STORY TIME WITH PHLY! – First World Problems – (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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STORY TIME WITH PHLY! – First World Problems – (War Thunder )


  1. Christopher Hurford

    first yay


  3. second say

  4. psychotic bookworm

    first comment 🙂 great video man keep it up and could you do a t-54
    gameplay with a il 15?

  5. Do a video on the Challenger or Avenger

  6. Under 301+ club

  7. hey phly it seems like i have been looking at your vids since u started

  8. Phly i luv you i hope you will drive out the tiger 1E

  9. Hey Phly! I just wanna say that I love you (no homo but really you are the
    best) ^^

  10. Definitely first

  11. 262 views

    Germany confirmed

  12. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    In today’s video….. WHAT THE F*CK!

  13. yes and you fuck!

  14. feel you, bro…

  15. When is the next stream???


    !Elbissop siht si woH

  17. 25th

  18. goodness…

  19. I hate optimum. I have it and i cant switch

  20. WTF… What in the fuck… WTFFFFF!!!!!

  21. wow… that’s so bad…

  22. yes…

  23. Brit here. The internet bill is ~£40 for 18 down and 10 up.
    Oh wait that’s what we should get. It’s actually more like 0.11 megs down
    on a good fucking day because our government is too fucking retarded to
    subsidize proper fiber optic cable.

  24. read title as ‘time with story phly’ 10/10 me

  25. I hope that everything turns out okay Phly. Best of luck!

  26. Thunder1177 Weekly

    Lol my power was out on Christmas it sucked

  27. sponsored by time warner cable, home depot, and samsung

  28. Flying my p 80 at 10000ft, going 450 MPH, and get shot down by AAA…

  29. the encut was a litrle bit too fast. But nice story, hope that all going
    glad and that there are no new problem coming like this, but if it happen
    again you can say the house is cursed.

  30. you should make a point to the Internet provider by driving a KV-2 through
    their front door

  31. I thought I saw you in this game, look there’s me! – Lastronaut

  32. I believe *Oligopoly is the term you were looking for Phly :)

  33. internet is way too expensive in America and Canada. We have 3mb down and
    1mb up (average) and pay $60 a month whereas in Europe you get 500mbps down
    AND up for £50-60

  34. Cable companies are evil. They should be heavily regulated by the
    government, and FORCED to supply customers in a timely manner, fix issues,
    and generally do WHAT WE PAY THEM TO DO! Heavy fines would be a good start
    me thinks, and perhaps some jail time if they’re persistent in their
    failure to provide a service.

  35. Wesley Van Breemen

    play the 20mill British armored car pless

  36. £30 a month Fiber in Scotland is 35mps down and 1.5mps up. So Phly not
    every place in the EU is great.

  37. Omg phly, I m the comet at the beginning of the gameplay, I can’t believe
    it was you !!!

  38. I’m here early better say something funny… My life

  39. here goes me thinking “oh what mypsace is back” click the link and get rick
    rolled ;3; you win this time Phly

  40. 80k people ? I remember 120-150k before patch 1.47

  41. Holy shit that sucks dude. Hope things get better for you man.

  42. UK internet= Worst internet in the whole Freaking world. i pay £60 for
    5megabites down and 3up at best…..

  43. wow….wat a way to kick off 2016 lol

  44. The “Goodness” part was fucking hilarious.. It’s shitty to have all sorts
    of stupid issues like you described..

  45. i paying 25€ for 50/5mbit 😀 and its home phone with it 😀 + 😀 they hook
    me up with free tv for 2years xD

  46. I installed the washer and dryer here, so if something goes wrong, it’s my

  47. Christopher Jorge


  48. Phly what’s a landlord, we don’t have those in Europe?

  49. Pretty much all i heard is : OMG Kv-2 are op.

  50. Like many im not a native English speaker and You spoke so damn fast i
    couldnt get half of most of your sentences but i think i understood the
    story even though i dont know what the hell you internet problem had to do
    with your hoise being flooded because of your washer… And what the the
    hell is a home depot is it like a place where ppl buy and sell stuff for
    houses ?

