Stop Going Hill On Himmelsdorf

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  1. Now on EU everyone goes hill Which is why I carry to balls on it because rush 3 line.. kill arta… flank and do 4k dmg ez

  2. John von Shepard


    i learned that from Obi Wan.

  3. LUIKE (I meant like encase you are not aware)

  4. Hill can easily be irrelevant on standard, I still believe hill is crucial on Himmelsdorf Encounter though.

  5. What video editing software do you use and what program do you use for your stream?

  6. Hey LR just wanted to say that if you go into Service records/statistics/infographics you can see in that thingy where is says what nations did you play that theres a new nation Poland 🙂 Hype for the new tanks coming into the game 🙂

  7. Have you gotten the e-50 m yet? What do you think of it

  8. its actually winter himmelsdorf

  9. fucking scorpions…

  10. Whenever i listened your advices our team allways lose game

  11. It’s not called overmatch.. it’s numerical superiority. Overmatch is having better visibility or better weapon range so that you can shoot at the EN and they won’t spot you or be able to pen your armour etc… Nothing sh1ts me more than noob that don’t understand the numbers game. They camp freaken 5:1 ratio and then let the side fall because they didn’t push like you do.. I wish there were more players like you.. 🙂

  12. Thanks Lemming.

  13. creativityfails1

    “aggression wins games” unless you’re in a pub battle on a map like arctic region where 6 TDs can just defend base and win.

  14. Hi, do you have any thoughts you can bring to video for the caernarvon?

    Im having a hell of a hard time on it,

    I’d appreciate any tips you can offer

  15. Every time I watch your videos I’m like holy **** your good, I wanna go play WOT. I get to playing WOT then I’m like wow I suck, I should watch more YouTube. Then this cycle repeats.

  16. Team….wherk? Wins games? What?!

  17. “easilly”

  18. 100% agree, going to the hill is stupid and not worth it, it’s easily defended if they try to push (assuming people are aware of how to do this of course)

    Uh lemming, no offense bro but one of their top tiers dced, that makes a big difference between winning and losing, also the 140 was too stupid to shoot your engine or your sides. . .

    And if the skorp had balls like he should have he could have put a shot into you as well and you would have died before the 140 did due to loading 490~ hp

    I do agree with your strat and it does work very often and is consistent.

  19. Hi Lemming.. Big Fan here. Very detailed analysis as always… helping bad and average players like me do better. Keep up the good work. Cheers. Also, have u seen the Foch 155 replay by Circon. U should check it out too… he’s one of my fav players too 🙂

  20. No but if you want damage don’t you want hill then? Because, you wasted so long driving across the map.

  21. I love your videos, but I’ll give you one recommendation if you don’t mind. You use the word “obviously” often(at least 8 times in this video alone). When giving instructions the word isn’t necessary and can even be misconstrued as belittling when you don’t mean it that way. Remember, you’re instructing players who are not as good as you. Certain actions and map positioning of you, your team and the enemies isn’t obvious to lower skilled players. Around 1:50 you say, “I can just sit on the cap here even though, obviously, this is pretty risky.” The world obviously is just an unnecessary filler, serves no purpose and can be considered condescending(to snowflakes who are also a part of your viewer base). Maybe I’m just OCD about narration and speaking due to training I’ve received, but I consider it worthwhile advice regardless.

  22. Alexander Agustine

    Lemming, you did not win this game, they gave it to you on a platter. Just like my teams did yesterday, where in 2 min my teams would be down 9 tanks…. I don’t know how unics manage to keep such high stats when you get games like that (clearly rigged as fuck). My win rate last week was 60% while yesterday alone was 33%…. go figure

  23. Great video brother.

  24. Exactly Lemming. I love it when the enemy goes to the hill. I’ll then just take my RU 251 or STA 1 to the C1/ F1 area and have easy side shots on them all day.

  25. What does “raffle stump” mean? I don’t even know how is it spelled. Sry, not native.

  26. I don’t really understand why people say that “hill wins game” every time. Only in Encounter mode would I stress people to go up the hill, because that’s where the majority of the people go anyway and you don’t want to be: 1) late on the hill and 2) be outnumbered and outflanked. The side that wins the hill in that particular game mode often decides the outcome of the game.
    Obviously it’s stupid to think that hill wins game when you leave your own base or flank wide open in a standard game mode…

    Also not sure why the enemy team is supposed to have the ‘better positions’ as you claim at 4:41, when the enemy team obviously does not: a friendly tank can just cap out behind the buildings in cover and the rest of the team can keep the enemy from driving back to reset the cap. Probably just a contradiction you made as you went along, but in the bigger picture you painted you already corrected yourself there, so yeah…

    Just my thoughts…

  27. being tier 10 in a tier 8 game, u can brain afk this entire match and win. How about doing your vids with only tier 10 vehicles, you would never be able to advance like this!

