STG Guard review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. This brings back memories of doing 1K+ damage in the T-46 with its 76mm gun.

  2. It's not what you think


  3. At least this tank is just meh and not eye clawingly broken

  4. Hey foch, try this position to spot from both sides, it works way better from north dough

    One of these should work :).

  5. There are a lot of OP premium heavies and TDs but mediums are all bad to mediocre.

  6. this game is dead for some time, but now it is officially buried.
    wargaming decided to release a new premium tank. no surprise.
    wargaming decided again to not listen to anyone who really loved/loves this game. they listen to bobs that will never learn this game. no surprise.
    wargaming, close this shit of a game. we will deal with QB and his idiots. we should not beat a dead horse anymore.

  7. Fuck rebalance just take those tanks out of the game altogether and refund the people that purchased them there money.  Cut your losses now instead of trying to effect every other aspect of the game to make up for there fuck up.

  8. Foch, will you ever do a map tactics series?

  9. *cries in T-34-3*

  10. Looked more like a Real Estate review, or a Home improvement show.

  11. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    nice review !

  12. It was a big day for me yesterday… I have uninstalled wot from my PC…

  13. This tank is interesting but why buy this instead of the lorry? Also, liberte is by no means op, the cupola is awful and it makes that tank so easy to bully, so glad i picked the patriot over it even though 240 alpha is shameful in tier 10 matches…

  14. i agree with you, that most high alpha guns are way better. Rhm.- borsig for example. But the long 88 on the E50 is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Its WAY BETTA than the 105

  15. glad to see you are back

  16. I might have to buy this just to show WG that it’s better for them to release balanced prems than op ones…

  17. WG please make my IS6 relevant again?

  18. Alexander Golubev Jr

    Awesome video as always Mr. Foch, thank you! Hope you can find time to do more tank videos.

  19. Karlo Mihalus Dianovski

    Game is to fucked up to play it anymore… Either they nerf all the power creep tanks or the refund them for gold and nerf other overpowered tanks in the game, if they do that the game could be saved…

  20. ive bounced shot with the STG from tier 10 TDs like T110E3 and ive even bounced a shot froma type 5 Heavy while trying to drive around it, turret is ok,

  21. I think that it is wrong about the camo. I was comaring the camo on my Patriot. And in terms of reguar camo like: Patriot vs E5 with purchased camo – E5 wins. But when we put all the perks and things into the accout: Patriot with camo perk, bia vs E5 with camo, camo perk and bia – Patriot won I believe. U can check that in in game comparer, I do not have Guard to check this out. I may be wrong.

  22. 1670 base xp for an ace tanker i got 1649 and got 2nd class 🙁

  23. still better than Defender

  24. Foch, I really appreciate your candid reviews of WoT vehicles, both tier tanks and premiums. Thanks for putting in the effort to keep us informed.

  25. Can you make a video as you install your server Crosshair

  26. i stopped playing this pay to win bs game long ago. but i keep the notifications on to give this guy a thumb up. i also get notified on wg and quickbaby videos, i give a thumb down without watching those.

  27. shit tank shit review

  28. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    The tank is a joke. It was bad even on test, but all the dumb twats were bitching “omg soviet premium tank, nerf!”, “omg premium tank, nerf!”, “”omg tank, nerf!” and so it got its engine fucked as well. Top kek meme tank. I really don’t understand why when a T8 medium wants 390 alpha everything about it has to suck.

  29. Really, i wouldnt have wasted 11 minutes on it, but thankyou for not taking 30 minutes plus, like some other YouTuber’s…… to talk about this POS. No armor, everyone can over match you except brit tanks, like usual, and you cannot side scrape, so it is fast, so run away alot…. hide far far away and try to snipe, then prepare for a quick death. Dont buy it. it is junk, all the way around. if you do, use your camo, and hide in the corner, you can get there very quickly.

  30. 6 degrees of GD? Am I in heaven? (Saying this after grinding Churchill VII with 4 degrees of GD)…

  31. Armour don’t mean shit anymore. Their was a time when you came across a tank with good armour you would have to think about flanking and team work or using your brain to kill the S.O.B. Not any more just spam gold ammo ,Problem solved just move on to the next poor sap who thought they had good armour and spam away.
    Just drive light tanks any ammo goes through them so you don’t get angry so much when a gold spamming twat hits you.
    sorry just my rant WG just put gold ammo back to real money and stop destroying a good game.

  32. Is the tank worth it? Probably depends on your play style. It’s also not op like the scorpion g and others.
    But is it worth it to give wg a carrot for releasing a balanced tank (vs the stick for releasing op tanks)? I think that’s worth it, as long as they learn from it.

  33. 10:18 “the last stand of the potato” lol

  34. F0 with a few hulldown tanks can somewhat hold the south when the team is pushing town. With a few TDs at B/C0. Usually the south dies even though a lot of tanks went there because they go into the H0 bowl, gets trapped there, gets shot from all sides and die. At least this is what happens on the Asian server.

  35. I tell people to Avoid the city, and run south, Direct to enemy and those hills(WHICH they shortened) let the enemy SIT in the town.. IF the North gets it, and COVERS the south side into the city, they can Screw the enemy..

  36. What does he say at the beginning ? “Ladies and mantlegents” ?

  37. why when i watch in 1440p it looks like shit on my screen

  38. the view range doesn’t even make to the full 445m with optics and a decked out crew and the only way to reach it is with decked out crew i.e. BIA, situational awareness, Recon and optics along with food and you will get your 445m and just a lil over that so it aint worth the money its being sold for if you don’t know how to use that certain type of tank. But I know I wouldn’t spen hard earned money on this tank. Pick the Lorr 40t over this all day. Because always seeing tier 10 it aint worth it….

  39. Well a non OP premium tank this is how Wot should make premium tank..
    Just like back in those days when premium tanks arent a thing

  40. Gotta say, I like this tank. Hitting for 390 on a tier 8 medium is *really* nice, especially since you don’t even need to trade penetration or much in the way of DPM for it. The gun handling is mediocre, but that’s to be expected, and not really that much worse than most of the other tier 8 mediums anyway.

    Alpha is king in most situations in this game and being able to punish mistakes harder and trade efficiently makes this a surprisingly pleasant tank to play, even when you’re uptiered.

  41. Inb4 WG realizes this tank isn’t made with true Stalinium and makes excuses to balance ‘issues’ to correct it.

  42. This is type of tanks I like them to add because I left the game And Iam more happy about it

  43. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    The Lorein 40T isnt that great. Its DPM is poor even though its clip is only 1200 damage. Obviously no armor, even arty pens it every time. It always losses a crew member when it gets hit

  44. The other way to deal with the rush from the enemy mediums along the rails is to use a few heavies with good gun depression this will fuck em up as will Autoloaders
    Frankly everything is an autoloader anyway. And everything has 400 alpha now. I play a lot of tanks with 230, 240, and 250 alpha it’s not fair in any aspect. Those guns are expensive compared to the higher alpha. Those big 122 plus guns do double damage but dont cost double to run so yeah Russian bias again.

  45. At least its not black ?

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