Still Not Mingles with Jingles

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Another week, still no episode Mingles with Jingles. On the other hand I have just survived a near fatal dose of the man-flu and I’m in Russia, so I figure I have a fairly good excuse.


  1. jokerspet karlsson

    will offend everyone? 😀 awsome!!! 😀 cant wait!

  2. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    Is Ritta going with you

  3. Plz don’t die 🙁

  4. My disappointment is imezeribal and frankly my day has been ruind

  5. ENJOY RUSSIA! Hope ya don’t get sent to Gulag ;P

  6. Greetings Mighty Gnome Overlord. Eastern European mine quadrant 4. shaft 8 is functioning up to current quota and will add extra hours to the plebes to help sweat out the fever.

  7. A trip to Kubinka museum? Oh…..wait St Pete not Moscow.

  8. Great video Jingles, have you considert playing still not mingles with jingles?

  9. Inb4 Ex-KGB agents kidnap Jingles to question him about his extensive saltmine knowledge :,D

  10. hey jingles enjoy youre break uve earnt one ,glad youre better man flu is a bitch .just wondering what happened to cold waters and cmmander jingles mcjinglesberry they were the highlight of youre upload week always made me laugh

  11. [jokes] Just have Rita stream some Vermintide 2 while you are ill.

  12. Play some more planes war thunder??

  13. Jingles knuckle down?……… you really deserve comedian of the year 2018

  14. what ever you do in russia say out of the bridal shops…the exchange rate isnt that bad but you dont want to bring home a cheaper rita now do you

  15. No diplomatic incidents, Paul!

  16. Surely you do not need your camera, if you are hiring a suite at a luxury hotel for a night… the FSB will record your exploits for you…

  17. That’s it, im not working in the salt mine today!

  18. Hay the mighty jingles it’s me player033

  19. The life of an internet superhero

  20. No world of Warships? WTF man?

  21. The Tankers Channel

    what hotel was it jingles?

  22. We are going to have to have a serious discussion in our expectations of the evil gnomish overlord of the salt-mines!
    However, I think this is ultimately going to the source of goulag internment systems for tips and pointers… not for Jingles of course, the Russians clearly aren’t doing it right anymore, so he’s going to have to put his diminutive, albeit perfectly formed, foot down and get Putin off the bear he’s riding to properly enslave half of his population while holding the other half at gun-point so that salt will be henceforth mined at optimum efficiency!

  23. Russia took over their private centeal reserve and kicked out the oligarchs = cheap.

  24. 5:33..This suite which includes blah blah blah and a hidden microphone and cameras. Add a carrot and some farm animals and next thing Jingles is being black mailed all the way to the Volga and back. Ohhhh those russians.

  25. Just don’t mention Salisbury!

  26. Jingles, In the picture with the US Marines and the refs and grandma both caring trees, you forgot to add a Scotsman throwing extra 20 foot tall tree into the air because he so manly!

  27. Michael Morrison

    Have a great trip Jingles. Look forward to the after action report.

  28. Jingles I like Mondays video keep up the good job

  29. Suns0fHavokGaming

    Have fun in Russia Jingles!

  30. UNSC Spartan 117

    On WOT Blitz i got the TOG II!!!

  31. CasuallyPlayingWOT

    Lol I know I’m bad when Jinglese was doing 2 videos a day and I left a month between my last ones though. I don’t get enough views to have the privelage of not buying ralph lauren shirts because they insist on me giving them my email with my youtube money though so I have an excuse :D. Also far cry 5 will be fun when you find cows and get them to run into an enemy truck. Or the spinning bears 🙂

  32. For god sakes stop saying “man flu”. Everyone gets sick and it’s not just guys that moan and whine about it. Some chicks I know get the sniffles and you’d think by the stories being regaled they had just contracted cholera. I guess where this nonsense comes from is one too many wives griping about their husbands and kids getting sick but them not being “allowed” to get sick because they are moms…well that’s just something else all together.

    Anyway off to Russia with my 20 bucks to spend it all on a solid week of hookers and blow. 20 bucks should be enough right ? 25 maybe ? W/E I’ll take an extra 5 in case.

  33. This lazy bastard will now interpret all our likes to mean that we like Mingles With Jingles 6-minute long…

  34. richard williams

    do’s the hotel include tapped phone ,bugged bedroom and cameras in the bath .lol ?

  35. “sweated the fever out” = drowned myself in hot toddies

  36. Well I just hope they let you leave. You know how Russia is with loving Supreme Overlords and all.

  37. Safe travels Jingles.

  38. Have fun in Russia

  39. ARISE!
    The Great Gnome Overlord has passed through the Black Gates and left us to our fate. ARISE and strike! Let us take back our mines and prosper for ourselves. 😉


  41. It’s all cool man.

  42. Another episode of Jingles with Mingles? You need to fix it up now Jingles! We cannot Jingle with the Mighty Mingles!

  43. We’ll pray for you comrade.

  44. has more time off than a teacher

  45. do this means we get a vacation from the salt mines???

  46. Go now! Spread manflu epidemy to Russia, China, America… history will remember this day!

  47. So… Are you going to come back to War Thunder, or no? I’m getting kinda pissed that you keep going back to it, and taking massive breaks from it video-wise.

    I remember when you left WT and practically boycotted Gaijin after an incident involving an employee who tried to copyright strike, who was then fired, and you stopped playing the game.

    But then, just a bit later, the Chrysler K GF was intro’d into WoT, and you kept doing videos, only leaving the Community Contributers. So…?

  48. forget the salt mines…OFF TOO CHERNOBYL WITH YOU!

  49. President Camacho

    I’m happy to hear you are among the living. Have fun and be safe in Russia.
    I would love to watch your Far Cry 5 episodes but I need to finish the story missions first.
    With all of the crazy cult members around here in the Intermountain West of the U.S. of A with their preaching of guns & prepping along with their conspiracy theories makes the game really funny to me. It’s too bad that some don’t see the parody. I look forward to joining the discussion to help the ‘outraged’ snowflakes to calm the **** down. Take care!

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