Storm Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

some leakers suggest that Wargaming is planning to overhaul the tier 9 German tank destroyers and introduce the Jagdpanzer E50. The thing is, Jagdpanzer E50 is a fake, just like this piece of “news”, not much to worry about.

– Storm confirms: ghost are not a bug, but one of the engine , caused by inaccurate transfer of coordinates at different distances.
– there are no cred/XP income with the Domination mode. The developers led an extensive investigation but found out there is practically no difference between it and random battles
– the sharp light and white “powder” on tanks in the holiday hangar is a feature, not a bug
– new sounds and motion physics ETA? “Sorry, I cannot answer”
– 9.13 contains a bug where the explosions and smoke sometimes look like squares, the reason for this is unknown for now
– it’s possible that the bug (widely reported) of Czech tanks having texture problems with roofs on Winter Himmelsdorf maps is tied to the Protanki mod
– KV-3 model incorrect and to be investigated? “No promises”
– developers will investigate the situation where the Domination mode sometimes charges players for repairs that should be free
– T95E2 penetration will be reviewed once more for possible buff
– the Super Pershing small hatch (on the right side of the “pipes”) was not a part of the old collision model, therefore it wasn’t added to the HD one
– 9.13 FPS losses depend heavily on PC configuration
– summer camo bug is known and will be fixed
– currently, the developers are working on global changes such as the transfer to the new engine and multicore mechanism. In the last few (excluding 9.13), these tasks were gradually performed on both client and server side
– the developers agree that good historical and “in development” content could reduce the toxicity in the game, because the players could understand the developers better and vice versa

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