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Source: QuickyBaby

Tank Destroyers like the STRV 103B love to camp in World of Tanks. Today I’m going to talk about why it might not be the best way to win!


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  1. Zinoviy Grigor'evich Kolobanov

    Play wot blitz you’ll see TDs frontline and HTs sniping

  2. I’ve been watching you for over 6 years and I have no idea how you’re not at over 1m subs. I know WOT doesn’t have the biggest community but I just got back into world of tanks and watched your videos for years. Great work

  3. Try that with the FV4005 and u die in 30 seconds! I play agressive only with Bobject and T95.

  4. gangster spongebob

    So im just gonna rush with my su100y

  5. I play Ferdinand as a heavy 😁

  6. NA just camps, you dont want to deal with it? Go play war thunder.

  7. T49 camping lol. All the way in the back with the 152

  8. It may be in WoTB, but I play the WT auf PZ IV very aggressively

  9. Ionut-Gabriel Enciu

    The best info…i guess that play style work some times!

  10. Oh I thought pro TD players sat at the back and raged at LT players. Nevermind they’re outside of render range of anything being spotted.

  11. QB, I swear to you the workable armor and turreted flexibility of the T28 Prototype, T30, and T110e4 combined with their TD-class penetration and DPM make them very reliable TD-heavy hybrid tanks that can trade well. I got my TD15 mission done with those tanks by pushing the heavy line. The T25/2 is also serviceable as a hybrid medium. You have to try them out again! Great videos, loving the content! You are a pillar of the WoT community.

  12. Halil Kağan Yılmaz

    With this video open in the back I got 2k damage from tds

  13. Everyone keep an eye out for idiots in cheese wedges getting it all wrong over Xmas,

  14. I’m waching you from Hungary, and I love your videos.

  15. Namewasstolen Stresslevel

    You just had the perfect MM quickbaby. Sand River game had no arty and you still said “arty cant hit me” even tho there was no arty in the game lol 7:24, the other game had only 1 spg. 3 Arty wasnt in the game which allowed you to take those incredible semi-static positions and with little movement in between them and enough time to be hit by arty in between your relocations (but since there wasnt arty…). So no arty in the game allow more people to play without camping, making the games less campy. Before you say you wouldnt camp in your STRV even if there were 3 arty, I am not talking about you or me, I am talking about the majority of the player base who WILL camp if there are 3 arty on enemy team, they will play their TDs whichever way they want regardless of what is said in this video, because 3 arty promotes camping.

  16. Not really new news, but something people needed to hear. Specially when WGs match making sometimes puts over half of the teams with TDs. So annoying when people still just try to camp. Specially in top tier where a lot of TDs have armor too…

  17. I’m playing several of my low tier TDs aggressively like that, never thought about it for the Strv. though! Nice idea as i really like the gameplay for front hogs like the T-30 or T-28.! Thanks!

  18. I could have told you this like a month after the swedes were release. STRV is only fun if you drive it like a T110E5.

  19. Pro Unicum player camping: “Wow this guy must be doing something way beyond my intelligence!” Meanwhile when i camp everyone yells at me, “hey you damn idiot noob, go fight that 1v5!”

  20. Jozef Chocholáček

    Yes, turbo has helped me to use my Strv in a more aggressive way. No more bushwanking only.

  21. And if you play against 3 arty? Will eat you alive. I want to see you play agresive against 3 arty. GL

  22. QB pls make agresive gameplay with Foch B feel like that tank is for you

  23. Quicky, come to the Aussie/HK server and play the lower levels and see what it is like playing with morons game after game after game. There are not to many players on this server with either brains or balls. Try it. See how many games in a row you lose at tier 4/5/6. They are the worst servers in the game. try comparing the top player base from this server with the servers you play on and see what I am saying is so true. This is why there are no successful clans representing asia that could hold a candle to the NA/European servers in quality, brains or balls.

  24. How do I find his mod pack?

  25. As F2P player I’d still use improved aim, rammer, binos.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      Sounds quite useless for a TD this accurate.

    • @VioletStatPedder – Why not make it more accurate? Yes I like to snipe at the back. 😀

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @NiceSk1ll3r Because it’s already really accurate. It’s a % boost and not a “static” boost so the effect you get on the one of the most accurate gun in the game is quite minimal compared to something which isn’t as accurate.

