STB-1 Goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Merlin Hajzbangráš


  2. Dat T-95 lel.

  3. STB-1 goes ham. E-75 carries.

    I love how people think doing “most damage” means you carried.

  4. dat T95 lol

  5. Dat E-75 not lucky at all only skill :)

  6. What mods you use Foch?

  7. 16 vs 14… 

  8. T95 yellow, seems good, but he was the one who fucked up.
    E 75 orange, seems bad, but he was the hero of the game

  9. Safeshot use that shit

  10. Only thing I’ll say about the video aside from great job, is wouldn’t the
    better move when you rushed down the hill have been to go behind the T95
    instead of trying to outplay the E 100? Both were reloading and you could
    have used the 95 as cover against the E 100, even taking a hit from the E
    100 once he reloaded as he had the health, instead of putting yourself in
    front of both guns at once. Kind of nitpicking and sorry for that, but am
    just curious on why you did what you did. Not trying to take anything away
    from you as it was an amazing game that was definitely worth the watch.

  11. $1.99 Happy Meal With Fries

    T95 is a credit to his team.

  12. Jean-Pierre Cloup

    For those who were wondering how the e75 could have flanked without derping
    : just go to the left of the railroad, shoot from below the train. the
    house gives you cover from the fucking campers and the clickers as well,
    and you can shoot the guys who are at A1 in the sides from a more or less
    hull down position.

    What the e75 did was retarded and he should have died for that. But if its
    stupid but it works, then its not stupid ^^

  13. as a fellow stb driver, i cringed at that shooting

  14. Zero fucks given by that E75, man mode all the way. Mad respect. Also,
    glorious ending…

  15. That T95, how is it possible to fuck up that badly?

  16. Effing LOL XD

  17. The music from the livestream on that last engagement was fantastic.

  18. wow man, I was just totally seeing that coming in the end 😀 was laughing
    my ass off of this replay. E 75 is the best orange player ever I guess.
    Great vid.

  19. Lol. Gj T95

  20. You have quite a way of saying things, good job Foch.

  21. Alowishus Davander

    LOL awesome!

  22. you nasty troll

  23. XD even though i stopped playing WoT i still watch your videos cause i love
    ur voice and quality gameplays, reviews

  24. well with some dirty HEAT shells you dont need to peak for the lower plate
    and just lol through turret. Sometimes you are just to greedy on your eco

  25. I don’t know how the t95 managed to TK FV

  26. The E75’s name “Jacob Creutzfeldt” is actually the name of the desease
    known as Alzheimers. Weird sense of humour maybe, but a good game serving
    Le Foch all the way.

  27. Is it just me or is this video not really in 1080p?

  28. You should do a “Teachable Moments” video series and tell us the best
    possible way for the E75 to have played the early game flank.

  29. STB-1 shouldnt go ham

  30. That E75 perfectly demonstrates why I barely pay attention to player stats
    any more. He’s an orange (below average) player yet he knows when he needs
    to break open a flank, he knows to return to his own base once that flank
    is won and the other flank is lost, and he comes to support when he sees
    his teammate charge in. Meanwhile statistically much better players can be
    seen camping hard and dying with little to no damage done every game.

  31. Christian Hostetler

    What a hero E75, a tomato with a heart of purple

  32. I know youre not a fan of spamming premium ammo but using your HEAT against
    the E-100 front side of the turret would have been a good idea i guess.

  33. Press Auto-sync on the monitor because your screen wasn’t fitting in, like
    down left i couldn’t see your F of Foch and i couldn’t see who killed

  34. Fail T95

  35. Yea. Not lucky at all there..

  36. The last Medal is Spartan for bouncing the Fv4202 before he got teamkilled 

  37. this thing is fucking trash to play, the turret armor doesn’t outweight the
    terrible gun acc and pen

  38. Shit tank i loaded HE on my E100 15cm gun and shooted at the roof top of
    stb-1 damage is almost 1,233 insane rng tho 

  39. Was even nice on live stream:)

  40. How can you still be playing this tank? This is probably the most
    unreliable and frustrating tank to play at tier 10. The gun is just too
    unreliable as you said after the acc nerf.

  41. I have swag


  43. 0 Views?
    Seems legit 

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