  51. Hey, I’m in customer support and I have the beans. Best call center monkey
    in the whole world.

  52. I remember when my house flooded,it flooded over my computer and my celling
    fell in.

  53. Mr. Sark disagrees with you about Time Warner

  54. hahaha jacksepticeye uploaded story time with Jack and it’s right next to
    this in my sub box

  55. ethernet? lol☺

  56. Alright, my English is not best in the whole world
    If I understood that corectly, Something about his internet cable has
    fucked up, and his washer fucked up too?
    Lol, still so much funny video, like for the flooding!

  57. “Time with story phly”

  58. I’m so tired. I read your thumbnail as “time with story phly” ☹. I was like

  59. Lol, the way the vid just ENDS like that

  60. Time for story phly

  61. 2:15 Lol what i pay 17EU per month for 1Gb/s upload and downoload.

  62. Hahahahaha the end…

    “I do have some trouble saying ums alot because my uh…. uh…. ummm…
    umm.. Just kidding”

  63. Finally someone had to deal with bad Time Warner service. I had setup 4
    service calls in a week and nobody showed up for me. So I go into the time
    warner store and they tell me that they have no such service calls on their
    records. I think this is because they got bought out by Comcast last year.
    And the word your looking for Phly is “Monopoly”. Which Comcast(time
    warner) is creating for themselves in America so they can jack the rates up
    and downgrade their service since there the only provider in most states.
    Good luck getting that 20mbps if at all which I never get.

  64. Phly call this number for help, 1-800-Matt-Damon

  65. phly arent you living with baron, slick and royal anymore?

  66. Romania = possibly the best internet for buck in the world: 1 gb download
    (in reality more like 750-900 mb/s but still), 200 mb upload speed for
    10-11 dollars = WIN!!!

  67. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING

    Where do you live phly?

  68. You all forget where is the cheapest internet in EU – Bulgaria where I pay
    monthly only 8 euros for 75 Mbps internet connection

  69. Kieler Christophersen (kbond)

    man that sucks phly hope i gets better

  70. You want a first world problem. Religion.

  71. In London , non of the internet providers provide good internet connection
    . from 6:00 am to 15:00 the internet is 50 ms and less , but after 15:00 to
    like 2:00 the internet is 1000 ms (ping) high and more . Called the
    internet provider , they said they will fix on the 21st November , then
    after that date the internet was not fixed , soo i called them again , and
    they said 21 st of December now , soo i waited , and on 2 nd of January
    caled them up and they said 21 st January the internet will be fixed . I
    told them that this internet provider is a joke (virgin media). and they
    said they will fix soon … My friend has same problem with virgin media as
    well , but switching to BT provider would take 2 weeks or soo , so i kept
    deciding virgin media will fix it by then , but clearly not ….

  72. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    Damn dude! Sorry to hear about your misfortunes :/ Hope you get everything
    sorted out soon.

  73. Why do you move so often Phly? Isn’t that a pain in the ass?

  74. omg i was in the video. I was the hellcat named _Viktor_sk. 😀 got killed
    by phly…


  76. I feel bad

  77. oh man, the only thing that comes to my mind is MATT DAMON

  78. No in the UK I have 4 down and 0.5 up, and I live in a city

  79. I’m so lucky I have google fiber 1000 up and down life is great

  80. Samuel Fredericks

    Funny how you say Samsung washer, I think it was Samsung but in Australia
    they made a massive recall because they just burst into flames.

  81. So wait you don’t live in Florida anymore?

  82. It takes me about 24 hours to download an update for a game ON A GOOD DAY,
    I blame the Tory bastards!

  83. Well Samsung makes ALOT of stuff, search on YouTube like ‘how powerfull is
    Samsung’ or something like that.
    They even made a TANK, like a really battle tank! The K9 Thunder I believe

  84. how much did TWC pay you to say that?

