STB-1 goes ham on Fjords

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System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. we need a new intro!


  3. that map is horrible

  4. Ugh Fjords…yes wtf were they thinking. I have never survived this map. Every game has been death.

  5. The hitboxes of some rocks is super annoying, seeing someone but not being able to hit them because the corner of the rock hitbox is in the way

    • I Made You Read This

      no point complaining wargaming will never do anything about it

    • Feesh Garrysmod haven’t tested, bit this might have something to do with tesselation.

    • That’s why playing with full graphics sucks, with low textures you can the how they really designed the rocks, without the extra layers. But i know, that doesn’t change the fact that the hitbox of some rocks are bullshit.

  6. Nice to finally see you uploading something bro.

  7. Ever since realse of the new 1.0 there are some maps like this one where you literally have 1 spot that controls half the map with ease and you guessed it right on those spots usually camp those fucking swd td’s

  8. I have love/hate relationship with STB. It’s like a woman, when it’s in a good mood then you have a fantastic machine where all shots land perfectly. You can snipe and pen weakspots, and even bounce a shell or two with your turret.

    But when it has period…. BLOODY HELL – you miss, bounce on anything, shells fly into the ground, penetrations all over your turret, you get trolled nonstop. I had some of my best games on this tank, and some of my worst ones.

    Its really random, and power creeped.

  9. Chanin Chuthavanitchkul

    WG headquarter

    Ivan : Privet Viktor, how is it going?
    Viktor : my soviet tanks are getting bad win rate because of those hilly maps, those American tanks can peek me without a chance for me to shoot back. That is not balanced!
    Ivan : say no more, komrades

    Thus 1.0 was born.

    • Let’s see…
      Area around A1 of El Haluf, those ridges. Previously nearly impossible with -6, still nearly impossible. Hilltop approach on Mines; still exposing lower plate if you try it. Serene Coast, west, still no. Live Oaks, near railway bridge, still no… I haven’t seen Defender going hull down there. Not saying impossible, but I haven’t seen it. Maybe cos I usually don’t go there. Besides, Defender is OP AF! Secondly, flattening… Isn’t it then also easier for TDs and especially artillery to dig them out? Maybe there are a few more positions for hull down, but not on key points.
      Erlenberg is really flattened, hills are smaller and pretty useless for sniping across the map because of buildings. And there is a lot of empty space to cross, so mostly both teams camp at their corners of the map, which is awful. Fjords, similar story.

    • NKVD Comrade Orion

      Da Cyka Da

    • So…it was born because Ivan and Viktor had…sex?
      tell me more, komrade

    • Leave Ivan alone! 😛

    • Chanin Chuthavanitchkul

      Artyom: blyat! This is Russha, miss me with that gay shit.

  10. Hey Foch, I’d love to see your opinion on Glacier, and Steppes as well! Cheers

  11. Sir Foch, You are the best.
    No bullshit, no shitty intros, no politically correct crap, no fluff, and you tell it like it is. I appreciate you.
    Please publish more videos here. I am poor and can’t afford to sub to your twitch channel to support you.
    however, I disable adblock when I watch your videos here.

  12. That scorpion g when full retarded

  13. The sexiest tanku

  14. Maps are too small for such large open areas

  15. Foch spamming video’s now… damn

  16. “Full lol” love it??

  17. This tank actually works with its pneumatic suspension and APFSDS in the men game called war thunder. World of Tanks is a shame. Press 2 to negate armor p2w game

  18. Do we really need balanced maps? Nah just throw in another T8 premium tank that will matched up only against T10, because money. GG Wg

  19. Alexandru Ciubotariu

    A message for WG. If you sir can send it it would be nice, i think they might look at it if it s from some well known and respected player.

    A) why did the maps so flat? I dont wanna say “russian byas” but i can stay hull down on a lot of hills with my obj 140 and shoot the poor guys down without even showing my hull. Why would you do that WG?
    B) balance the maps ffs, mines is still a shit show but with even more spots to shoot down from the middle, ensk is still around on high tiers(i still dont know why, and it s flat as fuck to piss you even more in your lights), this map, all the idiots in random jump the middle and everyone shoots them from the undefended and unchecked A8, Glacier is Prokorovka with ships and ice(that has 0 ice features) and the list goes on.
    C) stop adding OP russian tanks. For the love of God they need to buff/add the arty and they’ve done it, “wanna win, play russia”.
    D) hire someone who at least has a clue in balancing mechanics.

