Stalin’s Stronk Slaughter Schoolbus! Best Tier 2? (War Thunder)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks – T-28e Stalin’s Tier 2 Slaughter Bus
War Thunder 60fps Tank Request series! T-28e over 1k votes!

Thanks for watching!


  1. 1st

  2. Panther A

  3. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYO BARON how are you doing 😀 ?

  4. Mikael “Temotodochi” Levoniemi

    Your accent doesn’t fit to your face. Sorry, but it’s horrible. The accent
    i mean. Proper English raping. But i like the vids, so i watch some of them
    while playing some music. T-28 was a favourite enemy tank during the winter
    war, since it was so easy to kill. 20mm Antitank rifle didn’t have any
    problems. A 1 meter long wooden log didnt have any problems. Also pouring
    burning gasoline over it usually resulted in a detonation. IRL that tank
    was a joke.

  5. Play the “Tiger 1H” for the faderland!!!

  6. besides playing war thunder
    what ells do you play ?

  7. baron, play M4A3 (105) HVSS Sherman
    cause its shoot 105mm of freedom

  8. is 2 “revenge”! the penetration king!

  9. Let him be proud of us. Write comments so many as you can! Beat 20k! By the
    way, Tiger!

  10. next do the T dirty4 85 🙂 I love you, go to gulag!

  11. The M2 the mighty penguin

  12. Another great video!!

  13. Alex “Draco223” SV

    Tiger E/H1

  14. T32

  15. The M4A3 (105)

  16. For the tanks you should play the StuH 42. For the planes you should play
    the A6M2!!

  17. Under 311 club

  18. heyyguyz “muzzy”

    no way no way im so early im going to ugh ugh ughhhh

  19. lets make baron happy shall we
    #writeacomment im getting the hang of this

  20. Tiger 1H baron and keep on rolling

  21. and maybe play my ferdenan that would be nice!

  22. KV-2. Stalin’s boat tank. Just put big boat cannon on tracks. Yeeeeees

  23. m4a3 (105) the confetty cannon!

  24. Hey, Baron! There’s this awesome new video I think you should check out! 🙂

  25. pleasr do the Tiger 10,5cm

  26. T-44 for mother RUSSIA!!!

  27. play ze hetzer for the sneaky fatherland tankers!

  28. Kv 2 OR gulag

  29. t-34 1942, for stalin!!

  30. hey baron, do some locust gameplay plz

  31. I’d love to see one of the Panzer IV’s with the short barrel 75 mm next.

  32. Only at 32…

  33. Great vid Baron, How about playing the Bull dog. You know fast and
    unforgiving !!!!!

  34. play the M2A2! the DERP tank!

  35. Hi baron, do some pz3 N. And about the video, OMG, hide your daughters
    enemy team, baron is coming!!

  36. comment farm

  37. Tiger H1!

  38. what about the panzer 3 m the schürtzen that you love

  39. take out t 50 please

  40. T34 1942!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. quit your stalin, play my T 10m !!! for the motherland or gulag, blyat!

  42. Marder III H please the petite german cannon!!!

  43. Do stalins Land battleship t-35

  44. T 26-4 Stalins Baby derp or gulag !!!

  45. Play what you think is the most derp tank

  46. play a 3rd tier tank

  47. Lets get that 1000 comment mark again

  48. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    You’ve done Russian and American time for some German firepower! Baron take
    out the 10.5cm tiger

  49. Ze stronk tank,the jagdtiger :3

  50. For the 1000 comments woooooo

  51. Give the M3 Stuart a go!

  52. Take out the Stuart series the fast Murican Muscle

  53. haha BaronVonGamez can you play world of air craft I thin it is called

  54. Love your work Baron, all the way from Melbourne Australia!!!! Keep up the
    good work mate

  55. play the locust plz

  56. 🙁 no tego PC

  57. drive that sweet T34 1942

  58. M10 GMC

  59. baron it would be better to put the face cam in the middle left next time
    so we can see the indicators.

  60. can you play the panzer 3 j1 please?

  61. Much honourable very stronk

  62. Why fire at the turret of a pz f1? When he is facing you from the front,
    shoot the driver’s window and its a 1 shot.

  63. Question: why do you all think it would be a bad idea to bring the E-series
    tank to the German tech tree?

  64. tiger e baron also ever think about putting your streams on youtube?

