^^| Stop Camping please.

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Source: SirCircon

Couldnt find enough footage for another compilation, but i had to share this one.


  1. fair and balanced

  2. arty stop camping please

  3. ermgh. My moustache dont like this. This is wring son!

  4. disgusting campers

  5. please guys… dont camp this hard :P

  6. Gun arc op

  7. RNGesus working as intended ;-)

  8. Now I am wondering if I should go down the UK line, I am going down the US,
    but that shot, not even sure my M53 could do that.

  9. #stopcamping 

  10. It’s because of Circon that I’ve finally decided to give artillery a
    chance. I’m on the Sexton II, and it’s so easy. The only real challenge is
    trying to shoot over buildings. I’ve noticed that tier 7+ is where arty
    starts to get seriously OP.

  11. Using gold consumables, gold ammo, the disputed by the community mod and
    being in a 3 arty platoon and at the same time complaining about the amount
    of arties in random games. The definition of hypocrisy.

  12. circ can you please do a vid on how to download the battle assistant mod
    for arty players?

  13. Jingles refugee camp arty 😀 

  14. Ok circon we will

  15. what deal did you make with satan, or is hell completely frozen? The one
    person I thought would never be in an artillery piece WAS circon 🙁 

  16. OMG circon Y U DO DIS

  17. all in a streams work for circon

  18. Did you really throw up? 0_0

  19. “not enough footage”

  20. my mind is tellin me noooo, but my booody, my booooooody is tellin me

  21. Circons laughter can cure cancer and stop wars. Just show this to the world
    and it will all be fine. Almost every time I come back here to check for
    updates and he gets a laughter attack. I feel like I will live past 100.
    The in game voice com video did extend my life span for 20 years for sure.

  22. haha that giggle is priceless lmfao :DD

  23. I have a love hate relationship with arty, got a few and generally do well
    with the British so accurate compared to the French line. German and
    American not bad but cannot say im a convert to SPGs they annoy me by
    missing more prefectly aimed shots than any other type. hate the aiming
    system too.

  24. re camping we really need a guide to camping for the game, so new players
    understand that to stop moving and wait for an enemy tank isnt camping
    while sitting in the base for 90% of the game is. New players shouldnt be
    given the impression you always have to charge forward in every game not
    matter what tank your playing.


  26. His finger is telling him yeaaa

  27. I saw on the forums that a WG employee clarified that the Battle Assistant
    mod is illegal :/

  28. Saw this on stream it’s was hilarious

  29. stahp kemping bush iz not fair plane.

  30. Headphone users RIP in peace.


  32. kappa

  33. So fair and balanced… I wont even bother taking cover againts arty if I
    see a cgc in the enemy team next time… that is just ridiculously
    overpowered…easy to play as fuck, can shoot anywhere even behind
    godfucking mountains and it hits for fucking 1,2k dmg at least… no
    problem is misses, still does 700 dmg..

  34. pls stop

  35. Arty Noob ;)

  36. How do u access the new aim mod on test server

  37. hello Circon, i’msorry if the question has already been answerd, but is it
    my imagination or there is a new view in arty, with a little angle.
    Thanks for your video and for your answer.

  38. The reason you hit him was because he was just sitting in cover, instead of
    using that thing’s speed. If he’d fired the jets and tried to do…
    something, at least he wouldn’t have gone down like that.

  39. Yoooouuuuu scumbag. ;p

    But seriously, fair and balanced. Just ask WG, it’s not like revamping arty
    would be time-consuming and require a lot of hard work and the end result
    wouldn’t be the wanker’s cramp campfest that artillery are now and so a lot
    of the no-skill jackasses wouldn’t be able to get any damage at all without
    actually learning how to play the damn game and that’s hard so let’s not
    push them to do that when a lot of them spend real money on artillery.


    No, that was not an immense run-on sentence. There are no Americans in
    Baghdad. The Soviet Union was a peaceful, progressivist paradise that no
    one ever tried to flee for their lives from. AND ARTILLERY IS FAIR AND


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