STB-1 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Hopefully you reported that T34 for “unsportsmanship conduct” otherwise
    people like that will keep plaguing this game.

    I’m currently at the Type61 and since the accuracy nerf the gun on that is
    quite horrible in terms of snapshot accuracy, basically if you aren’t fully
    aimed it will miss all the time. This seems to be a Japanese this now, nice
    pen but troll RNJesus gun performance.

    Nice to see the STB-1 is still improving that at the moment over the
    Type61, hope it stays that way.

  2. I’ve taken to saying “Which is nice” in SirFoch accent when appropriate.

    Didn’t even realise I was doing it the first couple of times until a
    workmate queried it… xD

  3. This reminds me, I have to change the name of my MT-25 driver to Takumi
    Fujiwara because that fucking thing can’t turn at speed for shit. All it
    does is drift all over the fucking place. WG kinda fucked that tank over
    making it seem as if it were trying to drive on a sheet of ice everywhere.

  4. “let the tier 8s take one for the team” hahahahah had me rolling there

  5. GJ foch. He is speaking like Jimmy Fallon.

  6. whats ur obsession with ham? :D

  7. How can you go HAM when you run from the enemy like a little baby? That is
    going HAM?, NOT!!!!!!!!!! He might have had a good game, sure, but he did
    NOT go “HAM.” Going HAM means you play like a bad ass, not run like a

  8. More breakfast meats. Fochlittlebaby goes HAM again. It is funny, every
    good game he has he goes, HAM. He is just one bad mother fucker, NOT!!!!!,
    ROFL. It is funny how geeks who are good at an online computer game think
    they are bad asses, NOT!!!!, ROFL.

    • +Mark West Dick

    • +Mark West Wow you are really too stupid to understand that’s just the name
      of the series? That’s kind of impressive. Or would you respect him deeply
      if he came up with some kind of creative, original title every time he
      released the video?

  9. Great job as always Foch. Nice one. :)

  10. kolotoumpa simera

    respect sir foch

  11. Ragnar Halvorsen

    Best part about recognizing the hopelessness of situation and fucking off
    from said place are the butthurt remarks that flood the chat afterwards. :)

    • AlmostLikeHuman

      +Ragnar Halvorsen It’s always funny to hear how you are a noob coward after
      you leave an ally alone in to a hopeless flank where he went too far. You
      made a mistake buddy, I won’t die for it 😀

  12. laughing harshly whenever he says caravan for caernarvon

  13. sir foch – king opf snapshot :D

    • that shot at the t-54 at 3:26, the 2 shots at the caernavon behind a wreck
      at 4:02 and 4:39, the 2 shots at the t32 at 4:46, the 2 shots at the t-62a
      at 4:52, 5:09 and the one at the E75 at 6:20 were completely unaimed, and
      all hit and penetrated.
      i consider myself an average player. but i really absolutely do not know
      how you can shoot so accurate with those big aimcircles

    • +Chris P lol… almost all these shots were reasonable (well, with the
      exception of the second shot into T62A), it is tier 10 medium with probably
      3-4 skill crew and BIA. This was completely normal what you should expect
      from this tank. What Foch is doing is trying to conserve his health,
      limiting his exposure…

  14. The t34 driver is a cunt.

  15. I like the STB-1 it shreds through tanks surprisingly fast even compared to
    the Russian mediums. Though I think its turret is really overrated, sure
    the top portion is great but most people shoot the lower half where it’s
    really weak. I rarely bounce anything with my turret.

    Great game foch, the highest DMG I’ve gotten in the STB-1 is just over 8k.

  16. I’m surprised he didn’t get abuse when he pulled back. My team always call
    me a cowardly statpadding pussy whem I pull back from unwinnable situations

    • +Chemtech2010 they probably didn’t even notice

    • +slacko1971 Rest of the team’s thought process was probably as follows…

      “ho hum-dee-dum, oh! there’s a hill. …I wonder what’s up there?
      laaa-lalala laaaaa oh, OH! another tank! Can I shoot that one? …it’s
      green, green means go right? …Take tha..oh, missed. Oh well.. hum boodoo
      doo daaaa! tum-tum tiddley-tum, du OH, another tank! oh dear, it’s red, I
      think red means stop. Right, all stop then it is! I’m good at this!
      da-da-dadaaa dum-de-daaaaaaah oh! lookit, my screen flashed red, and
      there’s fire and black smoke everywhere! This is exciting! …oh wait, my
      game is bugged, my tank won’t move or fire. Oh dear, silly developers, I
      better go tell them their game is broken. Off to the forums Hi-Hooo!”

      …or roughly thereof.

  17. good job as always :)

  18. MegaChickenPunch

    Damn this game is fucking ugly. So glad i stopped playing it.

  19. it´s so funny i did 8,4k with my STB-1 but earn less xp and only get a
    first class out of that…and i shot more higher tier tanks

    • +killsstamm If you spot for yourself you get more xp for every shot. Thats
      why most of the unicums put c.optics even in their heavy tanks.

  20. alius indentitas

    It’s always helps to hear the thought process behind the actions of a
    talented player.

  21. please, tell me how to get ISU-130 ?! They say that the ISU-130 is special
    event vehicle. Is that reward for CW or what?

  22. Sure he’s gonna fock them

  23. Nice job i rly like your game style

  24. Well raped foche

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