Still Overpowered after 4 Years? | World of Tanks Object 252u Defender

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World of Tanks Object 252u Defender, Tier 8 Heavy Tank. Is Defender Still Good or Overpowered? World of Tanks Best Overpowered Premium Tanks.

The Mighty Defender, Object 252u… Is it still “overpowered” after being in the game 4 years?

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. If WG happens to remove every single premium rounds just for an hour, they’ll hopefully realize, how much of a shit job they did with game balance……but that’s fine I don’t care bout this game anymore, they can carry on with their crap.

  2. Nope, it’s not OP anymore in the current state of the game. WG nerfed the Defender the same way they nerf other good T8 premiums; stick it in T9+T10 matches all the time. The armor doesn’t stand up to higher tier TDs and heavies or against competent players, it’s slow enough that you can’t really reposition to another flank, and the gun was already very inaccurate with a long reload anyways. If I have the choice between a Lowe and Defender I would pick the Lowe. Same nerf by MM happened to the Skorpion (I swear that gun has become less accurate too) and other good T8 premiums. The next tank it will happen to is the new T56, WG pulls this bait and switch every time.

  3. Crazy how it’s been 4 years since this tank was released. Personally, I think the Defender and Skorpion G began the “new normal” of premiums becoming more and more powerful than their tech tree counterparts, and the old mantra of having premiums be worse than their TT counterpart (IS-6, AMX CDC, T-54 Mod 1, etc.) was abandoned. Which is quite sad.

  4. This tank is very much like FV. If RNG is with you. You can blitz position and even bounce shots from behind.

  5. Luckily on the Asia/AU server Tier 6’s never see tier 8’s. Shame they never implemented this MM for other regions.

  6. Vs tier 6…… And vs tier 10 ?????????

  7. Luck and a good positioning. That’s all..

  8. Still not going back to WOT , it’s all brainless EBr and USSR tank.

  9. The only tank i have 68% winrate after 100 battle.

  10. It’s an over-hyped (for WoT selling purposes) pile of crap. The only thing good about this tank is his armor, but guess what, your armor won’t count in Tier 9-10, and everyone else who sees you, will load Gold – so WoT wins again…

  11. TL:DW. Yeah it’s still OP.

  12. RNG decides which tamk is OP . . .

  13. as a tier 8, its over powered, with this why would you get most other tier 8 premium heavies when they have less hp , armour, and pen. against this as a tier 6, might as well try drowning your tank

  14. This deffender at the end was quite stupid and lucky – going into open facing side of T-34-85M, not aiming fully. But that Skorp was more of a comedian

  15. if only a decent player with skoda T56 were in the other team… we should saw what OP means 🙂

  16. Mine sees Tier 10 battles 80% of the time, where it is just an HP pinyata. Tanks like the Progetto 46, Lansen C and Skoda T-56 are way more effective in Tier 10 because of mobility.

  17. Well its good and troll armory but there are beter tanks in skiled players hands is 3a is far more broken in 1on 1 batle caravan ax can destroy Defender in 1 on 1 couse dpm and acuracy 703v2 is beter in my opinion and new skoda t 56 is intresting

  18. though it still seems intimidating i would rather 50TP prot. with field modifications became perfect.. 🙂

  19. Gun handling is terrible now. I don’t play Defender much these days!

  20. This is a tricky tank to categorize. In a tier 6 match making, of course it’s OP. Press W and win. But since 9/10 games are TierX nowadays, it’s flat out poor at best. So in my opinion, this is a bad tank and is not worth it. Amazing replay tho. I wonder when/if I’ll ever have a game like this. 🙂

  21. Isn’t this tank the ultimate sidescrapper?

  22. deffender is still op and will always be

  23. Defender in tier 6? Of course is OP. Show us Defender in tier 10 battles 🙂

  24. That was greedy! I still prefer the left victory girl though

  25. It was my first tier 8 tank. Got it in mine first packs during xmass event, 2 months after starting playing WoT. Defeneder pumped up my score and my skills. Almost every day i play one game with it. Its funny

  26. ISU 152k likes them

  27. TančíkMajster Zeman

    This tank is very OP you have extrrme good armor. With good gun this tank would be tier 10… i think it is good tank.

  28. This game has changed so much since I first started playing. I logged in yesterday and my first match lasted 6 minutes and ended up in a 15-3 win for my team.
    What happened top-close run 15 minute matches?
    When I played a tier 8 match, a good 50% of the tanks were premium tanks.
    This game really has become P2W.

  29. As someone who started playing 2 years ago, I never really had trouble dealing with the Defender even with tech tree tanks.

    Even with it sidescraping and going hull down, the turret roof is so easy to hit that I don’t even bother loading gold.

  30. Anybody above tier 8 can easily snap the cupolas in close range, you literally can’t sidescrape up against knowledgeable people. Moreover the lower plate is tremendously big. I can only play it good when I can tilt my ass up to increase the lower plate angle; here the armor is very trollish.
    It is very situational tank imo

  31. the gun is a catastrophe most of the time, the armor is worth nothing in most mm (currently I see about 70% tier X in most tier VIII) especially if people push 2. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tank but it’s far from op. T-32 and Tiger II, Emil I or Caernavon… they all do a better job at being a heavy. Save your money! Better spent on 703 II or IS3-A if you want a russian heavy premium.
    Edits for loads of typos

  32. The guy played super bad at the end vs the 34-85 and the chi ri, thinking he was in god mode and could not be harmed…

  33. When this first came out and they were trying to sell lots of them, it got plenty of top tier matchmaking and the derpiness of the gun was dialed down. Now it is just a gold magnate that cannot hit a barn door and which rarely is top tier… This is WG in a nutshell – massive Russian bias… but only until they have a better Russian tank that they want to sell…

  34. Nowadays, Defender sees tier 9 and 10 most of the time, the gun behavior is pure lottery.

  35. how you get it to hit? i given up playing it even with bounty vent i miss everything even at very close range

  36. This right here proves that only tier 1-4 should have +2 matchmaking spread, tier 5-9 should have +1 matchmaking and tier 10s should only meet tier 10s

  37. still OP … in no other tier8 tank you can do 4-5k DPG and bounce similar amounts

  38. Hahahahaha toilet crew at 6:22 i cried

  39. I like the P2W loadout with all the premium consumables. Bet he has full premium ammo loadout for higher tiers battles as well;p

  40. I bought when appear in game ,i got 4 k battles with defender – ive trained all crew for all russian heavy tanks from tech tree

  41. Tank prawning,the best

  42. Imo, Defender isnt op anymore. Sure, 4 years ago it was a mammoth but nowadays its just a classic strong tier 8 premium.

  43. Defender isn’t OP, but the +/-2MM is OP.

  44. I hate this thing. Gun never works for me. Always hits the dirt. Defender is never be top tier. Almost against tier9s and tier 10s.

  45. i dont even seen the video amd here is my answer – its not overpowered

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