  65. T10-m please

  66. Let’s get to 2000 comments

  67. Good video ?
    No its best video!

  68. Ferdinand plz

  69. Nothing to recommend really, but I enjoyed the video. I prefer 30fps over
    60fps, I’ll watch anyway but it spins up the fans on my laptop a bunch.

  70. 60fs vids also use more bandwidth right? Not to good for us on dorm

  71. Panzer III M

  72. Νικηφορος Κατάκης

    nice job baron gredings from Greece

  73. how do you have those rounds?, all i had was shrapnel and high explosive
    rounds, couldnt pen shit

  74. M24 Chaffee for murican freedom pls

  75. World of dank ships!

  76. T-60 plezzzzzzz

  77. FluckDuckProductions

    Quick we need more than 1000 comments, so comment random shit!

  78. FluckDuckProductions

    I’m a duck.

  79. FluckDuckProductions


  80. Pz III J?

  81. hallo

  82. баран alright 1000 comments here we come

  83. i want the steam give away

  84. Keep up the awesome content dude, quality wise its up there and the
    gameplay just keeps getting better and better!

  85. t 35 derp ship

  86. Panzer IV C Tier 1 beast

  87. Well done with the 1000 comment in 2 days Baron

  88. 1000 comments! like your vids baron

  89. What tank next? Only the most entertaining of tanks, or rather, Tank
    Destroyers, the SU-152. With more maneuverability and survivabillity than
    the KV-2, and a better gun, there’s really no other choice

  90. T-34-57 Stalin’s communism dispenser! +BaronVonGamez

  91. Do the M2A4 next!

  92. Some guy is going around using Baronvonguvnor pretending to be you on

  93. 1000!!

  94. I don’t often comment, but when I do…

    …Its to help out a titty-fish like Baron.

  95. yolo you get a steamgiveaway if we get 1000 comments xD
    i still request the panther D

  96. m3 Lee

  97. Comment hype!

  98. I dont play this game so i cant recommend a tank for you, but i really
    enjoy your series of this and wanted to say good job Baron :D

  99. Marder gameplay?

  100. Leaving a comment.

  101. Drive T-50 and become Stalin’s driver!

  102. ZSU 57! … Kill (only) tanks with it!

  103. hetzer

  104. Drive The ”IS4 M” For Stalin

  105. Play the tank you want to play. Let’s see what you pick and why. I see snow
    and the right cammo. which tank?

  106. T-28 op, 100% one shot guarantee if you know where to shoot.

  107. baron why don’t you have a headset??

  108. You should do the M22 Locust next

  109. Always shoot panzer IV’s through the side of the turret, just under the
    turret where the ammo is (only the panzer IV F1 and up have their ammo
    there I believe) or through the drivers port.

  110. Instead of a giveaway you can dress up as a banana in the next video.

  111. how bout some SPAA action?

  112. Георги Атанасов

    Bt-2 is fun :)

  113. Gibrán Abner Abud Alcalá

    Pz IV F2!!! and 1000 comment contribuiton!


  115. I might be the only one, but i would love to see how you use the Sd.Kfz.

  116. Leopard 1 plz

  117. i sell my warthunder acount fr red ochstra 2 i have trier 3 rusian tanks
    tier 3 amerikan planes tier2late rusian tier2late brithish naval fihter the
    sea huricane with the 4 20mm and no japanees planes and tier 2 amarikan
    planes if you want you can have a free acount with german tier2late tanks
    like stügF pzkmpfwL and F2 and maybe if you want another count with brithis
    bombers and amerikan sherman so its a REALY good deal red orchestra 2 is
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    months so pls buy and if you want you can add me on skype so we can talk
    just leave a coomentt and i WILL reply and send all the information you
    want fr the 3 acounts I SWEAR ON MY DADS GRAVE so pls do it is a realy good
    deal 🙂 🙂 :)

  118. OMG that kill streak thou

  119. Geometry Dash Electroman

    marder 3 h or su-122


  121. kamikaze

  122. pershing

  123. Panzer IV F.2

  124. Love your vids man, really good contend! Hope you get better soon!

  125. Doom turtle kewl!

  126. Atreyu van Geijlswijk

    Play the Bt-5 or the T-24

  127. Bussian Rias.. ^^

    How about playing the Sherman M4A2.. BR 4.3 or so. Nice tank, can face some
    stiff opposition though..

