Standard B Review/Guide, Carrying by Flexing at the Right Times

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Source: Taugrim

I the Standard B, a tier 9 medium in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Glacier and tier 10 Lakeville battles.

For many players, the Standard B is the highlight of the medium line. However, the autoreloader gun needs careful management due to the extremely long shell reload times.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb silver APCR penetration (268)
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Superb shell velocity (1450)
+ Excellent top speed (65)
+ Excellent camouflage (~32 with Camo + BIA)
– Extremely long shell reload times, which punishes misuse of the clip
– Long intra-clip reload (3s)
– Paper armor

Recommended Equipment
1. Rammer
2. Optics
3. VStab

I through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. first?

  2. This is my favorite tier 9 atm. It is really comfortable and flexible to play. I was worried about the mastering the auto-reloader because so many people said it was tricky. I have not really had an issue with it. If you have the friends fire at every opportunity, if you don’t be careful and keep the clip filled up for the stand off. The pen is 10/10. Would recommend to anyone.

    • Roger Rondeau i prefer the M46 the dpm was hilariously fun 🙂 but the pen is pretty garbage. That’s what go- I mean *special* ammo is for.

    • Yea any autoreloader or autoloader complements a single-shot tank. One brings burst, the other sustained damage.

    • @Im Sorry I should give the M46 a try again, it was my first line and I was pretty garbage in it.


  4. Thx again for an excellent review of a popular vehicle that many are trying to grind/play. Keep up the good work dude.


  6. I'm Not Using My Real Name

    I think you’re the only super-unicum who doesn’t load premium rounds. Impressive.

  7. This tank looks fun. I can understand the lower reload as you get a much better Alpha Strike.
    Very nice games to learn from

    • Yes, the Standard B’s gun would be imbalanced if it had solid alpha of 360 AND faster reload. But the long reload can make the tank a bit tricky to play with.

      It’s a good thing though, playing the tank requires good decision-making.

    • @Taugrim I’m surprised it’s not a 4 round loader, would dramatically increase the effectiveness of the standard

    • @Flavia Pitariu If they gave it a 4 shot they would nerf the pen or the gun handling stats to compensate for the extra burst. I already played the t54e1, no thanks =)

    • Yea, I think the Standard B’s gun is fine as-is. A 4th shell in the clip would make it too good.

  8. Great analysis … I always learn something with your vid’s

  9. I just got my first tier 10 tank, the super conqueror.

  10. Sivert Haukedal

    I don’t really agree with what you said about managing your reload in the Italian mediums. Sure, dpm is relative, and there’s a big difference between having good dpm on paper and being able to utilize it. But you almost always want to let your gun reload fully and then be single shot.
    You only wanna use your autoloading aspect if you’ve got the ability to punish someone making a mistake, or if you’ve got the option to deal significant damage to someone crossing an open firing lane. How I always tell people to play the Italian mediums is single shot first, autoloader if it’s convenient.
    First of all having better dpm is going to alllow you to be more active in the game, helping your team win. Second of all, if you do get rushed, having dumped your entire clip before that happens is going to end up with you dying. If you’re getting rushed, you never want to dump your clip until you can actually clip the tank.

    Figured it was worth just elaborating on that because it is something a lot of players do, and most of the time it is just the incorrect play. Sure you might lose out on some damage short term, but you’re going to get a lot more damage long term, and you’re less prone to dying.

    • So it depends on the situation. In Glacier from the middle ridge, whenever I’m poking out to shoot at stuff, I’m usually in a position where I am artyable.

      It’s better to dump 2-3 shells and then duck behind cover, then to pop out every 10 seconds and fire a shell – the latter is too predictable and IMO the likelihood of getting artied increases.

      I also think that compacting damage, so that you outrade an enemy 2-1 or 3-1, or better yet 2-0 or 3-0, is almost always worth it.

    • Sivert Haukedal

      Sure dumping shells to avoid arty is a good idea. But again, taking the situation on Glacier you can easily stay in arty cover. Popping out every 10 seconds to shoot is much better long term, and the negligable increase in chance of getting artied is not worth sacrificing so much dpm. That’s giving far too much respect to arty. Sure you should try to avoid it, but not so much that you make arty more effective by proxy by making a less than ideal play to avoid it.

      Also, I agree with the compounding damage part. But you need to be careful when dumping. You should only dump the clip if you’re completely safe. And even then, it’s very situationally dependent because you might need the dpm. If there is a chance of you getting yoloed you should never dump the clip. Same if you are getting yoloed.

  11. I came here this morning to look for this review and I was disapointed because I couldn’t find the review for this tank. But thanks for the upload now I’m grinding for top gun. great help. Thanks. And what Equipment would be the best for this tank?

    • Not sure if it fits it but stabilizer rammer optics. If it doesnt fit rammer then go vents

    • You can always see what equipment I recommend in the first 10 seconds of the video, or by reading the Description in the video.

      That information is always included.

  12. Hey bro without gold do you not feel handicapped vs superheavies? Or are you food enough that you always have something else to shoot at? Sometimes it feels like I cant do anything without some HEATs in certain situations.

    • Short answer: yes, of course.

      I try to shoot at things I can meaningfully pen, and go to places where that is the case.

      So I don’t force myself into situations where I’m dealing with a super heavy frontally. That’s simply not smart.

      People bemoan maps being over-corridory and claim vision is not relevant, but I’ve been able to work flanking and vision meaningfully.

