Stealth Max Camo Build Makes You Invisible! | World of Tanks Maximum Camo Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks ELC Even 90 Stealth, Maximum Camo New Equipment Spotting / Scouting Build. World of Tanks Best Camo Tank, Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Test Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks ELC Even 90 Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Let’s continue showcasing crazy builds in World of Tanks using test server and new equipment system it.
This time let’s make one tier premium light tank completely stealth and invisible the enemy team – The ELC Even 90.

Enjoy the show!


  1. It is actually a lot of fun to test out all those things. Many more crazy ideas still to show you! 😉
    Any interesting ideas you would like to share with me?
    PS! Giveaway winners will be announced soon, with another announcements! <3

    • Artillery builds, what’s the most effective build that’s also sure to piss off the other team?

    • DezGamez it is not April 1st untill next year. Thx.

    • SleepingKnightsRS421

      This just might bring upon the resurgence of the light tank. Cheeky Breeky rush to the otherside of the map to harass their artillery or make epic flanking maneuvers .

    • There are other strange things that go on with spotting. I have an e25 with 68% concealment, and 550 view range (stationary)

      I still get out spotted regularly at long ranges.

    • Awesome replay my old friend!! Yesterday the 4th was my Birthday brother!! 69 yrs old wow. Thank you for the replay and take care, Vern………the old man

  2. Game going down the dumpster even more keep it up WG

  3. This build is only super op on a few maps. It will be trash on the rest. The maps are also part of the balancing problem. It’s too early to pass judgement.


  5. I like too see the STRV 103B with maximal camo layout…

  6. Left pic of the thumbnail:My friend when he needs help.
    Right pic of the thumbnail:My friend when I need help.

  7. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    how about IS-7/Obj 277 having turbochargers?

  8. I think Equipment 2.0 and also the Crew Perks are as unimportant as can be. WG should work more on Balancing, especially Map Balancing. Some of them are way too imba.

  9. Milos Radovanovic

    i though that in time player base will become better. its completely opposite, amount of stupidity is increasing from day to day. yday my team even managed to lose game which we were winning 10:1, 10 of monkies in Ghost Town was waiting in middle in town, aiming at invisible enemy EBR at our spawn side to get spotted, while we had to cap, for 5 minutes, for 5 bloody minutes they were doing that, then we run out of time to capture base and we lost the game. im playing this game since 2015 and i never, ever seen something like this, and i saw a lot of BS.

  10. Danny Dreverman

    I sometimes think (and suspect) that for example concealment is also subject to RNG. Sometimes there are days I think it works perfect and sometime sI even get spotted stationary , with camonet etc etc from far away….Is it trus that skills and values like camo are subject to RNG?

  11. Hopefully this wont pass in live server

  12. Even 90 is so cute

  13. Steve Walst is going to be all over this one 😀

  14. This will be annoying, but not on the same planet of annoying as a wheeled rat even without the special build

  15. ELV Even 90 is one of my favorit tanks.. if they implement these changes, it will be unspottable in the hands of a good player.

  16. Invisible udes 03

  17. Whorse and whorse,
    Btw: did anyone hear last month Standard B and X tier Proggeto are OP? I never heard about that, so I think they’re not hearing community, they just made non-russian tanks into trash tanks.
    And OBJ430U will not change , bruh…

  18. Sorry Dez… it’s the Steven 90, not even 90

  19. Last time a The tier x foch hit me twice for 1400 dmg in two shell . It is not suposed to be 400 for each shell ?

  20. Predator mode ON!

  21. This update is going to hurt super unicums who know all the timers & stats of tanks and now it’s unpredictable you never know what build the enemy tank has

  22. Răzvan Partebună

    After the new update this game will be REALLY pay to win

  23. Two and a half mins into the game and the enemy arty is dead, no fun for enemy Arty, right back into enemy teritory. Heavy tank destroyed by light tank. What’s the point of being a hull-down heavy tank? That even bounces PREMIUM shot off and ERB! Is this game just for 10 year old kids?

  24. Just frikin’ outrageous. I’m outta here, 2.0 is big fat joke. It’s all just spiraling downfall, leading to that only unicums are left to game. Fine by me, average player. I’ll quit.

  25. 18 sec be spotted? this game will completly unplayable, gbye WOT

  26. This is ridiculous —

  27. Hakan DOKAZOĞLU

    I like it

  28. F2P player with low money will die

  29. Sorry, but equipment 2.0 is so broken. Majority of players will suffer, I will definitely stop playing if these changes goes live

  30. I see you get blowout losses as well!

  31. He also made a video with the equipment for the arty

  32. Nice, WoT has been definitely handed over to the lights and arty. Namely, mediums and heavies will be spotted and pounded by the vehicles they cannot catch or see.
    In another words, WG staff had some vodka and decided that hey will not even hide anymore the fact that they fuck the normal players of actual tanks.

  33. Ádám Horváth

    I guess if u press once the autoaim and after you turn off immediately the +2 sec dont work…
    14.56 FV go behind the rock 15.06 spot pass off. Check yourself. It’s weird that you deal with this game so much and you don’t know how the mechanics work.

  34. I don’t know guys. Seems like WG is ruining their game on purpose.

  35. My tier 4 T D has 58 % camo no big deal.

  36. Back 2014 you could climb all over the hills ,are the good old days The elc would have been fun then.

  37. Addin Sufi Sahim

    So my Wz 120 ft will soon be invisible

  38. that little sneaky croque monsieur..🥪

  39. what a trash game becoming even trashier

  40. So you’re making a demonstration on how stealthy this tank is with the new equipment and you’re surprised that people in slow tanks prefer to cap instead of chasing your ELC Even 90.

    Edit: I really hope they tune down the new equipment bonuses. The current implementation will completely ruin the gameplay making some tanks ridiculously OP. It’s true that you can make some tanks which are rubbish at the moment more playable. But who will bother wasting time playing with bad tanks which will become playable when they can play already OP tanks which will become ‘OOP’ (if that’s even a word).

  41. In current state of game where there are multiple unbalanced tanks (glare example EBR’s). This change will make some tanks even more broken. In pursue for novelty WoT game fun factor is dropping every year. Add back weak-spots, fix existing game issues first WG.

  42. elc + 5 speed, + 9 camo, + coated optics / elc + 10% detection behind foliage, +9 camo, coated optics
    / tog or T95 or Jagd E 100 +5 speed, +gun rammer, + traverse speed or +15% power ?

  43. More, i love see someone ruin the game. <3
    This game already ruind by WG... so yeah keep doing it 😉

  44. Kaloyan Stoychev

    Try camo build on Obj.416. It would be nice to see stationary camo value?

  45. Because you did 2 light tank vids let’s do a Super Heavy E-100

  46. Asroyo Wironagoro

    😲?? What did happen to the tank at 01:58 minutes?

  47. Stealth after, fighter before.

  48. I have this tank and all I can say; rate 7/10, however, his concealment is pretty good, acceleration and survivability are not so, about the gun I don’t even want to speak.
    Open field maps can and will be good for this tank but maps with towns and villages where u can’t make some advantage because of your size and acceleration speed, pretty bad.
    Btw EBR it’s still the worst/unrealistic light tank in the game.

  49. Great more seriously broken crap for fake ass light tanks. If they are going to allow this crap they need to cut lights pen and dpm in half.

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