Stalin’s SILLIEST Tank (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – ZiS-30 Tractor Sniper!

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  2. M103 plz

  3. Muhammad Aryadiva IRAWAN

    IS2 revenge is best 122 with stalins guided cannon

  4. Kingtiger

  5. play the asu-57 and the yak -9t

  6. play the A39 Tortiose for King and Country

  7. Any m4 but this time with them add on armor

  8. It’s 1:56am and I completely lost it when he said Yuri and Ivan

  9. Do the T62..

  10. IL-10

  11. Zis-30, the tank that overpens everything at its BR.

  12. Elias Gouatarbès

    Play the IS-3

  13. How do you get that background

  14. It is a T-20 Chaffe

  15. “Potato me Barry” you want to explain to me baron and slick?

  16. kv2 arcade

  17. listen you f**n c**t! play the tortoise or I’ll shank your nan mate!

  18. FlybyGaming-fox 02

    if possible do the biggest bad plan n game what ever that is

  19. Isu 122 ;)

  20. Hillary For prison 2016

    Tiger 2 h

  21. Against The Current World

    Calliope with 60 rockets :D

  22. had a sick game with this little tractor got 6 tank kills while zipping
    around in the middle of white rock fortress so funny

  23. This really fucked me up because my nick-name is Berry so it messed me up
    to hear these guys keep saying Berry in context of a person!

  24. Barry is actually short for Baron 🙂
    Still not judging :D

  25. Hey barey, U want Some potato salad

  26. M-48 Patton

  27. JOSEPHINE Barles


  28. I’m pretty sure i’ve already seen the second clip/match in this video..

  29. Lepard

  30. 4M Gaz AAA pls

  31. I killed a ZiS-30 with a Tiger H1. This may not seem like much, but WHY THE
    HELL WAS A ZiS-30 AT BR 5.7?!

  32. Think there needs to be some Leo action but only sniping from afar

  33. Амбарцумян Александр

    Lol, Baron let’s learn Russian :D

  34. Play the Archer troll backwards tank :)

  35. tiger2(p)

  36. Pearce Mccreadie

    Panther D with hs 129 b3 !

  37. last standing soldier DK

    KV 2 And the pe 8 fore the motherland

  38. next bt-7 Stalins racecar

  39. yes torpedus tanks back!

  40. M24 Chaffe

  41. T-29

  42. Marder III H plz

  43. This has got to be one of the silliest little mechanized fighting vehicles
    ever. XD

  44. Baron, Drive out the T-70 the Little tank that ‘Could”, can, and does own
    on the battle field.

  45. plees take the rare panther D out and wreck some

  46. take out the T-95 for MURICA!!

  47. Slick voice sounds like McLovin’s

  48. Do the M10!

  49. One. Suck it two. WTA E100

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