Still Not Mingles with Jingles

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Just got back from Russia, very tired, going to bed soon!


  1. Stig Morten Eskeland


  2. Yay first

  3. LoL Russia trip was good ???

  4. Still glad to hear your voice Jingles, even if it is Not Mingles with Jingles. And besides, a video from you is a video from you, regardless of how short it is.

  5. Bloody hell, just came out of a dental operation… but at least I have some calming Jingles to help me through all the annoying pain…

  6. RIOT!
    Assemble the salt miners, it is time to revolt against the gnome overlord and have his camera minion Eddy replace him.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  7. Good Evening Jingles. Welcome home.

  8. noooooooooo

  9. Once again, Russian vodka causing problems 😛

  10. Vodka would have been roved from the bin soon as you were 10 feet away lol.

  11. Can’t wait for the announcement of your in-game captain now !

  12. If there isn’t mingles with jingles next week, me and my fellow salt miners are going on strike!!???

  13. Da real Soviet muffin

    8 comments, zero views, one like.

    Still broken

  14. Take some vodka komred hot drink hs for capitalist

  15. OMG no mingles and no jingles…..What do we do now? What do we do now? What do we do now?

  16. nevskij prospekt – street where all the hookers hang out ???

    • Whoops, Rita alert, Jingles is in trouble ?

    • +Ellerion3 you should always keep your woman on her toes , so she does not get any funny ideas that she can become lazy ?

    • Well I had a lovely trip to St Petersburg for my 60th birthday and never noticed any of those. There is a huge amount to see and do without those dubious services.

    • +G McIllroy St.P is a beautifull city , i would say THE most beautifull in Russia . But when you live therr you start to notice things you dont as a turist

  17. 5:48AM USA, EST. Watching a Limey loyalist to the Crown start off a Limey video about going too the land of drunks, Siberian tigers, USSR and dictatorial leadership.

    — The internet.

  18. Airport dutyfree cheaper? I’m sorry you must be new here… ???

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      Was thinking the same. I travel alot, and Duty Free shops are most expensive shops in whatever country you visiting.

  19. Rita gamer, woof.

  20. Liquor in airport duty free is typically cheaper than retail. The only exception that I know of is Japan; buying retail in Japan is recommended, I always do. Time to add Russia to that list, Thanks Jingles.

  21. “It’s duty-free; it’s obviously going to be cheaper…”
    Erm, no. That is, in fact, the precise opposite of how that works.

  22. *hears the excuse about not real video*
    God damn you, Billy, you had ONE JOB!!!

  23. you can buy Beluga vodka in UK, can’t you??? O.o

  24. Security guys drank well that night.

  25. Krisztián Szabó

    50 bloody euros for a freaking bottle of vodka? They are fookin’ daft…. jesus christ..

  26. Looking forward to when normal service is resumed, comrade commissar Jingles.

  27. You’re not making enough videos brother. I’ve resorted to watching Quicky Babies videos. They’re good. But his English accent isn’t quite good enough. It’s like a dude from Toronto doing an English accent. Maybe it’s posh? Don’t know? You have a proper English accent.

  28. da comrade

  29. Stellar Gale drifting and racing

    Come again, Jingles! Greetings from Russia!

  30. You are going to have a strong coffee and then go to bed?

  31. And by “hot drink” you mean either the warm tears of salt miners, or a big hot toddy. 😉

  32. Just got my 1st tier X ship Minotaur and I’m ditching my 18 pt captain just to hear your voice ahaha

  33. I think Rita hasn’t said anything as stupid as Jingles, when he thought alcohol in the duty free shops in airports is cheaper than in a normal store.

  34. Welcome back Jingles. Surprisingly smooth trip hardly a blunder in sight. Now…………………… if like me you are supicious by nature you wonder if the real Jingles is being held in some Gulag somewhere and this Impersonation is just here to spy on the historic dock yards. First transmission: Those pesky brits are making their ships of wood to fool our detection devices. Instruct comrade Admiral to prepare a plan for more wooden battleships the submarines can wait till I have checked out Gosport. Ends

  35. Poor Eddy

  36. Good night Jingles, sleep well gnome overlord

  37. You threw away a bottle of Belluga ! Mate …

  38. Chinese train stations are the same as you just described, and they are just as dedicated as the Russians lol

  39. Lol, rookie mistake, Jingles. You always, ALWAYS put major souvenirs in CHECKED luggage. Especially with food items or anything that could conceivably be considered a weapon. Some of my family members have lost multiple items by forgetting that they left them in carry-on.

  40. The 100ml rules are standard everywhere and have been since 9/11.

  41. Jingles, 175cms of Vodka would be almost 2 metres long… i think you mean mls… don’t ever change…?

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