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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. So what do you use to keep your Vodka cold? I personally recommend the
    brand NEW Stalin KV-2 1940…it keeps my Vodka cold and my armor stronk.
    You can get your’s for 8 small payments of 14.99…or 3 months hard labor
    in the Gulag.

  2. HEYYY wassup baron love youre vids man keep up the good work XD

  3. Ola brs

  4. damn… too fast 4 u

  5. Plz send i help i have no life.
    KV-2 master race!

  6. Derp derp derp derp

  7. crhelloh

  8. Wooooo great video @BaronVanGamez

  9. put an 19cm gun on the t-95 tank destroyer and that’s all you need

  10. Best part of playing the kv2 is seeing everyone start to reverse when you
    crest hills.

  11. they should put in the T49 with the 152mm exparimental

  12. Now play the Panzer KV2, because putting Panzer in the name makes it
    automatically more fun.

  13. As long as you use the 152 on the KV-2, Stalin is happy. When ever a 107 is
    put on a KV-2, everyone crys and you lose the hand of Stalin

  14. T-94

  15. Baron, why do you never fill your ammo supplies? Just curious, does it
    affect getting ammo racked?

  16. I also tend to be overly aggressive. I either destroy all or get blasted in
    three seconds. lol Not much middle ground.

  17. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    I think I’m the only one doing physics excercises while listening this…

  18. Ferox The Fluffy Fox

    3:55 One does not Capitalise the enemy in the KV-2, one Communises.

  19. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  20. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    wtf I won this tank in chronicles I don’t want some douche bag buying my
    tank and using it. I unlocked this tank because i thought it was going to
    be rare.

  21. the t95

  22. KV-2
    VS Churchill AVRE 290mm

  23. Giulio Ernesto Carmignani Tirelli


  24. 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)

    Sorry man, but the ACRE will probably not be in the game (as a normal
    tank). Its range was poor, and i mean a couple of meters poor. The first
    two lines in scope mode would get out of the scope view, it would need so
    much compensation for gravity.

  25. Stalinium

  26. You counted too fast. Go like this 1,1000,2,1000Do you have a PS3?

  27. the Churchill Avre would he dope af but I wonder how the rounds would go
    (it fired at an ark at a short range)

  28. hey Baron can u play with the light vehicle T-50-2

  29. should’ve used all HE

  30. only barron would look at a 40kg shell and pick the one with 1kg more HE
    over the one thats 100m/s faster.

  31. reason i watch baron:
    50% his soothing voice

  32. Богдан Роман

    any sherman could reck t34 76s because the t34 76s didnt have a
    commander(there was no commanders hatch so the gunner kinda does the role
    of a commander exept not really)

  33. Daan Bronkhorst

    When you’re playing agressive, there is only wrecking snd getting rekt, no
    middle ground

  34. Baron ur task is to fly out the P40 to defend China from the “unstoppable”
    Japan air force

  35. RUSSIAN BOAT COMBO CHALLENGE! Pair up the PT-76 with the MBR-2 w/ bombs in
    Tank RB! Must get 2+ ground kills with the MBR-2

  36. Who said we had to love the Kv-2

  37. _ Kidwithshoes _

    Baron you are beautiful

  38. Baron, the T-34 wasn’t better than the Sherman, because the T-34 had a 2
    man turret, and they took quite long to engage enemy armor, and only the
    command tanks were the only ones to have radios. Keep in mind, this is
    about the early models of both tanks, and neither tank was great.

  39. Hey baron there was a story I read few days back, how one KV1 stopped a
    entire German supply line in Russia, this is when the Germans just went
    into Russia so there panzers were ineffective to the KV1 so it took two
    panzer companies to distract this one KV1 which still had ammo, not much
    but still ammo, so after that failed, they got a battery of AA88 to fire at
    the KV1 with all but two hits penning, by this time the crew had ran out of
    ammo but we’re in the middle of a road, so after that failed they then had
    wave after wave of infantry to attack the tank, after three attempts the
    infantry forced open the hatches and threw grenades in, five Dead Russians
    were inside they stopped the entire German supply line for three days

  40. I really dont want to play RB right now

  41. stock early shermans outrank early t-34s. They were crude,poorly
    manafactured and lacking space for crew.

