Still Not Mingles with Jingles

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Source: The Mighty Jingles


  1. Jingles what has she done to you :S

  2. She will have you putting up some shelves or an Ikea wardrobe 🙁

  3. Nice to know the reason at least…

  4. so old man can have sex or make video , so he choise sex ….
    man his prioritys are wrong 😀 😀 😀

  5. So He pulled her on like a wellington boot good on you Jingles

  6. Too late, im permanently

  7. Yah Jingles hope you had a great evening! ???

  8. “Portugese woman of war sighted, dead ahead. Attention all stations….DIVE DIVE DIVE!” 😛

  9. Bow chicca bow wow!!!!

  10. bow chika bow wow ;D you go old man ! 😉

  11. all i can say is…
    “load the gold”!

  12. Hold on….she’s your lady again?!?!? Kind of always guessed that was the case but when did that happen?
    Congrats again ???

  13. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    is he still dating Rita? I know they didnt get married..

  14. Good on you sir. Now go do your “work”

  15. You do you mate~

  16. Salt mines RIOT!

  17. 69 comments, what an auspicious number to declare my revelation. This proves that a man can’t shut up about getting laid, no matter the intention.

  18. Hey! I’m here to mingle! Cut that stuff out,……….hey, where are you going? Get back here you……….hey……..
    Don’t you know who I AM?
    I’m an American, you can’t do this to me….

  19. Mind you don’t put your back out. At our age it’s a real risk… 🙂

  20. Rita and jingles sitting in a tree K… I….
    actually the more I think about the more I want to go stick my head and a cannon and yell fire

  21. I guess that replay would not be suitable for YouTube

  22. When you’re as old as jingles I’m amazed it still works for mingling.

  23. Enjoy old man!

  24. *readies pitchfork* THIS CALLS FOR A REVOLUTION

  25. Welcome Home, … eeerrrrr …… poor, poor Rita.

  26. Mental scar made

  27. Peepee in the Vgeegee

  28. Instead of sitting in front of the pc, he’s getting laid. Is that the underline message here?

  29. Roger Wåhlström

    goog luck

  30. Snuggling time it is…..

  31. So you are going to play board games, got it.

  32. This is a good time to sneak out of the salt mines. ??

  33. So Jingles has challenged Rita to a backgammon tournament?

  34. Jingles breeding program is ongoing still?

  35. Anshuman Singh Jamwal

    The euphemisms in the comments are gold XD

  36. William Chamberlain

    You mean you’re on the Play Station tonight?

  37. Jingles skiving again !

    hush, hush, i’ll be on my way back into the salt mines for extra duties…
    wait … whats the gun for … ruuuuun

  38. How many citadels did you hit?

  39. You dirty old man. have fun

  40. Sebastian1997[DK]


  41. Pace yourself

  42. “Happy wife, happy life.” … This can be adopted to ANY couple. Never forget it! :p

  43. Welcome home Rita. Enjoy a ‘Not Mingles with Jingles’ evening.

  44. ok, jinglez, but next time bring a note from your ♡

  45. Rita gonna get the D

  46. Getting lucky??? ? ? have fun ?

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