Still The BEST TANK | MINI ABRAMS MBT-70 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Still The BEST TANK | MINI ABRAMS MBT-70 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. 7:15 i have no idea why but i died at this

  2. Yes, mbt-70 featured blow-out panels and an isolated ammunition compartment for both the survivability of the tank and crew. This was carried over to the M1 series.

  3. wholeheartedly enjoyed the omaewamo shindero moment

  4. hey phlydaily and her followers. are they remember phly killed himself with 5000 kg bomb yes now phly same challenge kill yourself again but 500 kg bombs

    Attempt #1

  5. Combo Time!
    Play the ST-A2 and G8N1! #attempt 4

  6. Phly returns to the combo’s videos pleaseeee

  7. hey pleeehighdaley. Sometimes you gotta lower your standards. do a pz2

  8. Why do you have the missile ammo in if you don’t use it?

  9. it’s look like playing t-10 M before Tier 6 was there

  10. Hey man i know no one will see this and no one will care but ugh i just fuck i was thinking about suicide and i decided to smoke a cig and i said fuck it watch a video and say something no one will care and you can get your feelings out but anyway i love your vids they can really help sometimes ugh idk what to say bye

  11. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play The Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #11 (?)

  12. Panzer IV Combo :
    Panzer IV F2
    Panzer IV G
    Panzer IV J
    Panzer IV H

  13. fly the mig3 34 trust me if you know what your doing it’s good just do it phly

  14. oh yeah one more thing mig3 34 it’s basically the fw190 for Russia in my opinion but yeah fly the mig3 34 attempt number 1

  15. Challenge series phly? No stopping challenge in the mbt-70 you can move forward backwards or rotate but you can never fully stop

  16. Phly use the M22 I took out a T-34-74 at point black yesterday and the tank is so small that you can gut under its depression at point blank.

  17. #LovingTheUnLoved Sturmpanzer II

  18. Hopefully some of the first versions of the leopard 2 come

  19. Tanks I expect to see “soon”

    USA M60A3 with explosive blocks
    USSR T-72 Ural
    UK FV101 and related vehicles
    Japan STC
    Germany Late model Leopard 1’s

  20. *omae wa mo shindeiru*

  21. Very disappointed MR Phlydaily.

  22. No T-64A in this video?

  23. I want historical realism in my games: Russian dead outnumbering every other nation.

  24. This thing will be nerfed in the ground soon

  25. I say “Stalker! Get out of here!”.
    play any tank but you must choose a random player and only drive in that players tracks, as close to the tank rear as possible, where ever he goes. If the player dies you must choose a a new player and so on 🙂

  26. balance???? it’s about grinding tanks and buying eagles to speed up mod access.
    it isn’t about combat or historical battle style.
    They started screwing it up with tanks with fun stabilized shit.
    If they put the energy into linking maps and making new maps instead of making wallet warriors….

  27. make the Sturm panzer 2 be able to do direct fire and an enhanced targeting/aiming reticle for indirect fire.

  28. A certain Soviet tank has been losing his popularity, show them it’s power! Take out the IS-4M

  29. Wouldn’t the heavy machine gun on top have easily destroyed those German ATGMs from the side?

  30. Phly, you need to try the smoke rush strategy with the Maus. Load a ton of smoke in the 75mm cannon, you can cross any map. Because you have so much armour and they can’t see you, even though you’re so slow, you’ll just be bouncing blind shots all day and can push right into their spawn. Works and field and in city combat. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  31. Try that UFO looking tank.

  32. Weedlord Bonerhitler

    Low BR Seal Clubbing with the Brits: T17E2 + Wirraway or Hudson MK V

  33. You need money so bad that you have two ads in a video now?

  34. An explosion expands radial yes the abrahams has a blouout but it has an armorplate that seperates the fighting compartment from the amunition so it neds more force going in the fighting compartment then bach out. I dident se that plate in the mbt 70

  35. This was a very weird video.

  36. war thunder or world of tanks..please help

  37. Че нравится игра ? Мне тоже.

  38. British Bias! Attempt #2

    Would love to see you take out the Centurion Mk. 10, Chieftain Mk. 3 or Chieftain Mk. 10, the choice is yours! o7

  39. +PhlyDaily

    Well for future mbt tanks I did pull up a wiki
    this is what you may see in future of tanks in war thunder.

    for the XM803 which was essentially MBT 70 but somehow cheaper with little difference between the two.
    this link basically says the xm803 was a nerfed engine and suspension with simpler armor for expense reasons. otherwise the same tank.
    If implemented, It may end up being a premium as only 1 i see was developed but still had “x” to its name. though that would not be good to the game for obvious reasons.
    the xm803 funding was soon cut in 1971 and future funds went to m1 abrams which adopted the germans 120mm smoothbore gun.

    m1 abrams and its Chobham armor:
    the Chobham armor, or better known as the Burlington armor system “would have an RHA equivalence against them of about 350 mm (compared to about 700 mm against shaped charges)”

    weakness: a cited problem with the composite armor was the inability to survive multiple hits in the same area. so hull integrity should also be integrated into war thunder so as to make this tank possible for the implementation to the game.

    other tanks:
    m60a3 with removed cupola in 1980’s with latest edition sporting 120mm gun
    scroll to variants to see what features it also had.
    m60-2000 diet abrams for international buyers (possible premium)

    leopard 2
    any A series in the page should be treated as separate tanks like they do with Shermans in WT


    in the 90s so may take forever


    also 90’s

    with more varients
    90’s t72 buff right here^

    bmp atgm and my personal favorite

    take a wild guess why i like this one xD

  40. i want to see the T-72A

  41. Greek military skin is the photo of this video !! Greek military flag with in the middle Sant George patron of the greek army!!

  42. Why can’t WT implement a more “historical” gamemode and a more laid back (realistic/arcade) game mode? I’m personally scratching my head as to why a tiger H1 comes across Cold War T44’s, and Cold War Centurions and Yankee T29′. Same with the flimsy lightly armed Panthers? Implementing both game modes will be healthy and less fustrating for those that play the game and expect a more “historical” setting.

  43. Loving The Unloved “The Kanonenjagdpanzer aka. Jpz 4-5” recommendation.
    Just got it and have the feeling that I am the only one playing this thing, especially with the stock APCR only.

  44. For loving the unloved: take out the
    Pz III M pls

  45. mini abrams? you mean the mini leo2

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