    • Robert Pettigrew

      @Taugrim Oddly enough this was how everyone played the game before Premium ammo for silver 🙂 Also I remember wolfpacks of mediums dealing with heavies by swarming them.

  13. Really helpful. Thanks. 🙂

  14. Dayum,I wish I had the Taugs skill! 😀

  15. Ambassador Somewhere

    Great Glacier game. “Skylining”, you’re welcome ?

  16. Still on the Tier 8, this line is super fun and the carry potential is really nice too, makes loses feel less annoying when you being swarmed by 10 tanks with only doing 1k damage because your team decided to just suicide in 4 mins…

  17. Awesome game play and commentary!! Great learning game as well.

  18. I saw one your Emil II games yesterday (3 July). You were on the hill and did around 5500 damage and I was down below in my Conway and only managed about 2k damage. It was a rough game for me with RNG just kicking me in the teeth over and over. I can’t remember, did you say that you are not interested in the British TD line that leads to the 4005? I seem to recall you mentioning that in a previous video. I certainly understand. It is not for everybody. If, however, I have misremembered this I would love to see your take on that line.

    • The Brit TDs from tiers 8-10 have HESH as the premium round and it’s super imbalanced. It’s basically a high alpha HE round.

      Since I don’t run premium ammo in Random Battles, there would be little point to playing those tanks. Anyone who plays those tanks would be seriously gimping themselves without premium ammo.

    • Taugrim the HESH on the Charioteer was terrible. I only carried a few for light tanks in the early game but even then the result was often disappointing. I don’t have the top gun on the Conway yet but I don’t care because the stock gun is pretty good. It fires faster and is more accurate. Also, the premium ammo has the same alpha but much more pen. I only carry five of them for Tier X heavies or Russian tanks in general. I have had some really good games without ever firing any gold rounds. My play style just works better with the more accurate higher DPM gun. I’m not sure how I am going to run the 4005. I usually care a few gold rounds but gold spammers irk me and I refuse to be one.

  19. good games man! I find that you’re a little bit to passive i the first game. maybe its just me, but i feel you could’ve attacked the Type 61 and At-15 more aggressively since you had 1200 hp. Either way, just trying to point out some stuff I noticed and I hope its constructive for you. Thanks for quality content. gg.

    • Do you mean my flexing to the southeast to line up a different field of fire? I’m being intentionally cautious. If I try to cross the area between the middle ridge and far ridge immediately and get spotted, I’m going to eat shells and arty on the way in.

      No need to rush in that situation.

    • @Taugrim I understand you’re method of approach, I’m talking about engaging the Type 61 and AT-15 at the very end when you were below them, I feel like more aggression there would’ve secured you more damage in the endgame. Nonetheless, you played it smart and secured the victory rather than extra damage. GG

  20. lol the bat chat 25T on the enemy team in the second game is my friend in real life xD

  21. so far, the high tier (8-10 and premium) Italian Medium line is by far my favorite in the game. Great speed, good gun depression, good damage output and most importantly that reloading system! Its been hard going back to other mediums like my Skoda or STB-1, or the Swedish mediums.

    • Yes, I’m glad I listened to my subscribers and grinded the Italian medium line. Super fun.

      The Skoda T50 has much more compact burst (960 in 3.6s), but an autoreloader is more flexible.

    • @Taugrim are there any other tanks that use an auto reloader like the Italian line? I think one of teh Soviet tanks has one right?

  22. Only thing that irks me about this tank is the 3 second intra-clip reload. I enjoy the tier 10 spagetto tank more.

    • Yea the Prog 65 has super bouncy hull armor too. I’m saving up credits to buy it.

    • @Taugrim 50mm at near autobounce head on, assured autobounce from side hits to front.

      And then you get hit by t30 or 704 and Remember…155mm>50*3

  23. I’m normally not a great medium player. I have blue stats overall. But I’m at 60% WR in both the tier 9 and tier 10 Italians. The first auto loader line I’ve played. DeadmeatTSM

  24. shigeolincolntaco

    You have a better chance of convincing a rock it’s not a rock then telling a light tank driver not to go city. If there is a perfectly open field they will drive straight for the city. Seen it to many times I just lol at them as they die.

    • It’s ignorance honestly. Many light tank drivers don’t understand vision mechanics and spotting locations to meaningfully leverage those things to their team’s benefit.

  25. I enjoy all of your videos, and have learned quite a bit from them. You’re one of the few who make these kinds of videos who isn’t obnoxious. You’re like a professor, just walking the viewer through your battles.

  26. Two first class battles here. I’ve had some awesome games in this tank and have only gotten as high as first class.

  27. would be helpful if you ran xvm, so we could see what types of players or doing what during the battle…

  28. Are you sure about engines in the game Taugrim? I remember the stock engine on the Hetzer for example being horribly slow, bordering on almost unplayable, but the final engine giving a much higher speed regardless of acceleration.

  29. nice game play and a fun looking tank

  30. To be fair more than Taugrim’s skillful play i would like to adopt his calm and collected demeanor and his attention to team mates. I mean, there will always be arseholes in your team. But he chooses to compliment good behaviour rather than add to the toxic one.

  31. A taugrim video is an auto like.
    Will there be some surprise for episode #100 ?

  32. Learning how to play this game and not using gold ammo at the same time is the best way to learn, actually.
    As usual: watched, liked and hope to take your tips into action.
    Thank you!

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