^^| STB-1 Marks. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Dave “Boss” Hogg

    Newly subscribed to your channel, I have been following Jingles & QB for
    almost a year.

  2. What’s the song at the end part?

  3. Which tank do you think is better to play – STB 1 or Cent AX X?

  4. SirCon subscribers are hardcore 635 likes and 0 dislikes….I’m impressed

  5. Hey Circon, just wondering if you could do a video on the new 9.17.1
    supertest info and your ideas on them. Thanks heaps

  6. Does anyone else despise the resub notifications? Fair enough getting a
    welcome if you’re a new sub but I’d rather watch some quality,
    uninterrupted game play (as that’s what I’m here to see) than get a thank
    you every month. Keep up the good work Circon :)

  7. Hey CIrcon, I sent you a replay by clicking “about” then doing the “send
    message” thing. Not sure that’s how you want replays sent to you, but i
    didn’t know where else to send it to. Thanks!

  8. What’s the name of the first song please?

  9. 6 minute match, 15-1. fun fair and balanced

  10. Circon can u make ur version of jimvo crosshair

  11. Not my proudest fap..

  12. That Subscription Notification shall never get old. I’ve thought about
    grinding the Japanese Medium branch, but I just can’t deal with squishy
    tanks. I.E. basically every other tank in that branch.

  13. Renault G1R T5 Derp . if not already 3marked. please Sir.

  14. All these heavies there, and theres no freaking arty??? WTF

  15. that ending is like a god damn massacre

  16. now 3 mark the t57 Heavy u wont

  17. The black keys right?

  18. Gun marks on this tank, as well as the Type61, are quite tricky because it
    seems only relatively good players play this line so the requirements are
    quite high.
    The line is pretty unforgiving in general, especially from T8 upwards but
    if you are good enough to make them work they are among the best tanks of
    their tier 🙂
    I guess that is why you don’t see them very often on the battlefield.

    Congrats on getting them!

  19. Arvin Dave Velasco

    i really need to grind this tank… grats Circ on your 3 mark!!!

  20. Nothing satisfy more in WoT than 3 marking a tank.

  21. Circon, do you listen to The Bong Druid of Mammoth Weed Mountain, Stoned
    Meadow of Doom, or Mr Stonebeliever? They’re all Youtube channels that
    upload great stoner, rock and grunge. I’d seriously recommend them. I’m
    only saying this because I see you like All Them Witches. Another great
    album I’m into at the moment similar to ATW is Earth – Primitive and

  22. What was the most difficult third mark in your opinion?

  23. holy shit, that was almost a 15 0 tier 10 game!

  24. There is always one that ruins it.

  25. could you leave the song list please?

  26. And that’s why you don’t lemming haha! great game as always.

  27. congrats sircon

  28. Been on the grind for my third in this tank for a bit, 4k damage drops in
    standing and I’ve been stuck around 93%

  29. The tier 5 Swedish TD next (Ikv 103), with the HEAT gun.

  30. How come your not useing bushes good this game

  31. please link the server reticle mod being used

  32. Music on the background?

  33. 3 mark the t28 Htc cmon man

  34. Nice St. Andrews Flag, always brings good luck

  35. This motivates me to want to grind for this tank BUT the Chi Ri….. Oh
    baby the Chi Ri I don’t know if I can handle the rage that machine must
    induce. Thanks for the replay.

  36. Wat song was playing in the background circon

  37. back in my day……

  38. Guillaume Lemaigre


  39. 47th

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