STILL BROKEN | It has BEEN TWO YEARS (War Thunder Type 60ATM Gameplay)

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STILL BROKEN | It has BEEN TWO YEARS ( Type 60ATM Gameplay)


  1. Austin Chambers

    Dear Gaijin:
    Thank you.

  2. Play the forgotten Giant the IT-1. Try2…….

  3. Stop using McDonald Wi-Fi

  4. try to get more than 1 plane kill in a match with the ATGMs

  5. Charles Savignac

    ATGM means air to ground missile not anti tank missile thats a ATM

  6. 絕對花陽推

    Hey phly! Please take out the Crusader MK lll which I think you have not played it in your videos!


  8. That would have been so good

  9. Wanna know the worst tank? T26e1 and m26

  10. Phly! Do the stick challenge! Experience the pain! First up, the Challenger. The 5.3 one that is, completely stock of course. Have fun


  12. Gaijin: Add new vehicles andfix existing vehicles…or just add new vehicles….hmm………

  13. Neurofied Yamato

    This was painful to watch… Seeing you guys lose such a clutch game trying so hard and doing so well just because of a bug.
    Great video nonetheless, had a nice laugh at the start.

  14. Played the BMP-1 today and same issue with the ATGM, it’s just painful to play

  15. type 60 atm, the newest ATM in the world with extra missile security system

  16. “War Thunder” and “Fixing bugs that have been around since alpha” do not belong in the same sentence. (e.g. The “AMAZING” physics)

    could u tell that was sarcastic?

    • world of tanks is years ahead of WT in the physics department, probably the only reason so many people skip WT and it’s “Vibrating” tanks

  17. Ah yes the type 60 ATM on an ever growing list of vehicles that they have added to the game that they couldn’t be bothered to go back and fix

  18. Hey Phly could you try playing the Panzerwerffer 42 and try to get some kills? i want to see somebody actually kill something with one

  19. More Hanz Zimmer please

  20. Nothing is ever broken in a free to play game.

  21. What is that intro music?

  22. 7 seconds in and a massive thumbs up for the Interstellar track

  23. Bring back loving the unloved!

  24. So striker gameplay?

  25. Spotted Predator

    That interstellar music is fucking awesome!

  26. sparks on planes and tanks
    atgm lag
    no damage on modules
    broken sound on tanks and planes
    but they keep buying premium and GE

  27. do a compilation vid of all your panther II kills, you seem to have something against them

  28. Hey, phly, you should do a video on T34 57, super fun tank to play at low br. I’m surprised that you never did a video on this bad boy, it has good reload rate, great gun, decent mobility and armor. Probably one of the easiest tank to play in wt, even I can get some 8,9 kills game easily.

  29. REPORT it please!

  30. “WOW” Phly turns Owen Wilson for a sec.

  31. Ho-Ro and J1 N1, must get 4 kills

  32. Doesn’t look hard to code to me. More likely Gaijin just hasn’t spent the time finishing fixing those bugs.

  33. You like this tank totally. At least 3 videos you made for this garbage.

  34. Teague van Koppen

    Phly, take out the SU-57 and the Yak-1 for the motherland. Attempt #2

  35. Hey phly I finally got muuhhh abrams

  36. TheFlyingpotato

    Automatic like for use of Interstellar music in your intro. I fucking love Interstellar

  37. Space is Cool Man

    mmmmm Hans Zimmers’ Interstellar soundtrack.

  38. Played against this tank while i was in an abrams, got a non pen twice on its side

  39. I love tank daily #7

  40. Ovidijus Jakucionis

    How did you make that you can actualy conttol yoir atgms mine flies all over the place and its imposible to control them

  41. Typical Gamer 2 TG

    Phly play the panther D and the DUCK 😉

  42. Zane The Bandit

    Play the he162 with the cannon buff )))))))

  43. Dude interstellar is a good movie and the music was great

  44. Dustin Schubert

    U h g the Interstellar music in the intro IS FUCKING PHENOMENAL WELL DONE

  45. And I was complaining about the AMX-13 HOT for only having 6 missiles… but they’re HOT missiles, and it has a gun (useless at 9.0, but it still is there, just in case), so it’s not THAT bad XD

  46. Clutch game, well done Phly

  47. Two… two years? So I’m playing this game for soooo long?

  48. Gaijin are so fucking retarded:
    Thing that is obviously broken: fix me please!
    Gayjin: *hurr durr* give sources on that in 4k and in russian or we wont, faggot

  49. maybe its only 6 rockets because they had not enough wire to guide more 😀

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