^^| STB-1 AGRESSION. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Lord and saviour, oh bearded greatness, Memed be thy game, Pls tech me how
    to get gud

  2. nice replay. STB-1 looks fun.

  3. Love the videos keep it up

  4. Holy shit! Anyone notice the AMX-30’s name!! haha, awesome!

  5. Circon i installed ur mod but it does not have the purple markers help

  6. such skill many damage circon needs a nerf

  7. what’s arty’s theme song?
    Click Click BOOM


  9. What reticle is this?


  11. Who said that STB1 gun is inaccurate? Circon some times don’t even fully
    aim and all shots connect the target this gun seams to be very accurate to
    Very good game keep it up.

  12. Team.exe has stopped working

  13. Really entertaining game to watch D:

  14. damn that was quick ,full throttle all the way ,love it lol

  15. I enjoy how you started uploading a lot more videos. Keep it up Circon!

  16. nice beard

  17. Stb-1: dpm monster.

  18. awesome bully ! GG

  19. 3:54 What the hell, that shot came from space!

  20. Circon stronk. Much Worth. Wow.

  21. *Jap Memes Intensifies*

  22. platooning with Circon: great for winrate but say farewell to your credits
    and xp…

  23. Wow Circon, if I tried to do this, my team would just sit in the back and
    watch me die, nice push at start.

  24. Gotta love the tomato YOLO’s at the end there. Suicide batchat throws his
    life away for 3 shots, da da

  25. Circon, the potatoes farmer kappa

  26. Nice memes

  27. I absolutely love my STB-1, despite the potato gun handling I think it’s
    one of the most fun T10 tanks to play. Still haven’t managed an Ace myself
    though so it’s good to take some inspiration from this video :)

  28. not even 5 minutes, circon op

  29. wow, I am on time

  30. First??

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