STATE OF THE ART French Weapon | P4T AA (War Thunder 1.75 Tanks)

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STATE OF THE ART French Weapon | P4T AA (War Thunder 1.75 Tanks)


  1. Do the CCKW 353 AA next.

  2. Soviets need an AA vehicle, mount 4 Maxim belt-fed machine guns on a flatbed and call it good enough. French equivalent is to put 4 magazine-fed machine guns on the back of a tiny tractor…wait wut?

  3. Phly i would like you see to play the striker pizza???

  4. Tractor dad: NOOOOO! SON! WHY DID YOU HAD TO GO! HE WASN’T EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO PLOUGH THE FIELD YET! so young, please just give my little tractor back.

    (The true tragedies of war)

  5. I’ve been playing German tanks and farming French kills. (=

  6. Tank games sure have come a long way from “Combat.”

  7. My ham sandwich just turned into a buquette

  8. never say tonk again. ever

  9. Love the sarcasm!!

  10. Arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  11. Haha the intro
    Look dad ????

  12. Phly I noticed something , why don’t you have an assigned button to manually use your machine gun on top of the tank to shoot down planes?

  13. It’s a tractor with guns ha!

  14. Gaijin: Let’s release more content.
    Community: Please improve the economy to compensate for the increased vehicle content.
    Gaijin: Let’s give every content creator free vehicles to get everyone to ignore the grind.
    Seriously Phly how the heck do you not see this at all?

  15. Can we have weaponized combine harvester!?

  16. French horn sounds like earrape

  17. bass,:D Cycka BLIN gobnik

    Finally the good shit ! Keep it that way 🙂

  18. What happened to Cross Out

  19. You’ve heard of the Milk Truck, and the Vodka Truck, now get ready for…..the Baguette Van

  20. it’s so cuuutee

  21. Phly you are a British tank commander the state has declared that the new American tank will be standard issue. Your men have doubts. Show them wether these doubts are justified or not. Take out the Sherman II and the Hurricane Mk IV. Attempt #1

  22. hey fphly … ya ever tried MechWarrior online?.. might be fun in your spare time …cheers from down undah!

  23. Raad Khan Mohammed Ali

    The intro was epic Phly

  24. i had a single machine gun bullet go through the heads of the driver and loader and kill me.

  25. it looks like a quad anti-aircraft of the iowa was put on the tractor

  26. That beginning was super sad it made me cry vodka

  27. This is the OS2U of ground forces.

  28. War Tractor!

  29. play the yak2 kabb

  30. Fly the newest British plane please

  31. phly please play the SAu 40 or how I am calling it the penis tank

  32. Ugh my computer is potato so it is so hard to play WT rn with all the lag

  33. lelflakpanzerisbetter

  34. Skip to 9:25 for Tigger laugh

  35. okay where my 4×14.5 AAA truck for the russian gaijin

  36. Merci pour la Marseillaise <3

  37. 9:19 felt bad for the pilot

  38. We need more SPAGHETTI !!!

  39. luke dies in the new star wars

  40. Lol intoro

  41. Your intros keep killing me :’D

  42. (I know it’s not russian) The driver: you see comrade, if you never see road you never get lost!!

  43. This chassy was next to useless

  44. Let’s farming

  45. PotéPlayGames. PPG

    The intro kill me

  46. the last battle you got there Phly was the first battle I got yesterday.

    took 13 minutes before I got the battle and I was like halfway towards the city and a panzer III shot me from the side…I didn’t play war thunder anymore yesterday lol

  47. 5:39 Hahaha made my day

  48. 5:33 Again!! You’re using up everyone’s luck sir.

  49. Baron Von Grijffenbourg

    ”We’ve done our doody” Indeed we have, sir. Good thing we’re wearing brown uniforms.

  50. Just more made up stats by War Thunder

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