Still The GOD of Hulldown in World of Tanks!

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may have nerfed the Swedish heavies but the II still holds as the hull down GOD of Tier 9!



  1. Come to console….. I’ll trade your hull down meta for getting one shot by crap arty

  2. just un-nerf the HE for Arty and the hull down meta problem should be dealt with
    i was so surprised the 3-4 halloween event games i played where players were using Arty (only 1 per side but still)
    and i felt kinda sorry for them as one shot me in my TOG II and barely did any damage

  3. World of Tanks is becoming more and more a game where the most successfull player isnt the one with best map awareness, gunnery, or overall game sense, but rather the person who has the most patience.

    And if everyone has the patience to just sit it out and let the clock tick down while staring at each others turret faces, its no wonder why most games become so campy.

  4. The Vocatious Unspeakables

    Arty makes the hull down meta worse by punishing anybody spotted in an unsafe position. It usually funnels people into the places on the map with arty cover or foliage

  5. I totally disagree. The game does NOT have a hull down META at this time. Most games are over in 3.5 minutes because the meta is all speed and momentum. 15-4 Rofflestomps. I am glad that the game has maps and positions now that allow the slow, heavy hull down tanks some opportunity to shine.

  6. They should bring back HE. Hulldown tanks make the game so boring. Like oh that guy found some rubble now they just own this section of the map.

  7. I found the Emil II very frustrating. The gun accuracy was on par with a poor Chinese gun and most shots I took went through the turret. Free XP and blueprinted through the second half. The Kran was day and night better. Sadly it is slow now.

  8. The polish chat at the start xdddd

  9. Well… to bring Arties back, WG has only one statistic to change and that would be to push the damage upwards ! Then and only then, at least in my Opion, players will start playing them again.

  10. The reason you’re not seeing as much artillery is that it’s been nerfed to uselessness.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks quicky baby looks similar to obiwan?

  12. If Swedish tanks needed such big nerfs then why did it take them so long? In league of legends there is a balance change every 2 weeks

  13. I just recently started playing old and bad T8 premiums just to spice it up and have fun… tbh I don’t just find it fun when all I do is sit somewhere with OP hulldown bs tank… so I recently marked Mutz and now I am marking Pilot

  14. Wow.

  15. I loved my Kranvagn before the nerf. I had it with bond equips and with a good crew and even if you ended up in a donkey team you were still able to make a HUGE difference to win the game. It still works of course but this days im not playin it cause its just sad….i mean it become boring now knowing it was capable for so much more… and also i cant see the point to destroy the Kranvagn as now this days we got the same OP tank in the form of the AMX M4 54… -.-

  16. Yeah, WG harshly nerfed the tank way too much. They need to retract the Reload nurf and the gun handling.

  17. Every single game where i play
    Sconq or Kran there are 3 artys every single game its crazy

  18. Fuck the high ground obi one

  19. I didn’t like the Emil or the Emil II. In my battles just to get both tanks to penetrate I had to use premium shells otherwise all that happened were bounces. And yes I was aiming at the weak spots. Now I have no qualms about using premium shells but I am of the opinion that any tank that requires you to use its premium shells to penetrate just is not a good tank. I don’t play either anymore because of all that. Since then the Emils got nerfed as QB pointed out. Even more reason not to play them.

  20. Tier 7 and 8 Italian td’s have a 7 second intra clip reload. That’s probably why he backed off

  21. asco de juego completamente arreglado

  22. Im not even playing the game anymore, Atho i still enjoy watching clips. As for arty yes they have always been the punish tool against campers. The fact that they have become useless should have told everyone a hulldown meta was coming. Revert the he nerf, adjust mm to only allow 2 arty 1 game. 1 big gunned arty 1 smaller gunned arty

  23. wow 6k damage amazing content

  24. Onslaught has revealed that this game simply isn’t balanced from a competitive standpoint. It’s balanced around monetization. Even when they do balance tanks they balance one line at a time instead of say, all of the heavy tanks at one tier across nations. Really sad state of affairs for a game that could be so much better.

  25. I hate playing the game because of these tanks

  26. Game was much better without italian TDs , hull down meta isnt that fun but look how many italian tds are on public.Without them there will be much more variety then its right now.

  27. The Asia server is absolutely riddled with SPG players. Every game has at least 1, often 2 and even with the changes recently to reduce the frequency, I still often see 3. Trust me, it isn’t good for the game.

  28. HUSH QB, I hate arty and wish they take the Arty out of the game

  29. Nerved too much, can’t play it any more… too slow and bad gun handling!

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    “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.” -Proverb

  31. All we need is the old HE back

  32. Friendly Fire Gaming

    While I don’t mind the nerf overall, I think the mobility nerfs in this line were a bit overkill, especially as we still don’t have as good frontal hull armour as we’re supposed to. Even in their own video on the subject, they stated that the frontal armour was more effective than that on the IS-7.

    Meanwhile, in the actual game…

    “Hey, you’re now painfully slow for a “fast” heavy and all of your armour aside from your frontal turret sucks.”

  33. I still feel the Emil II is better tier for tier than the Kranvagn

  34. S.Conqeror is new meta tank, if we don’t count reward tanks.

  35. Maybe the god of hulldown. But at the same time most boring, most meta slave tank there is. U either huldown and u are the “GoD” or you either caught out of position and u are useless garbage.

  36. so, im curious. as i agree that the hull down meta, sit and camp meta is really boring. and that artillery might help with it, im more inclined to say that i rather wish WG buffed more of the frontal assault tanks so they can actually push these campers and not fear for their frontal weakspots as much. cause RN they feel almost weaker than hull-down tanks, because of their frontal weakspots and sometimes thin “gold-pennable” frontal armour.

  37. I remember when they were 4 shot autoloaders

  38. With teamwork and tactics no longer part of the game, Arty is a need with so many hull down tanks.

  39. I dont think the nerf was needed that much. The problem was people would just sit there and take it instead of trying to pressure the tank when it’s reloading

  40. IRL Swedish guns are similar to UK and German guns, very acurate, this dispersion and aiming time is just so wrong and not true to the culture at all, better to just remove the tank.

  41. Best tier 9 HT ??? Amx VZ m103 ?

  42. since wargaming nerved a lot tanks.. Wich line should I play stay on top??

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