STB-1 goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. hey foch, I really like the daily videos. Keep em coming!

  2. I love how you aim for the E50’s weak spot to TK him lol

  3. I wish I could shot teammates on 360/One

  4. ​Meet The Assholes (e50 conqueror ) ruining online multiplayer gaming

  5. Foch, you are my hero for not pussyfooting around douchebag teamates like
    other youtuber celebs do….

  6. Foch’s comments during the game were no where as “tame” as they were here.
    Come for the salt, stay for the entertainment.

  7. I hate morons like that, how hard can it be to let go of W for 5 seconds?
    The amount of times that team mates blocked or made my tank spin, putting
    me in a bad spot and just don’t give a rats ass about it is just insane.
    The fact that they keep moving forward only proves that they have no idea
    what’s going on around them or that they’re just fucking douchebags.

    Anyways, great game Foch, wp

  8. LoL the E50 one of those who have water on the brain! Otherwise good game

  9. Jan Arvin Fetizanan

    can you have a game with quickybaby? That would be amazing. haha

  10. Love your sarcasm approach to reality. Fun to watch :D

  11. I don’t blame you shooting the E 50, the asshat deserves it.

  12. Nice one Focherino 🙂 I reckon WG should give you free TK reserves like the
    100% ones you get for XP, so you can dispose of dickheads like him, with no
    penalty :D

  13. STB1 actually has more DPM than the Russian meds apart from the 430. So not
    only do they have to peak more often but they still do less damage. STB1 is
    god tier at that kind of range, especially when in a position the Russians
    don’t have gun depression.

  14. gj for kill e50

  15. great video again. i have started doing youtube thanks to deserve
    more subs than you have

  16. E 50 driver. BrokeBack

  17. Foch dont write “Hi” to his fans 🙁 cri everitim

  18. Wow that e 50 was a jerk, but great game tho! :)

  19. People like the E50 should stop breeding and shot… just to be safe and
    they don’t multiply!

  20. Wp gg

  21. Mighty Mighty (superbsen)

    Sadly WG never banned any Morons in the game who tried to fuck up other
    players. Most of the time players who tried to save the day got banned.

  22. Tober “Toblerone” Tobias

    Wow fuck that E50. What a cock.

  23. That E50 deserved that shot in the face!


  25. I love this tank

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