STAY CALM AND HULL DOWN PT.1 | Challenger Mk.3 (War Thunder)

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STAY CALM HULL DOWN PT.1 | Challenger Mk.3 (War Thunder)


  1. SpaceX should launch Ottomatic turrets into orbit like that…

  2. One better way to hull down is with ATGM’s from Russian tanks and aiming barrel up over the hills and only having your secondary 14.5mm gun sticking up and switching to that ones scope to guide in the ATGM. Smart.

  3. Bring back your original intro song!!!! (Everybody Hey) or something like that. Attempt #1

  4. From anime? Tf nah that anime that is as far from anime is possible lol

  5. love that song and you phly. keep up the dank videos

  6. love the replays in the top right at the beginning top tier work phly keep it up

  7. The Challenger series of tanks may be slightly out classed by it’s allied piers in real life but in opinion it’s probably of the best looking MBT’s of the last 30ish years.

  8. You should revisit the m41

  9. Challenger mk.poo

  10. A new Challenger approaches !

  11. The Italians needed help from the British to start their space program it looks like


  13. Hey Phly, I was wondering if for someday you could revisit(pretty sure you did it in the past) the Leopard A1A1 (L/44). See how it does in the newer meta?

  14. Serious question for you, phly, as it is hard to see in the video: How did you spot the leo 2k @ 8:23? In the youtube rendering i cant really see his tank at all by the time you shoot, and it’s hard to tell if you could hear his engine or not.

    • instead of editing my comment i will just add that yes i can see the end of his barrel very faintly and briefly, but i don’t know if I’d see that in the heat of the moment

  15. British tanks are sexy

  16. I HATE Vietnam

  17. 50shadesofcerakote

    drive the 94km AA truck. the russian drift king


  18. Oh man this tank is GORGEOUS!!

  19. Do Leo 2A5

  20. When an ammo rack is the only thing phly could find for the start of the vid you know your in for a boring time.

  21. 2nd dev server.
    Leo2a5 absolute unit.
    The definition of broken.
    And I like it.

  22. Arturo Garcia Jr.

    What nation would u recommend for begginers ??

  23. Phly the godfather

  24. Tips and tricks vid

  25. When spot enemy how to make mark?

  26. You need to do a video addressing how utterly broken the Object 906 still is. It needs another BR increase for certain.

  27. Attempt #59 play the Churchill black prince. Play it thinking about the Challenger mk3

  28. Emil Scale Modelling

    1:49 *locust and R3 memes*

  29. “Artillery will be called”
    First time i have ever seen phly use Arty in a vid….

  30. It’s easy for you to like a tank when repair and ammunition cost don’t matter. A lot of players would enjoy these tanks if not for constantly being forced to keep the SL flow going.

  31. T-64/72/80 are defenetly a good second place or maybe first place, when it comes to a one shot kill at 10:00

  32. Hurricane Gaming

    Save the otomatic turret blow is slow mo for the best moments montage at the end of the year

  33. Make them an offer they can refuse

  34. Phly u have only 1 cromwell vid

  35. likes Britain instant like

  36. If you ever get a chance, watch phly’s video at half speed and it’s a treat!

  37. 14:43 show bobs and vagane

  38. Charles Cockburn

    Pls play hampden at this tier attempt 12

  39. phlyyyyy plz record in a higher bitrate

  40. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 18:20 ? turret is gone ?

  42. Kamikaze no Jihadist

    Watch the intro on 144p for authentic 70s gangsta experience

  43. same shit as the russiana bias

  44. I want to see PL-01 in the game

  45. I lowkey thought there was a new vehicle from the thumbnail. The barrel looks like a wheel and the rest is the AC’s body

  46. That intro tho killed me already NOICE!!!!

  47. Khenghaw Leekhwang Kang

    Why they don’t add t 14 armada?

  48. Dude I love your vids, but watching you taking out guys coming from respawn for 20min is lame at best! 😉

  49. british op

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