  28. u gona 3 mark that pos tank, rip my only 3 mark

  29. Yeah the problem with the hill is that when you’ve won the hill, you’ve only won the hill.

  30. Hey lemming have you seen the 111 5a game by razer that is taking the right community by storm
    Razer is in youjo
    He did 14k dmg and 10 kills

  31. So lemmingrush, you are Canadian. My question for you is, do you own another YouTube channel? Have you heard of Aculite? He is also Canadian.
    I think you sound similar soooo i dunno.

  32. 100% agree. The hill takes too long to get there and it is an alienating position: you cant help your friend on the rest of the map and if you win you still have to win over 90% of the map. Other maps have these elementents (speed/ time to get there and alienating positions) to: such as the valley on Lakeville. The west of Steppes. The east on serene coast. The east on mountain pass.

  33. Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, today we’re going to learn why the hill doesn’t win the game. LR throwback

  34. This is so fucking random .. my god .. you are saying how to Win Himmle but man … how many times there wont be anyone under Castle? .. This is like 1/50 games on himmle you wont meet someone under castle and you go and say “This is how to win Himmle” .. If there will be someone,you just cant rush him cuz he has so much advantage . I like your vids but you are showing 1 good game where something happened that wont happen in next 20 games and saying how to win on this map .. Yeah you did well with Rush and with capping but thats all ..

  35. I would have thought that you would love the hill. Personally I never go up there.

  36. It's not what you think

    I need strats for tier 4 you cunt. Please help.


    at least try to get it right

  38. Sigh, there are so many conflicting ideas about how to best play this and that, but what I like about ur videos lemming, is that u don’t rush, u take ur time to explain and make your case, and not just be like, do as I say…

  39. What bugs me is that no one knows how to play an Encounter map. All the Lemmings do is play like any other map – and LOOSE. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    Seriously, WTF is up with that?!?

  40. title is misleading.  it should say ‘don’t leave a giant whole for the enemy to poor through’.  Had they pushed hill, but left 2-3 tanks to hold tank alley, they could have easily won since the hill was wide open, and they would have flanked the crap out of you.

  41. i <3 yuor videos

  42. When I sit on the toilet, my balls stretch and drop in the water. Anybody else experienced this?

  43. lemmingrush Any tips on not being targeted by arty? my stats aren’t even that good I understand u get targeted a lot cuz ur stats but arty just waits for me like every other game am I just being a retard and sitting in the open or should I just sit somewhere and wait for my team to do something?

  44. I’ve almost never been able to push the 8 line this easily in random tier ten matches like that. It’s such a popular corridor for tanks to camp and sidescrape on. It’s much more usual for the 2 or 3 line to open up and allow you to get into their backlines. Usually you can predict where they will tend to go based on the tank composition of the enemy team. The majority of the team in this game are mediums and tank destroyers, so they all went to go snipe, but nobody was doing the important work of holding the corridors nor pushing through.

  45. I am usually that one guy who goes back and resets the base and dies for it 🙁

  46. Heyo! Just found your channel in my struggle to learn to play light tanks. You are very clearly a pretty knowledgeable player and I thought you may be able to help. I’m on console and am currently working my way up my first light line being the German light line leading to the leopard 1. Currently I’m stuck on the tier 4 Luchs with the last autoloader but I just struggle to do more than a spot or two a game, promptly lose the game, and only make 75-150 xp a match. The point is I want to learn light tank game play but don’t know anyone that can teach me and all light tank game play on YouTube is in high tier. I just don’t know what to do with the low tier lights with crap guns and bad teammates that don’t know how to play their tanks. Do you have any videos of low tier light game play that you can direct me to and learn or have a specific guide to low tier light tanks? Even just a reply and a few tips in the comments would help immensely. Thank man and keep up the great videos!

  47. This premium t8 heavy is more like “Leve” not “Low” 🙂

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