  42. Here’s something I don’t understand. The Joseph Stalin tanks, why are they
    named IS?
    Shouldn’t it be JS? I do allot of 1/35 miniature building and I’ve seen
    both names used for the exact same tank. IS-3 or JS-3 for the exact same
    tank? What’s going on with that?

  43. lol hardly trying to avoid saying the t34 is just op

  44. mrowczak mrowka

    It’s Kw-2 A and KW-2 B :)

  45. EverlastingGaming

    I was in this game with Baron on his team and did not know it. To gulag
    with me.

  46. ScipionLaurentiend

    Inu people would hit you with an arctic char….much better taste

  47. i fucking hate it

  48. my level is in Texas battleship tier I want to see you play in my dear and
    hope to see you at the sea big fan

  49. Darren Santiago

    we need the American T49 derp tank

  50. baron you noob look at the exsplosive type

  51. DA comrades my new fridge will hold much more high explosive vodka!

  52. Orlando Alvarado

    Baron use the T-34-100

  53. my name is my name

    DUDEEEEEEEE, can u over pen and kill two tanks at once???

  54. Sheridan HYPE!!

  55. Baron. do you full time YouTube or what’s your day job?

  56. luxsurianSix1 is the best

    can you play more world of war ships with 40 torpedus

  57. marco “t500” jonker

    T34s were not better then M4s both were just as good as each out and both
    had pros and cons like the M4 was better at fighting in places that were
    not flat ground where as the T34 was better at fighting in places that
    where flat ground and both had sloped armour so don’t bring that bs up
    saying the M4 doesn’t have sloped armour and both the t34 and M4 would
    catch fire when they got hit by German gun do to the ammo in the tank
    getting hit by the shrapnel and also the Germans all ways shot tanks
    repeatedly even if the tank was knocked out to make them catch fire so the
    tanks can’t be repaired and stuff like that

  58. I love you

  59. somehow I read the title of the vid as Stalin’s new perferator. And tbh,
    thats exactly what it does.

  60. Tony Andre Karlsen

    when u gonna do the su-85?

  61. How do you know if they’re ps4?

  62. T-44-100 next stronk glorious tenk of glorious matha Russa

  63. I play hyper aggressive in WoT’s/WoW’s and a few other games; I feel the
    pain of being punished and being rewarded. It all depends on the team. If I
    go Aggro and everyone camps, fail. If I instigate a push, Blitzkrieg

  64. ” i get slapped in the face by a four foot salmon by the inuit. Just kind
    of stuff that makes sense”

    NO… that makes NO SENSE…

  65. And yes the 94 Zis had a Lend Lease gasoline engine… “The ZiS-151 engine
    was closely copied from the Hercules JXD used in Studebaker US6 trucks
    supplied under Lend-Lease, a 6.5 L (397 cu in) L-head inline 6 cylinder
    gasoline engine developing 92 hp (69 kW) at 2600 rpm.” ~ Wiki

  66. Baron, you didn’t kill that second Sherman by penetration or explosion.
    You literally KNOCKED ITS TURRET OFF with your giant shell!

  67. FINALLY!

  68. I would love to see the Sheridan, that would be like the m5 srtuart with a
    kv2 gun….

  69. Bernard Netanel

    Comrade! It has come to my attention that there is a SEVERE lack of Soviet
    Russian tanks in your videos(MOW), just those Allied and German Bastards.
    GO! Take out new Russian Tank Object 263 and show them the true might of
    Soviet Russia! Good Luck Comrade!

  70. I’ve never played this tank. Clic and kill system makes me throw up.

  71. play the conway next

  72. sir izan the great

    do the m3lee and the p40

  73. Russian BIAS confirmed.

  74. Tristin Bontrager

    Americans need the t49

  75. How dare you shoot at poor German tanks with a gun like that.

  76. I love this thing!

    Good for hard working communist bears.

