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WEDNESDAY – World Tanks


  1. second …. my eyes, let me gouge them out

  2. I have no idea what’s going on, but hey, it’s Circon! I’ll enjoy watching regardless

  3. Sebastien van Tiggele

    These tanks turn into absolute units with each HP upgrade lmao

  4. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Lunch break perfect time for a circon video,perfect timing!

  5. I did 4 Games in t hat mode… crushed my Headphones and never touched it again.

    • @Unwritable I came back into the game in June After a 3 year Pause. So i never tried frontline. I also missed the First event of steel hunter in August so it didn’t really matter for me, because I couldn’t get a tank out of this anyway.

    • @Typhu5 Fair enough, I had a big break just before Frontline came out, and I definitely prefer it over SH. How is the game treating you with all the changes?

    • @Unwritable The Basics are the Same and I am slowly getting the hang of it again. But at about 2I games and WN8 rating of 580ish, you could argue I never got the hang of it up until now. I’m just looking forward to the Christmas event, it looked pretty neat, from what I saw on yt. And maybe next year there will be a good mode to get myself an AE. But playing alone all the Time doesn’t really help. 😅

    • @Typhu5 Fair enough. I play by myself as well so I learn to rely on myself. Hell, the only reason I’m playing currently is for the Char Futur or AE.

    • @Unwritable I just unlocked my First Tier 9 with the T95, so i have alot to do to get better and get more tanks. The Battlepass stuff helps alot with that

  6. Said it last video, but they really need to rebalance the Raven i feel.
    In other news I didn’t even know that the second stage happened.

    • Mathias Berchtenbreiter

      Ikr how can the autoloader gun have the same dpm as the dpm gun

    • Its literally just the trap. everything else about the tank is fine. possibly the armor on the heavier hull is a bit too good but that’s about it.

    • @DomeShot159 Good mobility, great armour most of the time (with the right upgrades), a great autoloader, almost always pens, good consumables and a way to boost its own stats whilst decreasing others. Seems a bit op to me.

  7. That frenchy with mobility, full HP and big berta twin guns is fun and competitive, AP MG is also fun but gets bodied by any half competent raven. It’s like IS-2 II guns on BC 25t

  8. 8:39 the best single clip on this channel ever 😀

  9. Can we get a circon plays the worst tanks in wot compilation

    • Thats been pretty much my stream for the last 12 months, i went back and 3 marked tier 5-6-7 tech tree tanks.
      The most painful one was the st.emil, check that vid out!

    • Circonflexes hmm then we need a circon plays the worst tanks in the game while STOCK and without equipment with 50% crews. I would contribute to that stream

  10. LUL never saw an ammorack in steelhutner mode. 😀

  11. i love circons chimpanzee laugn

  12. 07:50 – That freakin clip will be legendary even after 10 years. Your laughter makes it even more epic. Ooh… Good one! 😀

  13. Ardjan van Binsbergen

    8:39 that laugh in slowmo is epic 😀

  14. The problem with this, Circon, is that you’re making me sort of want to play this game mode.
    With Wargaming’s track record, it’s not this fun.

  15. 8:40 Listening to Circon laughing in slow-motion is probably the most hilarious thing that has happened all year!

  16. @eeelliottttt WeirdChamp

  17. I could not make the Varg work. I could get more wins in the Frenchie over that thing.

  18. WG : we reintroduced steel hunter so you can experience some epic battles between players and earn tanks that you always wanted LUL

    CIRCONFLEXES : a epic battle, (kills last opponent) , suck my ass LUL

  19. Guys anyone knows what’s the name of the background song in the first 6 minutes? It sounds pretty lit!

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