    And the list could go on for the ages.

    Mr. Foch i m a big fan of your work and i learned more from you than from others. I respect you for not kissing WG ass with every new patch or tank they add like i see on a bunch of other youtubers.
    Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

  20. Its been already a month since your last video?

  21. WP…. was entertaining to watch.. Good to know i am not the only one that thinks this map it totally fucked up now..

  22. I really like this tank but haven’t touched it in long time, the aim time and the accuracy made me want to kill myself. such a shame for a beauty to be power creeped

  23. Fjords was the first map that made me ask out loud wtf they were thinking in gifting the east spawn that free crossfire like that. It’s probably the most unbalanced map right now..

  24. I uninstalled couple months ago, looks like it still isnt worth comming back….

  25. Yeah, the North remembers.

  26. What the hell you’ve already uploaded a video this year. We’re getting a bonus?


  28. Almost impossible to win from the left spawn if the right side sends 3-4 tanks to the north. Map is broken!

  29. Wow crazy a replay that’s not ABSOLUTELY DROWNING in pay to win!?! No food very little premium ammo!!?? This is refreshing to see. I’m sick of seeing all these clowns uploading shit replays of their pay of win game with OP tanks loaded with food and spamming premium ammo.

    I don’t play this game myself anymore due to the shit MM and horrible balance. But I still enjoy watching videos. Keep it going foch

    • +A Cord
      Food and premium ammo are free for everybody to use in the game. Do you cry in CS:GO when somebody saves a round and then buys AWP to oneshot everybody? That it’s P2W because you cheaped out and bought an AK?

      You just downplay skill by saying that they have an advantage because they know what ammo to shoot. With your logic upgraded tanks are also P2W since new tanks are stock when you get them. And you have actually spend credits to buy better guns etc.

    • to be honest that is not a fair comparison, the AWP has advantages over the AK just as the AK has advantages over the AWP while premium ammo has absolutely no disadvantages over regular ammo. besides HEAT getting absorbed by spaced armour but then again it also has a lot more going for it than against it

    • +aBananaBread
      Well yeah, those are 2 different games so it’s hard to compare. APCR has less normalization and HEAT suffers from spaced armor. Like AWP isn’t a good in close quarters or in a 2v1 situation.

      The point was. What do you do when you see either one? When somebody shoots premium at you are you going to sit still and wait him to kill you, or do you move away, try to flank or snipe him so he can’t shoot you?
      Same goes in CS:GO. In dust 2 are you going to peek long when there’s AWP in site? No, you switch site or smoke and so on.

      People who think WoT is about armor don’t understand how WoT works.

    • I know that map awareness is one of the key parts in becoming a good player, I also understand that that is a viable option in medium tanks and lights or even faster heavies but there is also the slower heavies that just can’t do things like relocating. they usually are very dependable of the situation they are in and it gets even more frustrating when someone starts shooting gold ammo at you. i get that each ammo type has advantages and disadvantages however in my opinion they should make these different ammo types more on par with eachother and make gold ammo cheaper. just so that people will have to think more about the ammo type they use instead of spending way more credits for ammo that is clearly better in (almost) every single way

    • aBananaBread
      Yeah I agree. But heavy tanks have the most HP and usually big guns. So if a T62A spams heat at your MAUS he’s going to need 10 shots, while you need ~5 shots. If you let him shoot you while you reload, then you are doing something wrong, or have no support and are in a wrong place.

  30. Definitely the new “makes my heart sink” map, especially when starting in the east. Btw, I there might be some excellent people working in the “balance team” at WG, but being overridden by the “profit team”.

  31. I really like this map. I so well on it

  32. Before 1.0, I absolutely hated 3 maps: Mines (wtf are they doing for higher than tier 5), Paris and Tundra. Now, to the list I added Derpenberg and Fjords. OK, they look prettier, but are worse to play.
    WG did the impossible; made bad maps, you would think can’t get any worse, and they did make them worse!

