Stalin’s New Premium or What is K-91-2? | World of Tanks K-91 Version II Preview

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks K-91-2 (K-91 Version II), New Tier 8 Russian Medium Tank. New Premium Tanks – Christmas Box 2020 Tank? World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

► K-91-2 as a tier 9 video:
► Information from: WG
– 3D model:

Are you ready take a look at yet another tier 8 Russian medium in this game? No? Well, doesn’t matter, because it is coming into the game anyway, so let’s better take our first look at how this thing is going to look like. 🙂

What do you think?


  1. World Of Tanks Experiments


  2. whats up dez !!

  3. Third!!

  4. This version is in WoTB, it’s an amazing tank, 3 clips 100mm gun, it can hurt a lot and can hold its own against some tier 10s

  5. Ohh these versions. Even the name is terrifying. 😉

  6. So, what do you think about this one? 🙂 Finally we get our “FIRST” ever Soviet tier 8 medium tank!

  7. Finaly a NEW Premium! And thanks to the Lord it is a russian because we just have so few…
    Imagine they would sell Skins or maybe invest Money into things Players would love to see?

    Thank you Wargaming

  8. “rebalanced for tier 8” -> just moved down to tier 8

  9. We have it in world of tanks blitz but as a heavy tank with 3 clip gun

  10. Another op tank?

  11. Wg be like:”Reality can be whatever I want”.

  12. Looks like that might be a nice tank! And because the armor isn’t insane I don’t mind

  13. Here fits DJ Khaled meme- “Another one…. But I have nothing against them. Russian premiums are booting my Wr8 😀

  14. They gotta buff the tier 10 K91

    • I dont think its needed, its a really nice tank as is and its a unique playstyle. If they buff it it will be OP and then get nerfed into unplayable state

    • @Martin Bernath The K81 is trash compared to other medium tanks at tier 10. It should at least get a fully traversable turret

  15. This is going to be in the Christmas Lootboxes 100%

  16. I have this tank but its in Blitz at tier IX.

  17. My guess is it will be next challenge tank

  18. I smell lootbox content right here

  19. Premium, Premium, Premium…… but dont fix the wheels and arty MM

  20. I hope this is going to appear in the “well deserved reward” this time

  21. stop thinking in blackmarket a new tank will appear, thats stupid, why would WG do that…

  22. Is that 777 ver II’s turret with K-91’s hull and the worst 140’s gun???

  23. Wait wait wait
    So in PC its a tier 10 rear turreted medium
    then in blitz for some reason they made it tier 9 autoloading heavy
    and now they made the one in blitz but a tier 8 medium

    *Visible confusion

  24. A worse version of an already bad tank? LOL.

  25. Distraught Cruiser Owner

    Please be a replacement for actual k91

  26. This actually depends. If it turns out to be something that’s really balanced, then why not I guess?

  27. Lmao this same tank is in blitz, buts it’s a tier 9 auto loading heavy just called the k91

  28. This is from blitz. It’s called the K-91 on blitz but is an op heavy autoloader

  29. Any news/leaks about the Italian heavies?

  30. i think it will be in X-MAS boxes like the new premium…..i hope 😀

  31. Next premium tank: K-91-3
    K-91 but front turret
    Also moved down to tier 1 with 4000dpm
    Fair and balanced imo

  32. this k-91 version 2 has been in WoT Blitz for some time, its an tier 9 premium heavy auto-loader in Blitz

  33. we have it in wot blitz, a tier 9 ht named k91, 3 shell autoloader, 100mm, nearly the same as k91-2

  34. e75ts was not excactly special

  35. Blitz Joke Became Real

  36. T69 used to have 300 pen HEAT and now only 250.
    And this new tank has 290 prem pen lol

  37. Abolfazl Ashrafizadeh

    It needs 490 alpha with the same rate of fire, and some HEAT flaps for lolz

  38. BALANCED!!!!!!

  39. Edit:Can be fun to see 8 Tier prem FV4005:)

  40. Never Gonna Give you up Never gonna let you down

    This is a heavy tank with a autoloader in WoTB

  41. You have missed a few point. Version 2 has better hull armor and can actually sidescrape. Quicker and more suitable to ram enemies. Glad I stopped playing this crap.

  42. It’s on world of Tanks blitz already

  43. I almost can bet that the marathonvehicle for end of November will be K-91-2 or Italian Heavypremium.

  44. It is like a buffed t54 mod 1. Same alpha but better fire rate and penetration, similar mobilty but higher top speed, both “well armored” but this one has better armor.

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