  128. BARON, here is a list, choose wisely
    Bt-7, zis-30, M2 or M3, or the a Marder.
    Please pick one!

  129. Play the PBY

  130. youre amasing baron pls just do warthunder its so amasing and do like whats
    comming in next uppdate <3<3

  131. M10 baron plz

  132. Let’s do it 1000 again! Great video by the way

  133. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    i will never understand. why people do face cams when their not playing
    scary games.

  134. For the 1k

  135. Please play the Hetzer

  136. can you make one video on World Of Tanks?

  137. KV 2 or gulag !! Do it for Stalin!

  138. next tank maybe the ghost division tank?

  139. SPAA NEEDS LOVE! Take out the M42 Duster!

  140. Should I play the tanks more in this game? I already now that this is a lot
    better than wot

  141. “That’s a shit tit”

  142. I’m thinking you need to break out the M22 Locust and sneak attack the hell
    out of them.

  143. play SMK pls.

  144. Yeeey steam give away!!! :D

  145. love the way u play u should us an automatic

  146. M22 Locost

  147. You should play zis 30

  148. Pls Play t26-4

  149. T34E Supa stronk!

  150. I don’t even play war thunder but Baron has somehow became my second
    favorite YouTube (behind thatdudeunblue, who I’ve been watching for years
    so I’m biased af.)

  151. Flackpanzer 1 A

  152. T10M FOR GLORIOUS IDEALS and COMMUNIST UTOPIA ! DEATH to the Capitalists!

  153. T50!!!!!!! as nwxt tank plssss

  154. M2A2 pleas

  155. Hetzer hetzerrrrrrrrr hetzer :D

  156. kv1 l11 stronk tank

  157. Is there a Russian tank like the school bus but with 75 mm derp gun and 2
    37mm guns turreted 1 in front and 1 in the back plus 2 turret machine guns.
    forgot the name of it but it is in men of war

  158. Put facecam in upper right so we can see the info for

  159. Oh baron ur vids always made my day ! keep going dude ur awesome !

  160. Maybe the neubaufluthing or I mean the nbfz

  161. how about the hetzer, you know, cause its gonna hetz :D

  162. commet***

  163. T-34 1942

  164. Play the IS-2 next, The IStalin 2

  165. Hope you feel better soon. Congrats on the success of the stream.

  166. juan david uran acevedo


  167. It would be nice, when you could play the M6 heavy tank :3

  168. U might have 60fps and facecam, but the quality sucks

  169. Baron you are funny.

    Go to gulag!

  170. Road to 1,500 comments, Baron’s videos are amazing [copy and paste]

  171. su 85 plz

  172. Hetzer would be nice :P

  173. let’s go

  174. Do more live streams

  175. Woooooo Baron’s kickin ass!

  176. t-26 4 baby derrrrrrp

  177. Tiger H1!!!

  178. Locust!!

  179. Nice milestone Baron!
    Pls play the Locust!

  180. ¢у¢ℓσиє αятz

    yeeeeee 60 fps my life is complete, oh wait no its not oh yeah it is lel

  181. Let’s get 1000 comments!!! Lezzzz gooooooo

  182. t28 -4!

  183. The tower of Stalin do it for Russia aka the KV-2 or its Gulag for you just
    do it

  184. The t34 L11

  185. Baron, use the M6A1 pls

  186. BT-7, Way to go Baron

  187. Let’s go over the 1000 comments guys! >o<

  188. IS-2. It going to be a pure pain

  189. Mister RandomlyCommentsEveryNowAndAgainForFun.


  190. t-28 baby doom turtle!!!!

  191. hey baron can you make a tutorial video for the best ps4 control set up?

  192. I got 20 kills withe the t28 once

  193. It’s crazy about how i can write a 5 second blurb about absolute bullshit,
    and you’ll appreciate it.

  194. Play t-34-57

  195. Please, Baron! Move the face-cam to the right side! It’s really distracting
    this way on the left:

  196. Baron you show play some realist battles some time!!! you pick the tank

  197. m4a2 Jumbo

  198. hi Baron and thanks for the video! :)

  199. i want the t-60

  200. we can do this 1000!!!!!!!

  201. (place comment here)

  202. M1 Abrams

  203. I think I would like the Tirpitz just because of the history with it. It
    was the largest European battleship ever built, it had a very strange
    (kinda sad) career and just it was so beautifully built. What an amazing
    piece of engineering. Absolutely awesome.

  204. Get well soon BaronVonJedi

  205. hope you get better soon baron!! love your tank vidoes as always!