  85. Samsung and LG make everything in Korea. From excavators to toilets.

  86. I’m in North Carolina time warner Internet Is fun

  87. Go to Korea best internet

  88. be more honorable in the first world. and it wouldent hurt to learn some
    first world skills(what fosils look like, what plants do what, ow to
    operate and check this and that, ect.)

  89. vlog soon?! confused if you still live in the stream house or not

  90. Hey Phly, have you bought the P-38K? I have, its FUCKING AMAZING. I think
    people would love to see it flown out in WT :D

  91. what happened to he country house?!?!? with the PO Box???

  92. half the UK spent Xmas balls deep in water if that makes you feel any

  93. 0:22 lol sure XD

  94. In Lithuania we get 100Mbit Up/down for 10€. Yeah…

  95. In Lithuania we get 100Mbit Up/down for 10€. Yeah…

  96. 2:32 The word is “oligopoly.”

  97. Complain complain complain…

  98. PT76 vs flying boats IN THE SWIM

  99. Lol yeah! 🙂 I pay like 20 dollars monthly for a 1 gigabit internet. 🙂 And
    it’s Hungary

    My HDD can’t even handle it.

  100. Eduardo Larios (yayo12397)

    Hey Phly shit happens broXD

  101. Meanwhile here in Canada, fuckin pay for 20mb/s download and you get fuckin

  102. Dude i pray everything goes well and your townhouse is ok

  103. or at least not like rebuild it or have it collapse or something

  104. Try World of tanks

  105. *video cuts off because a gallon of water rushes through his computer

  106. ~80€ here for 100/20Mbps (guaranteed) with +200 Channels TV, a home phone
    with free National calls (both fixed and mobile numbers) and 4x
    Cellphones(2k minutes calls, 2000SMS and 2GB of net/month)
    All in the same package, and that’s like average to high price compared to
    some other EU countries.

  107. Влад Крупинский

    Wtf? I live in Russia and pay $5 for 50 mbps up and down.

  108. PyrotechnicMailman

    Phly my house fukin flooded too…twice. I feel ya man.

  109. I read the thumbnail title as Time with Story Phly. I like this better

  110. Oligopoly is the term you were thinking of

  111. I get 400kb’s if I’m lucky

  112. i want to send you a picture of the washer drain and be like this is what a
    drain is you know to look for it now xD

  113. 500/500 MB/s for 60 euros a month or so where I am from


  115. ya it rained for 3 days none stop and my house is over a 150 years old so I
    feel your pain with watter in the house

  116. Hey Phly it ended early hahahahahahahahahahah!

  117. My friend has Time Warner Cable and he says it is shit. He calls it “Time
    Shitter Cable” XD he rages about it all the time

  118. < Gets 980Mb/s download/upload in Canada.

  119. Phly that word is Oligopoly

  120. Mário André Fernandes Ramos

    Time with story phyl?

  121. Ppfftt. I’m a Romanian and we pay 10euros a month for a 1gb/s connection.

  122. 10€/month for 100mbps internet and unlimited 4g in Finland :^D


    These British tanks dough


    I’m sorry for you man. Just look on the bright side! You’re ok! ??

  125. Fleshy robots? So they’re synths?

  126. My base ment flooded the night I moved into my new house.

  127. Time Story With Phly??? Time With Story Phly???

  128. Sorry about your house but why do you like cats

  129. why did phly move out of power haus? didn’t he just move to Florida?

  130. hi im new to the game can i get info and tips from you bcs yr good thanks!

  131. Phly, move to Kansas City, get TWC with 300mb/s down, and hitting damn near
    50mb/s upload even. Or just move to a place with Google Fiber here

  132. WHAT In Queensland Australia I only have 250 – 900 kb/s down

  133. You think 5 mb internet speed is bad I live in Australia and the max i have
    ever gotten was 1.1mb and the average is 600 kb

  134. in Germany we pay 30 € for 300mbits at best

  135. Blazer Project “Nick Smith”

    Damn PhlyDaily, about sounds like me at my job a few days ago. Power was
    dead after the storms and ice and then we lose our DOCK BACKING PLATE when
    the welds broke loose and having the plate in the dock. Owner shows up and
    the guys that welded it ran the welds to fast and did not even penetrate
    the metal for a good weld. And also we got two refrigerating units that are
    doing the same thing thanks to drains not properly installed.

