Starting Again in World of Tanks… FOR FREE

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Source: QuickyBaby

I haven’t played World of Tanks for free for a very long time, here’s why I’m doing it again!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. It would have been nice if when doing this you could have also tried the console version.

  2. Reroller !

  3. I decided to start a troll account on NA just for the lolz (EU player, currently).
    And my god, the grind sucks ass. 2 tier 4s, forced to play tier 3s because I constantly lose money in them, because the MM forces me to load gold (that and the recent-ish Pz II J sale on NA).
    I mostly quit on that account.

  4. You mean if it’s worth starting in 2019?

  5. Yes some of +/- highlights of this free to play on YT would be very nice!
    MouzAkrobat did this thing beginning of this year..came to T8 before he slowed down hardly/stopped cause of grind length

  6. This is a great idea, and I hope you keep at it.

  7. Olá QuickyBaby! I’m form Portugal I follow you since 2012, and I think that this is very important for your channel but more important to all the new players of wot world wide!
    Congrats! “Muitos parabéns! ” (congrats in Portuguese) and I hope that you continue the very good work!

  8. Hey quickie one word for ya RESPECT !!!!!!!

  9. Great idea quicky, as long as you have fun doing it, that is what games are for after all.

  10. It’s a good refrehing change…. A unique look at the game….. Also it will show what experience can do and how much it gets you

  11. 10:50 wtf, looks like intuition on loader?

  12. What about making a video on which National tank lines to go down for new players instead of trying to grind all nations and getting bogged down in griding xp to move up the tiers.

  13. Respect QB ?

  14. If wargaming wants to help new players and free players, STOP THE TIER BULLIES.

    Having >80% of tier 4 games as bottom tier, and >80% of tier 8 games as bottom tier. FIX THIS and we dont care about the low tier grinding.

  15. 3-5-7. This is what has killed WoT. Along with the salt, bots & cheating. Why play when its so rife?

  16. I think there is too much focus on grinding/paying to get to tier 10 as quick as possible. People get there and then lose interest as all the pros like quickybaby and clan players with their gold spam tear them apart 9 games out of 10 for often a single mistake. The best thing I think WOT could do would be to introduce more optional game types, random battles ranked to your rating so everyone has a chance and better a hardcore game mode with no premium ammo, premium consumables or equipment.

  17. Quickfingers and Peps revamping the channel with fresh xcelent new ideas just at xmas doorsteps in…u are both smart cookies ill give u that…awsome brainstorms!! Best wiches from freetoplay gamers in.Pt

  18. QB, 9:43, I actually think buying premium fire extinguisher is a must even for free to play player- that is as important as binoculars. The reason is, with regular one you burn a lot more, which amounts to additional cost to your repairs and significantly reduces your ability to inflict additional damage (which both in turn give you credits and xp). I suggest you consider recommending that to new players – if they purchase 50 of these on a discount they will spend 500000 credits and to a casual free to play player it will be enough for more than a year of playing.

  19. Fabian van den Bree

    Even if you are playing for free, you are a SMURF. You know how to play the game. Rookies don´t!

  20. Wants to feel like not being over the top.
    Decides to play Russians.
    My humour exactly. ^^

  21. We really need one day a week where no one can fire gold so armour is worth something again, and tactical retreats are a thing again.

  22. Great concept QB, if only Wargaming had the sense to try this for themselves!!!

  23. Good idea QB, and more of the same will be appreciated.

  24. Why your copying shixh? Why? 😀 I mean its great to have another youtuber do it, but I just wonder if you even know that shixh is doing this. Of course you both are unicums and will be just fine, but for new players or even some that are average it will be painfull.

  25. Thanks, Quicky. I’ve been playing for years — still maxed at 2x T8, mostly playing arty these days. I’m a confirmed casual player, and I appreciate this approach. Tier 10 is not for everybody. I used to never pay, but got into it a bot. Pretty restrained, although I do have a couple of favorite toys. But in general, I try to play my best with (and improving) the skills I have, without dipping into the wallet.

  26. Quicky This is a fantastic idea, I’ve been watching your channel a very long time now & never really had a good enough reason to comment. But to see that you are doing this has very impressed me. It will do a lot of good for the WOT community to see how you play & the decisions you make. It really will help people & I think that’s a great thing.

