STB-1 Review/Guide, My Favorite Tier 10 Medium

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Source: Taugrim

I the STB-1, a Japanese medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Overlord Prokhorovka battles.

The STB-1 combines crushing DPM with strong hull-down capability. While the tank has fragile hull armor limited top speed, it’s ability to dish out damage is rarely matched.

Strengths Weaknesses
+ Amazing max gun depression (-8 to -14 via hydropneumatic suspension)
+ Superb DPM
+ Excellent turret protection
+ Excellent gun handling
+ Good agility
+ Good HP (2000)
– Very weak hull armor, vulnerable to HE
– Limited top speed (50)
– Cupola is very soft
– Mediocre camo (28 with Concealment BIA)
– Low alpha (360)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide FAQs:

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  1. Special thanks to Arvid Johansson, who recommended after my last video with the background noise that I try out Nvidia RTX Voice, which is free software that removes background noise. I tested it out and it works well.

    I hope the audio quality for this episode was good – let me know.

  2. Mr T. Amazing vid thanks

  3. Hey man what do you do for a living i am getting accountant vibes

    • I’ve been working in online/digital for a long time. Currently doing product management, but I’ve done most of the roles in SDLC.

    • @Taugrim Yes actually that makes more sense with your usage of words perpendicular and vector

    • My dad really emphasized maps and direction, and so I try to be precise with wording around directions and such.

  4. FochB next for a challenge

  5. Have you done/would you consider doing the Chinese 121?

    • So I’ve grinded the 430U and STB-1 lines. The Chinese 121 line has simply horrific gun depression, and that’s something I’d find very frustrating. I did enjoy the Chinese light line, especially the tiers 8 and 10.

  6. why don’t you like the Udes 15/16 more? for one degree of gun depression, you get better camo and higher alpha

    • I think both tanks are very good at things I value. They’re both excellent with gun depression and have strong turrets. The UDES 15/16 has far better camo and the STB-1 has better DPM.

  7. love playing the STB-1 and Progetto 46 out of all the mediums. too bad T10 loses so much credits 🙁 i only use it rarely (usually missions) as a result. that was a tough grind too, so many crap tanks in the Japanese Med line.

  8. Laughs in udes 15/16 camo

  9. 15:48
    Imagine … seeing a full health Obj. 268 v4, still one of the most effective assault TDs at Tier X, running away from the 1/2 line with a 7-4 lead to go snipe on the mid train tracks and get what I assume is one shot of damage the entire game, instead of helping push southwards.

  10. I would get this tank just for how awesome it looks

  11. Taugrim do you do any calling? I have been calling 6s-10s for the last 6 years but I would love to hear your philosophy for calling especially for one with a team that doesn’t necessarily have the highest personal skill average.

  12. Very informative and entertaining video, as usual. Your series of videos has vastly improved my game play. As someone who hates arty, when you lit that GW Tiger on the first battle and it got rained down upon and killed about four times over….I smiled. I love this tank as well, one of my favorites in the game. Thanks for the video Taugrim.

  13. Oh, and the audio sounded perfect to me.

  14. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Not going to do the Type 61 or is it too much like the STA?

    • It’s like an STA-1 but with awful camo and a much bigger profile. Granted the gun hits 50% harder in terms of alpha but that’s the only improvement.

  15. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    your scouts were utter failures
    the Object 268-4 on your Prok game was an embarrassment as well. literally the best Assault tank in the game and he sat at the back got off 1 shot

    • We had a lot of fearful play in that Prok match. I’m pretty confident that had I died, it would have been a draw.

  16. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    wow that DPM is unreal

  17. Can you do a video about M48 and TVP T 50/51?

  18. Thanks again, as always I learned something.

  19. Can you review the obj 277 mini line? Considering how popular there became after the battle pass.

  20. Thanks for featuring this tank taugrim! How do you feel about the comparison of UDES 15/16 to the STB-1? See you on the battlefield!
    PS: I played a game with you on prok several months ago, both of us on French LTs if I remember correctly. And you got blind fired by someone because of a bad heavy pulling up behind you just like that t57 heavy… Sneaky tank life. Cheers!

    • The UDES 15/16 has a stronger turret and much better camo. The tradeoff is DPM. I found both tanks to be very comfortable to play, but I definitely favor the hull-down playstyle.

  21. 👌💪👍

  22. Thanks for uploading it.

  23. Good vids and does type 61 play similar like sta-1?

  24. Is it just me or is t7 the low point for most lines? Not only do they now have to go up against borderline op powercreeped tier8s, a bunch of their tanks are generally very shitty tier-for-tier. I mean you have the shockingly atrocious Black Prince, Tiger P, and Chi-Ri as well as the T25/2. Like pretty much the only tier 7 that actually stands a chance against the majority of tier 8s is the T29 and the rest of the line is meh or garbage (Imagine a Black Prince against a Defender [shudders]).

