved surfaces.
    And something that heavy go that fast.

    Who cares? Drink vodka and please Stalin…

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