    • Ivan Stepanovic erlenberg is good now i have always went to middle and now its a lot better place

    • Nope, not good. I also go middle now, but only in a heavy. If light or TD, i will not go middle. Medium, depends. But those huge open fields… Awful

  33. Has your opinion on Erlenberg changed Foch? I had some campy games again, but usually who controls the middle can break the stalemate, but the norther team still goes on their side and so does the southern team, there is just no cover on the castle side anymore and it feels like an autowin for the southern team… Not much difference here since 1.0 I should say.

  34. Wow, I have been saying the exact same thing about Fjords map – about it being ruined. Everyone looks at me as if I’m mad, now I feel somewhat vindicated. In the North at the beginning it is not so so critical I learned. That’s because the enemies act exactly like most enemy players do -> dog chasing a rabbit. If you spawn North and the enemy takes the North high ground, often they will poke and see your team in numbers down below and they keep anxiously peaking over and over, getting shot each time until they are all dead and then you can easily go up and kill the one shot tank that remains up there.

  35. Champion of the Chapter of Grey Knights

    I dont even plat WoT anymore, I just enjoy your commentary. Keep it up Foch!

  36. Foch!!! Where’s the intro!!!!!! I wanna see those scumbags burn hahs

  37. I mostly play lights and im having some great games on this map, plenty of bushes to use and some good flanking opportunities late game.

  38. Fjords is a joke now, and I don’t think the new Glacier is much better. Nothing but openess in the center.

  39. Good video SirFoch, always a pleasure to see you go ham, and it also highlights the difference between NA and EU metas. On NA, that Northern rock is important, but not as important as the central hill and road. Quite possibly it is the fact that if Eastern spawn can get a scout to D6, he will light up the push from the south like a Christmas tree. Also, any tanks that try to push through that wide open field from the north get absolutely crapped on by bush campers at the edge.

  40. That’s the biggest thing with this game. It’s all about the gun handling.

    Don’t have 100% crew? Just forget about it everyone with 100% crews will shit all over you more often while you miss every shot because your loader is to busy loading crayons in the breach and your gunner has glasses like bubbles on trailer park boys.

    Crew skills make such an advantage in this game that it’s not even worth playing for me anymore. The whole crew system fucks this game. WoWs is so much better with the captains. The captain doesn’t make you have to play in potato mode vs advantage mode.

    Yes, I’ve seen the video’s where players play with shit crews. But if you have a good RNG game, of course you’re going to look pro. When I played more and my shots went where I aimed them, of course the game was easy. Then the next game my fully aimed shot at 50 feet went to orbit.

  41. While the new version ins’t my fav the old Fjords was a steaming pile of horse shit that needed to be thrown in a fire.

  42. Dreadnought's Nightmare

    Today i tried to same but with obj 260 and not having gun dep totally screwed me. Wasnt that important cuz i got farmed by another 260 and 140 sitting hulldown in the middle hill and on top of that i got finished by 268v4. Ended with 0 dmg done and alt+f4-ed: “Sure fuck you too WG”

    • Dreadnought’s Nightmare atleast you have a 260 lol, I have to face obj 268 V4’s in my emil 2 with the grand total of 1280 clip potential, 217 pen, 3sec aimtime and 0.36 dispersion…. Trust me, its truly an amazingly fun experience….not.
      And yes the emil 2 has turret armour but when that 268 v4 can not possibly get penned by me and rushes into my face with 60kph the whole turret armour doesn’t actually help

    • Dreadnought’s Nightmare oh also nearly forgot its amazing 18 kph speed and meh mobility in general

    • Dreadnought's Nightmare

      combatmikearms i know the feel mate. Not exactly with emil 2 but stock T54E1 and with that 90 mm trying to counter the 268v4…. yeah

  43. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    I still say Cliff is the new king of broken maps, but yea, Fjords and Mines follow closely.

  44. Really nice battle. Lucky start vs skorpion g and obj 430 ii

  45. send me some gold 😛

  46. great video. good to see you back

  47. WG : Our balance team made a few changes
    Me : Lol, that was the funniest joke I ever heard
    WG : What’s so funny about that?
    Me : That you guys are saying as if you actually have a balance team

  48. Fjords an Erlenberg are totally disgusting maps … and they were designed with people who had 7 years of experience in designing maps ??? WTF ????

  49. When starting in the west, I try to encourage my team to go north. For now, nobody listens 🙁 Maybe with time, they will learn that the other positions are crap.

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