Still BLASTING! – Object 703 Version 2

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  1. Wg be like: so anyway, we made rusky jag pizda but at tier 8 with better armor. blatyfoul christmas comrad

  2. Out of curiosity, how many boxes did it take you to get the 703 II?

  3. U mothertrucker stop camping !!!!1!!1

  4. fucking wow

  5. Putting on some Elton John like:
    I’m still blasting better than I ever did
    Looks like you won’t survive, so go back home you little kid
    I’m still blasting after all this time
    Picking up the pieces of track I’ve blown off from your side

    I’m still blasting
    Bang bang bang
    I’m still blasting
    Bang bang bang

  6. Whay is that red reticle thing

  7. Not OP, not OP at all

  8. I like how calm he is, just pew pew pew and there we go, 5k game

  9. How do gunmarks work on this thing? on on each barrel?

  10. Circon, completely outplays everyone, getting 9 kills. “cool”

  11. Hey Circon if you needed to warm up your hands try sitting on them they get hot very quick but stinky….

  12. Snipa tankoo

  13. Thys tank haz bad Soviet akkuratsy! No sniper, blyat!

  14. This could be considered porn with all this dp action….

  15. Remember when t8 didn’t have powercreeping premiums? yeah me neither…

  16. The fight against the 252 and the objekt at the end was a textbook example of how to use two barrels. Good game.

    • And it’s like they could push and take his last shell but when they don’t then he gets his second shell back so it’s a lose lose lol

  17. I bought 2*75 boxes and 2*11 boxes… Didnt get the obj703.. i Guess, once january salary comes…. I’ll throw another €100 at wargaming

    • Do not do this. The 703 will come out on its own soon enough into the new year. Don’t let the gambling take a hold on you, these loot boxes are a very predatory practice and people need to vote with their wallets by not buying them to show WG that we think they’re stupid.

    • No sense wasting all that money. Save it and buy yourself something nice, or use it to pay bills or something.

  18. Just get arty and shit on all your op expensive tanks. ahahahaha

  19. He’s really enjoying those Double barrel shotgun hasn’t he :3

  20. Merry Christmas circon stay safe and get drunk ?????

  21. You run optics or gun laying drive? I run mine with vents vstab and optics.

  22. I received the 703 in a gift box, but as of yet haven’t played it.
    After watching this video I may just load up my new female crew in it and see just how bad I suck at it now! LOL!
    Merry Christmas Circon!

  23. Christian Krakhofer

    as fun as it lox this tanks stands for gambling :/

  24. Great game again !! Since reindeers are in Norge, have a nice Christmas Sir !!!

  25. You’re a monster!

  26. This tank plus circon just looks like easy mode.

  27. The 1 dislike must be that Defender XD

  28. Both teams are truly special

  29. To the tune of , The Double Dutch Bus,,, The Double Dicked Tank,,,,

  30. Two, Two, Two tanks in one,,,

  31. Double your pleasure, double your fun, without wrigleys gum,,,

  32. This tank gives a new mean to the term Double Penetration. 😛

  33. So anyway…

  34. …. I must have watched a few videos from Circon that features this tank. I saw the two barrels in the thumbnail and thought “Haha! Circon being funny with the photoshop again”.
    Only just realized that this tank actually has two barrels. How I missed that.. no idea.

  35. Yap, still blasting ?

  36. Such casual destruction of the red teams hopes and dreams of actually winning.

  37. Don’t worry this is completely balanced…

  38. Bit annoying when he fires with 1 second left on the other reload when he can easily wait :/

  39. Merry Christmas Circon! ?☃️

  40. Shout out to that su-101 honestly for holding up that conq and taking no damage while at it

  41. I’m pretty sure a single shot on the VK would have high-rolled enough …

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