  26. Really enjoying the vids lately!

  27. Thats why Tortoise is so immensely good. You got the armor, you got the dpm.

  28. Anyone else remembers when the 2nd line of Soviet TDs was added? All campers were complaining that they’re useless, while active players were praising their new turretless mediums, being a 1 tier lower than comparable turreted mediums. Well, until the Tier X, which was whole another beast, especially in platoon.

  29. When I see arty in enemy team 😔I’m good I’ll do the strategy next match

  30. Judging by the title alone, this is the most important WoT video ever.
    I’m a pretty average player, but I have good win rate in WZ-120-1G FT, because I play aggressively.

  31. Yeah that play on Erlenberg would not have worked like 9 out of 10 times. I mean, the enemies had only one AMX 30 B going down that flank to defend it, no tank destroyers were in the bushes back there to stop QB from advancing and usually there are also some tanks hiding in the bushes of that little island next to the castle. Great video though, i completely agree that TDs should in most situations not just camp at the back but really be played aggressively like mediums or heavies, even those with paper armor.

  32. When was the 3d camo for this released? I missed this one

  33. I definitely agree here. I’m gonna start playing my Skorp G like a medium and see where it gets me, it should be quite good. Big alpha, fully traversing turret, decent reload and mobility… kinda like my Lansen really

  34. Completely agee. Since I play TDs more aggressively and the results have improved.

  35. 13:14 Free2play with Premium ACC? For real xD Ofc Im not saying you bought it, but man wtf 🙂 Btw great performance! Keep it on!

  36. Stop camping
    Stop yolo rushing to death in 30 seconds
    Focus fire one player
    I could go on

  37. i have tried sth to do, did 4k dmg 4 kills but a lose, with strv s1 , was very stressful.

  38. QB: you gotta take that risk
    Me: oh hell no. Rngesus fk me up way too many times. Aint gonna trust that shiet any more

  39. I use TDs aggressively as much as I can, have been for the past seven years, Jpanther line was great for this, Obj 268 4 lane was great for this, now I played the T110E3 and albeit a lot slower, also awesome for this. I have premium chinese and swedish TDs tier 8 and play both of them agressively. And yes, Turbo is a gamechanger

  40. I as a player of WoT Blitz, I use AT 2 as a frontal bullet blocker than sniper, don’t know if this makes any sense at all…

  41. You can play like this in game WITHOUT arty. With arty, you would be dead in 1 min 😉

  42. Distraught Cruiser Owner

    Where’s the tuseday video

  43. I think with a TD, you have to know when to camp and when to be aggressive. So many players just camp bush 90% of the game, if the advanced and applied pressure, they would help win a lot more.

  44. keep up QB lol, vents, turbo and optics was the first loadout i gave my 103B as soon as equipment 2.0 hit live servers, and even before then i was playing the 103B aggressively. racing up to a position on a ridgeline to face off against their mediums and hold the line, and just letting my dpm and gun push the enemy flank back and keep extending our line forwards. playing like this ive broken entire flanks and caused even 3 tier 10 mediums to completely break and run away. an extremely strong vehicle in defense can easily be used on the offensive as you can establish a forward line and hold it, then keep pushing it further and further.

    also in my experience with the 103Bs armor… 100mm soviets guns firing heat still go through the heat shield and into the armor causing dmg.. shooting AP or heat at the very front beak between the shield and plow is an auto pen, and contrary to soviet 100mm guns with heat auto-penning the shield and front armor… apparently the heat from a 268 v4 will bounce 100% of the time on the front armor… tbh i literally have no idea how this stupid TDs armor works… mine gets buttered by everything through the shield yet my 268 v4 firing gold at the center of its armor plates bounce every time…

  45. When QB does great in games: No arty
    When I try to mimick: 3 arty – all the time.

  46. Show your crew and set up then talk to us quickybady

  47. Michael LaBossiere

    But camping means s’mores, QB. In this case, s’more losses. Delicious defeat, the whole team gets that treat.. 🙂

  48. Michael LaBossiere

    The British AT 2 is a good place to start practicing playing aggressively in a TD (although it is a bit of a shadow of its past glory). The AT8 and AT7 are also good for this; but watch those weak points. The T28, T95 and the Object 268 V4 are also excellent in this role (although arty will punish you).

  49. hey QB, this is my first comment on your channel. I tried your loadout and style, and am loving it!


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