  27. good farming tank is also tiger 1 good gun with good pen and accuracy and the shells do 240 damage shoots every 5-6 seconds and they cost 250 credits , much better money maker than is1 or is2 that their shell cost 1100~1200 for 370dmg every 11~12 seconds

  28. Yep, my son and I will definitely feel “more connected” with this set of content. Always loved your stuff, but it showed when you got tired of things. Looks like a GREAT way to refresh! Thanks again.

  29. though i appreciate this step by “by far the most viewed / popular streamer in WOT” , its still a different ball game for “casual free to play / casual players who invest some” in this game.. the main problem nowadays is not that its difficult for newbies to grind .. the situation is so much better nowadays with all these boosters , times 3 and 5 weekends etc.. the main problem is the power creep and noob stomping premiums and non premiums out there i am a bit apprehensive as to how QB can reflect this situation as he is a very skilled player (other than being good not spamming full gold , which i think he already doesn’t need to).. 100 marks fr the effort though.. he doesn’t have to do all this , but he does… clap clap

  30. 93 dislikes from the makers of world of tanks

  31. you just banned me channel because ı sad ‘ad blocker’ in chat.okey i get it you can ban any reason anybody but you perma banned me. just sad 2 words ad blocker ı think this is not a racist, politics etc words. ı wrote all mods in chat nobody including pepidy 1 mod answer me and he sad i can’t rewind your ban because you banned by QB so what can ı do?

  32. Go for it. It will make a change ftom the common showing of top tier replays that many people show. Lessons for beginners (like me) will be useful to many players.

  33. QB you need to diversify your channel man, atleast do something like jingles by playing a new game on Saturdays. I personally would like to see you play the long dark or something else. Or even try wows

  34. Awesome work Quickybaby

  35. Wow qb is playing the way that I am playing for……. always in wot

  36. You are the best person quickybaby

  37. Soooo much more interesting than the 10 kill games. There’s enough of those tubers, really think you’ve nailed this and going to gain a lot more support doing this.

  38. It would be really nice to have one video where you talk about how to deal with negativity on stream/ on youtube. As you mentioned, everyone gets annoyed at some point and what’s the best way to deal with it?

  39. Someone who has played world of tanks a lot over the years, I’ve grown to hate the game and play it on a limited basis because of the massive influx of premium vehicles and gold firing people.

  40. You are trying to be Shishx nur you arent

  41. I don’t play PC, I play Wot Blitz. Grinding in that game is pretty easy. I got to tier 10 in about a year, without paying a penny.

  42. Hey QuickyBaby. I met you at the WG TwitchCon after party and tried to tell you in between my socially awkward stutterings that I started playing WoTs in March of 2011 but stopped when I began alpha testing WoWS. The meta of the game just got away from me over the past few years and a lot of my earlier mistakes have kind of dragged down my account, and since I never spent a dime on it, it took me a long, long time to grind out what I have. Anyways I told you that I was debating starting over from scratch to relearn the game and I think watching these videos might help take some of the edge off that horrible grind.

  43. This is awesome QB! I have never spend a cent on this game, and I do have (and play) quite a few tier 9’s. It aint easy, and I have to use every bonus WG gives during events and stuff.

  44. Wp quickie im a free to play player. I’ve playing for 4 yrs now, and not even a single penny i wont spent it on this game and now i dont have any T10 and any T8 prem its hard to play when you have to grind for credits. Cuz hight tier match are costly. So there still stuck to T8. i stop playing it and just watch your aswome contents.

  45. The thing I find unplayable about it is that to be any good no matter your skill level for the tank to perform it needs to be instantly 100% it takes forever on high tier vehicles to 100% your crew especially if you are F2P. Even tanks which I have loads of skills on those take forever to increase. The new OP tanks added in and 2018 has been the year I haven’t really been playing world of tanks. I’ve kept it up to date played the odd game but I just can’t go back to the play 10 matches each day and the godawful grind.

  46. played as a free player up to tier 8 on every nation, but that was like 3 years ago.Grind horrible, bots everywhere and the MM killed this game

  47. A whole year without premium? lol. I bought a premium account like 3 hours after I started this game.

  48. Very good idea!
    But it’s not the money that makes the difference, but the experience (yours as well as the one of the tank crew members) and the knowledge of maps, weakpoints etc.
    Let us know in your videos why you are doing what you do!

  49. Good work QB 😉

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