  206. please IS-1 because…. uhh i survived first day of working……..

  207. Baron Von Kenobi!!

  208. Play the M4A1


  210. m 10 for ‘MERICA

  211. play the T-26-4

  212. T-26-4 be the baby derp!

  213. Baron do the t-34 and rekt face again

  214. Play the t-54

  215. STUG that is all

  216. Baron played the T-28E but never showed my comment asking him to do so. ;~;

  217. Please no face cam, it’s kinda weird.

  218. plz do a tier 5?

  219. baron when do you wanna upload some the forest vids again?

  220. cant wait for next update with destruction

  221. T32 American tank

  222. Play the jagdpanther I has it but I’m not doing that good in it

  223. Zis-30 !!! sniper

  224. please play the
    Stug III a

  225. just commenting to break the record…

  226. tiger h1 or tiger E really like your’s viedos man keep it up :)

  227. love the vid

  228. while driving a soviet tank with 76.2mm gun, I strongly suggest you to
    bring some of those Sh-354T fragmentation rounds which are awesome against
    light armor

  229. This is a comment. Your welcome Baron!

  230. valter “Valle” nordkvist


  231. Baron could you play the hetzer 

  232. Panzer two f with hvap shells

  233. M4 105 HVSS T2 American Derp! It’s fun!

  234. play the SMK land battle ship OR GULAG!

  235. level 1 srub class the m2a2 light tank

  236. locust
    yeeesh merica

  237. Super awesome

  238. The face-cam is really weird. But at least you have a much nicer face than
    most Tubers

  239. PotatoMasher Productions


  240. sherman 105!!!

  241. cmon man play some realistic battles… do it for Stalin… JUST DO EEETT

  242. golden eagle give away please !!!!

  243. Play thepz 3 m

  244. The Panzer F2

  245. Not getting 60fps on chrome browser

  246. Low tier russian APHE is so op it’s just stupid.

  247. just do low tiers. gotta love the chaos!!! ;-D

  248. Play the original Glass Cannon, Panzer IV F2

  249. Panzer KV-1B! =D

  250. Can you play the Jagdpanther please, as you haven’t made a video of it in a

  251. If you get 1k again u should play warthunder custom battles on stream with
    people watching the stream :D

  252. Play the lepord 1

  253. John Marcus Hugo B. Ocampo

    Tiger 1H Plezz

  254. Screw the ships send nudez!

  255. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    Play the Panzer IV H Shurzenhauzen

  256. Play Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain!!!

  257. Helping for das comment

  258. play the m24 chaffee

  259. Baron derp, He played T-28E not the unarmored T-28

  260. ooooooh yeah a giveaway! I love your vids Baron but is there any tank you
    haven’t done lol

  261. IS2!!!


  262. Titty fish.

  263. m36 90mm gun

  264. kv2 derp tank

  265. Baron, I want the Panther Tank. It is by far the sexiest tank in world war
    two if not all time.

  266. Please play the SOUPAH HELLCAT angry cat from hell


  268. do the Marder III H

  269. +1 for the comment counter!

  270. The gulag school bus is a worthy tank Ivan

  271. hello i am comment

  272. su 76m convertible

  273. panther g

  274. Congratulations on 1000 comments Baron; maybe this video with get 1001.

  275. Stream started at 5:00 to me, canadian east coast! (*O*)/

  276. sd.kfz 140 / 1 please you haven’t played it!

  277. tiger 10.5 !! for da fyre !

  278. tiger 10.5 !! for da fyre !

  279. KV-85 baron, for stalin and mother land

  280. Use Stalin’s ungodly freak of nature, the SMK.

  281. how bout a stug or something like that

  282. play with the Panzer M, its the best tank to play

  283. The Tiger H1 for the Vaterland or Auschwitz Für das Reich zum Sieg :D

  284. thanks for getting me into war thunder baron

  285. Play the mighty T34 1942, the first off stalins supirior reign

  286. The jumbo Sherman 106

  287. 1,000 B)

  288. Play m4a3 HVSS tier 2 Sherman plox, give them some freedom plox

  289. 1000+ hype

  290. hi

  291. Have no fear, Franz is here!

    Lower tier battles are much more fun vs. higher tiers…

  292. > T-28 and “best” in title.

  293. Did’nt realize how good this tank was.great vid.

  294. Hey baron just curious do you have a job or do you upload videos for money?

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