  77. If war thunder was to implement minefields then they would add the mighty
    crab flail

  78. Baron, KV-2 have seen battlefield! KV-2 was fighting against Finnish army
    in “Winter war” and then against German army! There even is a story from
    germans, when they faced one KV-2! Germans where shooting all at KV-2, they
    coundnt pen at beginig, but then the armour, how to say, weared off, lost
    it’s thicknes from hard shell absorbaiting, so germans were capable to pen
    armour, but KV-2 keeped fiering, so german infantry started to throu
    granades throu shell-holes. Only then KV-2 crue died! KV-2 stonk russian
    tank! But thumbs up! :)

  79. Félix Santiago

    American tanks have the Sherman 105 but it’s not viable anymore after the
    HE nerf

  80. The germans need a derp tank… the Sturmtiger

  81. I don’t play war thunder but would love to see you playing as the German
    Ferdinand/elefant if that’s in the game? that tank was so underrated and
    under produced in ww2

  82. “…and i get smacked in the face by a 4-foot salmon” -Baron, early 2016

  83. Milos Obrenovic

    I think T49 would be a good choice for American derp tank.

  84. i laughed everytime you landed a hit with that HUMONGOUS gun

  85. Azka '02 McGamerson

    TF2s Updating…
    Theres WT Updates…
    Boy,im gonna have to sleep for this one


  87. did i hear “kurwa” ?XD

  88. It wasn’t baron playing!!! Check out the 7:31 mark he was using
    binoculars!!! Everyone knows he doesn’t know what binoculars are pmsl :p

  89. What is the purpose of HE in this game? there are no infantry and only a
    few tanks (in each teir) can actually be pen by He rounds, and if they are
    there to detrack enemies the same thing can be done with machine guns.

  90. t31 demolition tank. it’s a sherman with dual rocket merica freedom

  91. Slow Motion Potion

    Aggression is more entertaining in my opinion.

  92. How did you get the KV-2 1940?

  93. another tank stolen from wot

  94. I don’t get it why he needs to count if he can just go to radio (pressing
    T) and going to “Reloading”, it would have showed -/+ 1 or 2 second how
    long his reload is.

  95. “Your rats with wings!”

  96. Hey Baron are you planning on doing a lets play of Hearts of iron 4 when it
    comes out ?

  97. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    KV-2 with 107
    Also, I know a short 75 derp for early tier Americans, it’s amphibious, I
    forgot it’s actual name
    The infantry support LVT

  98. You realize if you hover over the tank it tells you reload times. Also your
    seconds are really short FYI

  99. Why no War of Warship? :'(

  100. Baron what tank do you want added? Other then your french tank, mine is
    either boat tanks, or french tanks,

  101. T-72 is an american derp tank

  102. Wait so since I play on my ps4 now I also play with players?

  103. tbf it was kinda clickbaity. made it seem like gaijin had added it. a
    better title would of had user made or mod on the end, make it obvious

  104. American Derp tank: Abrams M1A2 BR 5.0 ;)

  105. Why are you basically parroting what PhlyDaily puts up, or is it the other
    way around? You guys used to play together all the time….what gives?

  106. The old one was getting dirty with the blood of my enemies so I had to get
    a new one.

  107. the t 18 is the American deep for sure

  108. how do u get the kv2 1940 I got the 30 kills for the WW2 chronicles

  109. memories of WWII by comrade baron

  110. Hey +BaronVonGames please do the Flying Fortress and super fortress vs
    ostwind and werblewinds, I think that would be amazing

  111. smaked in the face by a 4 foot salman by inuit poeple

  112. T-29 and T-34

  113. the Americans need the pershing 165mm howitzer… probably the best idea of
    a derp I got for the US

  114. Future possible US derp tanks could be the T-30 with it’ 155mm gun and the
    Sheridan M551 tank with it’s 152mm gun that could fire ATGM’s. If they want
    to add lower tier tanks it would have to be a self-propelled artillery
    tank, maybe the M7 priest with the 105mm. Just my choices if I had the
    choice. >.<

  115. When the pussy too good

    M60A3 Starship, has a 152mm gun, and can fire ATGMs

  116. need some doom turtle m8.

  117. I always use concrete rounds because you don’t really need more penetration
    and the pointy round has a much higher chance of bouncing

  118. A good US derp tank would be the M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage. It is
    basically an M5 Stuart with a short barrel howitzer.

  119. Try to make the brummbär for war thunder. Would be awesome to see that derp
    gun in game.

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