Storm Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– it’s very likely according to Storm that the new sounds (previously previewed in a Youtuber video) will not appear in 9.11 (10.0) because there are issues with their performance on single-core (!) PC’s
– new sounds will come once WG figures out how to deal with the performance issues
– one of the variants for sound introduction is to have new sounds only in HD client
– the “9.11 leaked screens” contain features that will likely not appear in 9.11
– the most important part about 9.11 according to Storm is not to introduce many nasty bugs
– the fix for the issue where the tanks are ending up on the same maps over and over again during one session will not be fixed anytime soon according to Storm
– Storm really likes the Czech branch
– Storm reacting on the question whether 9.11 deals that will add bonus to crew skill are pay to win: “Everything that’s available for gold you can get for credits.”
– Storm states that FV215b will be replaced. However, it is not certain that it will be replaced by Chieftain: “We will switch it. But for what and how – that we will have to think about” (RG: There is a chance that instead of Chieftain there will be Listy’s “Super Conqueror”, it’s possible that the switch will not happen in 9.11 after all)
– VK4502B will also likely be raplaced
– according to some players, Yuri Pasholok found out that FV4202 and Action X turrets were identical armor-wise. According to Storm, actual measurements with ultrasound probe produced different results.

Wargaming is considering the following thicknesses as real:

Action X:

– the loss of camo factor when shooting does depend on whether your gun has a muzzle brake or not
– there are no plans to massively model canvas on vehicle mantlets on many tanks

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