Steel Hunter – NEW TANKS – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Steel Hunter has returned to World of Tanks with three new vehicles. Here's all you to know about the Beowulf, Huragan and Bái Láng!



  1. you can’t remove the acid shell effect with a heal but you can remove it with a repair kit

  2. Maybe a upgrade in video quality won’t hurt, most(100% of them) of your videos look grainy and pixelated unless you reduce the video screen size. To the ones that think 1080 is still good, it was a must in 2012 that was 10 years ago.

  3. It’s called: “STEEL RIGGER” and that’s all it’s good for. Rigging and cheating out the ass.

  4. I can’t wait to ram all these new tanks in my Walkyrie

  5. Steel hunter is the only mode I play for fun. Much better than frontline.

  6. bad mode for 30 days .. good frontline mod for 7 days

  7. Steel hunter stinks

  8. MuhammadAli Uppal

    is that a rendering glitch because his maxed out tank went back to stock at 7:52 when he re-winded the video or did I miss something

    • It’s a replay bug. There are tons of those, although the replay system has existed for a very long time already.

  9. Friedwart Gurfinkel-Büchsenschütz

    or just the varyag…mobilty (horsepower) at first lvl then same stuff. but you got minefield…everyone loves mines wants to hug them. if not push them in

  10. You should cut these video’s down to 15 mins or less, this is just too long.

  11. EPIC World of Tanks

    Who knows why there is no cooldown timer in the replays? How to turn it on

  12. Slavik Crusader96

    i’ve been playing the Huragan, and it is OP, if played well, it can out perform some tanks early which can help later on with late game matches.
    my path is radio range, dynamics, magazine, double armour and magazine again. i have won most of my games like this but i did try the rotation for turret and the other magazine, and still claps tanks if you pen

  13. You can stop the acid shell with your repair kit

  14. Tips for steel hunter: Always take higher engine power, always take longer range radio, auto loaders are really good usually. Gwolf: take the 4 round auto loader (broken), Bai: use the derp and combo with acid shell, sneak up shoot then run then sneak and repeat.

  15. I always liked the idea behind Steel Huners but I could never really get into it, Frontline feels like a way better game mode to me, just wish it stayed around for longer.

  16. goo play WARTHUNDER..wot genocid games in uikrain..russia and belorusia GENOCID MAN,,WOT GENOCID GAMES..PLAY WARTHUNDER WOT DEAD

  17. Valerian Schneider

    I like all game modes that dont show in your account win rate. Im just an average player with under 48% after 12k and 50,5% wins after 32k games. and my opinion is that the lifetime win ratio is the source of most of the toxicety in the game. The gameplay and attitude is just so much more relaxed. I dont like stressing myself even more after a hard day.

  18. Butch E30 M3 s14

    I love steel hunter: No tomato teammates ruining your ‘team’ game, no worries for stats ie WN8 or WR… You die hop in another tank and have fun with no pressure.

  19. finally someone talks about how auto aim sucks on high ping, on the asia server 80% of the time there is not enough people in the aus server for good queue times so i join the hong kong severs but auto aim doesnt work, it can miss shots the have no conceivable way of missing

  20. Thanks for the review.

  21. Ninja Plays Games

    90% of your games in this mode won’t end up like this. You’re more likely to get yolo’d by a single tank and farmed by a tank behind you than to have a good game like this. This game mode is absolutely tragic.

  22. im pretty sure in the WOT video it says use your 3 repair kit to stop it

  23. So when do we get this?

  24. My ping is always 100 lol

  25. I’m just glad they don’t force me to play it to get rewards I can’t pass up like they did with Front line a couple of years ago. That got to be a chore after a while.

  26. I like the arlequins funny double gun and ball thingy. Also arty can sometimes do 570 or more damage lol.

  27. Jus wondering is steel hunter a tank battle royale game mode?

  28. On the Asia server with so many Internet cafe players. The stack a game and then run around pick off stragglers as a pack and then take it turns to win.

  29. Steel Hunter is like horror movie for me, I can’t even click battle.

  30. And now with a pay-to-win function!

  31. louis winterhoff

    I stopped playing Steelhunter a year or two ago, bc the tanks like the raven and harbinger just seemed to be able to pen me every shot. I would play Walkure or Varyag, go for the armour loadouts, and still get penned every shot.

  32. Beowulf was one of the weird tank looking here in the mode… (imo)

  33. Tank BR .

  34. Gvozden Stankovic

    brooo der is no leveling like last years so bp you wont progres like in random and frotline for example anyway game mode is fun but much less rewarding as it was in 2019 2020 2021

  35. ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII

    Welcome to warthunder ghost shell’s. 20:40

  36. I give credit to WG for creating these fun/different modes. After playing WoT for 8 years I can say that these modes are the ones that prevent it from becoming stale.
    I still remember the Chaffee races, the Footbal mode, the space mode (with those ball tanks) and so on.
    Frontlines was nice as you played with your own tanks, Steel Hunter is nice because you can play a different mode than the regular TDM/CTF we constantly do in random battles and, simply, do not give a damn about the outcome as it’s a fun mode.
    Yes, I want to win but as it is a FFA mode, the frustration about your team not doing what it is supposed to do is simply not there and that is what makes it amazing!

  37. I loved old game modes like first chafee race or football game mode. It was great to play with friends in platoon and just drive around and get fun, more fun than with random battles.

  38. A backstabber, sneaky Chinese… how on point that design is.

  39. I was the best when this gamemode came out. With 3 vehicle.
    Now with these new tanks just grinding not fun at all.

  40. The Bai Lang is my favourite tank in Steel Hunter. The final derp gun upgrade is soo good. And the little drone tank is really funny

  41. social3ngin33rin

    I miss original Steel Hunter

  42. The vehicles keep reverting every time QB rewinds the replay
    It would also be nice if you’d pause when talking about the upgrades at times or at least talk about them when there isn’t action going on as we can’t see much.

  43. I agree with QB’s assessment apart for the fun part. I actually get a lot of fun playing Steel Hunter! No economy or close to none, no impact on stats, and all players at the same level at the start. It can get addictive 🙂 even though it would have been nice to have more rewards (e.g. battle pass points) from it.

  44. Best. Ghost. Shell. Ever !

  45. Gianmarco Guarnier

    I think Steel Hunter is a nice game mode, it needs a lot of skill to master and it’s fine when the matchmaker gives you a rough time. Sure it’s not profitable but games are meant to be played for fun. We often forget this inside wolrd of tanks

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