Storm answers on Beta Tester forums

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

as you probably already know, Storm is answering stuff from time to time in the closed section of Russian forums. Here’s what he said about the test 9.9:

– the optimization in 9.9 is nice, go check it out: 10 to 30 percent performance increase on various configurations
– the FV215b HD model is apparently fake, it’s a photoshop of the HD Conqueror picture (confirmed it with WG, it’s a fake indeed)
– the HD E50, E50M and E75 HD models are delayed. The reason for this is that they are being outsourced to various companies and these outsourcers work with different speeds so all the release plans for specific vehicles got busted. The introduction of vehicles is now practically random, based simply on what HD models arrive first

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