Storm Stream Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

here's a big Q&A from recent official WG with Storm

– Storm confirms upcoming artillery overhaul. The biggest problem with current artillery system is its randomness – this should be mitigated by turning artillery into “debuffers” (see previous article – smaller alpha but applying crew debuffs)
– WG is planning the same artillery features as in AW: players will be able to see that they are being fired at by arty – and they will also see where roughly is the arty firing from
– current version of new motion physics in testing is much closer to the final model than the previous was, now the focus is on testing whether the new physics don't stress the servers too much. If there are no problems, it is very likely that this variant will appear on live server
– developers are working and will continue to work on optimization so the game keeps its performance when new features are added. The clientside is almost completely reworked and has nothing to do with original Bigworld
– currently MM is not working perfectly, WG knows about the issue where for example one team has one tier 10 and the other has five. It will be fixed. The issue where one plays the same maps over and over again will also be fixed.
– there are plans for for a couple of years ahead – the closest new branch is Czechoslovak. Each patch will bring a couple of special (event) and premium tanks too.
– developers will add multiturret mechanism, multigun mechanism and amphibious tanks, maybe even wheeled vehicles
– there are ideas to completely overhaul the crew system in WoT to resemble the one in WoWs (one “crew”). At the same time the perks and will be reworked to add gameplay variety
– currently, maneuverability and armor of tanks are inferior in importance to firepower, devs plan to change that by increasing maneuverability (new physics) and penetration nerfs
– historical battles are not scrapped and will return in PvE form. First PvE will come in the form of new tutorial.
– new modes and gameplay are represented by Domination, it is almost ready
– the implementation of “saying thank you” to good players (as the opposite of reports for bad ones) depends on how well will this feature do in WoWs
– XP for tanking will come soon
– developers are still working on Havok but it stresses player PC's and servers too much
– it's possible tanks with tier 11 and higher will appear
– developers will continue to fight illegal mods and bots

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