  25. How do all your crews have skills so fast?! Is it worth buying the 2mil books?

    • Yes, if you can afford it. Also, these are reward female crews from missions / holiday event. They skill up fast.

  26. Welp, I’m sold. Didn’t know it had that suspension thingy like the swedish tanks have, interesting. How’s the grind towards it?

  27. Johni Watermelon

    Not all of the bushes at the center of overlord give cammo bonuses, the majority of them are decorative; that’s why you got spotted.

  28. 4:58 Just curious , are you an engineer or something simular?

  29. Another good video, Mr. T. Regarding chat – do consider that out of 30 players, maybe 20 does not have english as second language.
    If you watch your comment section, you will se only well written english comment – there is a reason 🙂
    Best regards and keep’em comming!

  30. Hey Taugrim, you know what I really enjoy? Those 5 second pauses where you don’t know what to say. It would be really cool if you did them more, especially when you’re changing the subject you’re talking about. It’s like listening to a podcast.

    • The power of the pause. I tend to have too much to say. But I can try to add more pauses for context switching and emphasis.

  31. We all know you have super unicum stats. Don’t need to say it in videos every now and then 😂
    Nice video, thanks !

  32. Another great watch. Couple of things if I may, when you auto-aim the T49 there’s a really obvious green cross hair that sticks to the target tank. What setting is that please? I’ve been looking for ages. And did you rate the T9? I’m moving up to it now and it seems pretty weak. Ta muchly

    • Check out my Settings video, Episode #104, for my cross hair settings and such.

      I didn’t review the Type 61 as I despised it 🤣🤣🤣.

  33. Do you have any “Shell Organizer” directives to boost Safe Stowage on the STB-1? On EU, I’ve accumulated heaps of directives from various rewards & wondered if you maybe have a pile sitting unused in depot…

    RE: Audio – sounds great here

    • I’ve never spent any bonds so I haven’t used directives. I wouldn’t spend bonds on consumables – save them for improved equipment.

      Thanks for the feedback re: the audio.

  34. Emman Locaylocay

    No type 61 review? 🙁

  35. Brilliant i learn so much watching your videos. I have researched and bought the STB but not played it yet as i am trying to better the crew, can you advise your crew skills and equipment load out (i know the skills are about to have a huge revamp)

    • See the first 10 seconds of the video for the equipment and crew skills, and read the video description for the equipment as well.

      It’s pretty typical for crew skills:
      Sixth Sense / Safe Stowage > Concealment > Repairs > Situational Awareness / Recon

  36. Being ammo racked after repairing ammo rack is normal because the module never repairs to its full HP

    • Αποστόλης Κράτσας

      It has nothing to do with that it’s just that some tanks have more vulnerable ammo racks and modules in general

  37. Also did you miss out the type 61 as i cant find your review on it

  38. It’d be neat to see you review something that you normally wouldn’t play

  39. One disadvantage for u of being non-ano could be the fact that ur opponent might know that u dont carry prem ammo which in turn could make him do moves which he would not dare to do if he must fear the impact of prem ammo.

  40. It also doesn’t help that those bushes don’t work on Overlord anyway

  41. Love my STB! I’ve had mine since long before the buffs and the difference in turret armor is very apparent. Thanks for the video and be well!

  42. David Cockerill

    Idk if you guys have it, but console recently changed the amx 50 100, 120, and 50B to medium tank status. Due to the tanks performance graphs sitting perfectly with the medium stats instead of the heavys.

  43. Edward Swarbrick

    great video! Thank you so much!

  44. I was considering grinding this line, and after seeing this video, I have to do it. Thank you for your commentary on your decisions etc, as they have helped me get so much better. The main thing I get from watching your videos is BE PATIENT. That’s the hardest thing for me to do sometimes, but as I play I sometimes hear your voice telling me to chill out and wait, and not sacrifice HP to chase damage. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  45. Hey Taugrim, have you unlocked the Centurion AX? I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the other TX mediums such as the STB-1.

    • I played the original Brit tier 10 medium, the FV4202. I haven’t tried the Cent AX yet, but I may buy it as it’s unlocked.

  46. *Crying in console edition*

  47. With improved vents and rammer, my STB’s reload is 5.4 seconds. Add a rammer directive onto that, you can get to 5.25. It’s dpm goes to 4,116.

  48. Αποστόλης Κράτσας

    For me stb1 is the absolute God of tracking shots!!!also I would say that taugrim is probably the smartest wot youtuber he’s a super unicum without gold or even prem consumables

  49. The thing you were talking about in the end, I sometimes try to do that in my strong tanks. Get spotted and bait the enemies to shot my strong parts so that the spotted that is further up or in the better position can spot them. It’s surprising how much that can help with stalemate situations and op bushes.

  50. Thanks Taugrim I just recently started playing the STB-1 and I do find it enjoyable to play. Cheers

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