STEALTH TANK! I Did Nazi That Coming – War Thunder 1.55

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder STEALTH – Brotherhood of Nod
War Thunder 1.55 Gameplay – Panzer III M Camo

Nod Stealth Tank:

Thanks Watching!


  1. Want to see more!? Leave a like!
    What tank should we play next?

    And here’s the video for the Stealth Active Camo Nazi Jet:

  2. S “Guitar Guy” Solesbee


  3. First….to be given a stealth tank!


  5. Brother hood of nod
    is that from command and conquer renegade? the rocket tank thingy?

  6. baron i like your videos

  7. how does this work

  8. if another player has the game on low he can see u :/

  9. GDI master race

  10. Baron something was wrong with your game I couldn’t see the tank at all.

  11. Gotta view fest

  12. you have got to be kidding me

  13. That’s realistic. I thought this game was real life. Though if this would
    be real life i would be dead.

  14. there’s no nazis baron, it’s the entire plot of red alert, you see kane as
    well in it.

  15. that just look like aluminium foil that hardened and stuck on the space

  16. I did nazi that coming

  17. Panzer 4 h with this.Or panzer 3 n with this.

  18. Every body come over to my channel some time tomorrow it is FlyCuzFly

  19. yea.. the bad thing is that nobody can see this cammo anyways..

  20. The Scrin’s are better then the brotherhood of NOD

  21. Gaming With Daniel The Scot

    Where’s the tank?? I can’t see it?

  22. merry Christmas to everyone. if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Happy
    Hanukkah. if you don’t celebrate Hanukkah, then Happy Shut the fuck up

  23. Too bad skins can’t be seen by other players

  24. For a second i though this was being added…….The sad part is, it would
    make sense because Gijan

  25. do the 1.000 rat on war thunder

  26. wowwwwwwwwwww

  27. The Conqueror’s turret armor has been increased from 150mm to 250mm because
    wonderful Gaijin got it wrong initially, play it again, it’s much much
    tougher now.

  28. I also noticed that Barons Active Camo got knocked off at one point

  29. Maus?

  30. i can’t use the skin

  31. can other players see that active camo?

  32. I hope War Thunder/Gaijin doesn’t become too futuristic like Call of Duty
    has. I want them to stay with real tanks in real wars. That’s my opinion.
    Don’t agree? Either ignore or leave your opinion below.

  33. No hammer tanks 0/10

  34. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Wait so this is not a glitch? Oh boy… Do others see this too?

  35. Baron! Do a battle with you and Phly using the RBT! Tank torpedoes!

  36. Any GDI skins? :>

  37. Kane was chilling with Stalin in WW2.

  38. Yay Baron isn’t playing Arcade!

  39. Amazing camo i wonder how they created it
    Hey Hanz lets put glass on our tanks so the allies wont see us
    But Franz then we would not be able to see it

    They put glass on the tanks

    Hanz we have a problem i cant see it
    Me to Franz

  40. Can u play the tiger e

  41. Or the m4 Sherman fury

  42. Baron bro pls try other “stealth”camos :D

  43. Kurt “OberstReinhardt” Reinhardt

    Sigh, Baron you really like your APCR. The stock APCBC rounds on the Pz III
    are quite good by them selves

  44. b..but… it doesnt have rockets like real stealth tank had :(


  46. A new derp tank

  47. Churchill mk III of the Orem German chruchill

  48. Chruchill III please or German One ( Prem tank )

  49. sticking with the command and conquer theme, someone should make a mammoth
    tank. basically a p1000 ratte… with missiles.

  50. About Kane, I think that (canonically) he’s immortal and has been here for
    thousands of years. Pretty sure hints are dropped about him being the Cain
    from the bible.

  51. active camo = mirrors.

  52. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  53. One mission, one purpose!


  55. I once got show through a wall by an is-3

  56. Like and comment if you think that there should be 10 tiers

  57. Baron, can you upload a video on how to get custom skins on your tanks or
    planes? I’ve been having trouble with that topic

  58. Played against you last night in RB on Tunisia and I think you were driving
    the Panzer III M. Sorry about the back door Achilles shot. ;)

  59. The Brother Hood of Nod comes from space though ;3 hang on… they come
    realized that…

  60. Hey Baron I killed you last night with my M22 locust! Haha that was a fun

  61. the ammo is just a mirror

  62. Brotherhood of Nod is awesome.
    Tiberium wars is great.

  63. youre the best

  64. can other players see user skins?

  65. Tortoise wth that skin

  66. Active camo FTW!!!

  67. Only your eyes See the Camo, for the others you Looks normal…..

  68. I fell ya on that C&C, I played C&C 64 so much when i was little but was so
    bad. I went back to it and was like this is alot easier then i remember

  69. Thanks for BAE SYSTEM ! .

  70. Peace through power!

  71. I wish Baron was a commentator at Thunder League!!! That will be wonderfull

  72. Wish it covered more of the tank is that also just there for decor or is it
    also skirting

  73. Can someone make an “enemy kill assist we’ll take it” compilation

  74. “you see Ivan,there is no need for camouflage when you kill every enemy
    before they see you.”

  75. I did nazi that pun coming

  76. they should have Sherman’s and perishings like that

  77. Hi Baron

  78. You so shoulda had the red alert theme song(hellmarch) for this vid with
    the NOD skin 😀
    Only game i liked after EA took over WW was generals+zero hour, rest was
    shit :(

  79. I think this may be where Q got the tech for the stealth car in Die Another

  80. ja whol! the German scientist have seceded!

  81. tiger II plz

  82. Misleading video there’s no tank in it at all!

  83. Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here

    Now I want a GDI tank pls

  84. But the brother hood of nod where hiding among the Communist in red alert 1

  85. C&C the earliest version… it takes you an hour to get to one place to
    another. it took so long to battle i gave the game away. D:

  86. Long live Kane!

  87. Nod sucks, GDI rules.

  88. It looks like you just hot glued a bunch of mirrors to a tank.

    Not very smart, but still, GLORY TO ARTSTOZKA!

  89. “Stealth Tank cleared for combat”
    “They have no idea!”

  90. T44-122 Next


  92. Play the russian T-50

  93. why can`t world of warships be on xbox1

  94. mother titty tit

  95. Why are the commercials so long and frequent on your videos? ?

  96. i think a steal tank!

  97. baron play multiplayer with phlydaily

  98. In the name of Kain!

  99. 6:28 Did pretty nice(look at the Bf 109 E7/U2)….WUT!? A 109 E7!?

  100. Ezekiel’s wheel. Kane is pleased.

  101. does baron make a living off this

  102. That is fucking awesome

  103. Hey Baron! I did NOD see that coming :D

  104. wouldn’t that camp just be for your benefit tho? you would be the usual lit
    up target for the enemy

  105. Man i came for some gameplay but i couldn’t see what you where playing :c

  106. Christian Ray Chavez

    baron kan you use the at-2 tank

  107. they got rid of that shitty outline on the tanks.

  108. that is so cool I love CnC tiberium wars and this is so cool NODs stelth
    tecnologie was so cool, the tank with rockets was Steltg tank, it was cool,
    fast and ofc stelth 🙂 cool camo, makes me nostalgic

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