  136. PhlyDaily, subttitle in spain please.

  137. The last plane isn’t that “Join the Darkside ” times ?

  138. Thats why I go to lowes

  139. Christopher Merola

    Sorry for the problems, Phly. I know about flooding, we almost lost our old
    boat when the freshwater pump cracked and we couldn’t close the valves.
    Flooded the entire bilge before we figured how to stop the flow. At the
    very least, Home Depot is to blame and you’re blameless for that. Good luck
    with the troubles!

  140. Hey phly I’m not a time warner guy, but I am a cable guy if you ever have
    cable questions let me know.

  141. Time warner we had that

  142. Seriously what do people download that they need 300 mb/s speeds? I feel
    like I get around 10-15, sure takes like 10 minutes to download some big
    steam games but I just play some minesweeper.

  143. I feel you pain Phly. We just moved into a new place. By new I mean it was
    built in 1909. Well, parts of it. It’s a fixer upper, but one day it’s
    going to be a super awesome house.

  144. Ha. id love to pay 30 quid for 100 up and down. currently paying 18 for 2mb
    down and 0.4mb up in London. upgrading soon tho.

  145. Ha. id love to pay 30 quid for 100 up and down. currently paying 18 for 2mb
    down and 0.4mb up in London. upgrading soon tho.

  146. just a tip on ur place man…I’m sure u probably know this, but a good way
    to make sure all of ur equipment, all of ur clothes, just all of ur
    personal affects are compensated for is to take out a renter’s insurance
    policy. any of the big insurance companies offer them. that way, in the
    event of a flood, fire, etc., u can put $10,000 into another computer
    system and KEEP US ENTERTAINED! good luck with ur new place poly…;)

  147. Ruben van miegroet

    “In Today’s video: what the fuck?”

    Pretty much everyones reaction to a new Phly video

  148. check drain next time. like normal people. :P

  149. Phly, for your own interest I would suggest watching Eugene Mirman
    (comedian, actor) on his TW Cable rant. It’s pretty fucking funny.

  150. Home Depot contracts out its installations on washers and dryers. Make sure
    and notify the store manager of the store where the machines were bought
    that their installers fucked up. Home Depot Corporate is notorious for
    using the cheapest, worst option when it comes to installers, but sometimes
    the stores can get an installer changed if there are enough complaints.

  151. I have google Fiber and i get 1 Gig Up and down :P

  152. tell them what happened hopefully they will be kind enough to pay for any

  153. AngryDaily

  154. Oligopoly. What did Home Depot do? Are you suing?

  155. man that sucks phly

  156. so phly ur not in the power house anymore D:?

  157. When you crushed that car XD

  158. I wish I had your “shitty” speeds, I get 0.7MB down and about 0.3MB up with
    my backwards upsidedown Australian internet.

  159. lol 200mbps, over here in Western Australia we only just got fibre optics
    and it expensive as ****. most areas don’t even have it. At the moment I
    only have 11mbps max, a year ago was lucky to reach 1mbps.

  160. I love your content but, there is only one problem. I can’t play it around
    me 19 month old as she picks it up and it’s much to early for her to begin
    learning that. Hope you can eliminate or cut it way, way back. Thanks.

  161. samsung toaster anyone

  162. 1.1 mb download speed……

  163. Id rather talk with customer support that is flesh and blood than those
    automated machines that they use nowdays in my country. Honestly I would
    not mind flooding caused by washing machine, blown swage pipe in wall not
    so good huge mess.

  164. Loyal follower of the grass mask

    Twc is the worst omg

  165. TWC is ass

  166. pleeeeaaseee phly dont complain, i get 0.7 down and 0.3 up and i live 15
    miles from the centre of London…..

  167. Hey phly dude, Verizon doubled my speed to 50/50 for the same price of
    25/25 because they delivered the router late

  168. Hey i life in germany and my download is 75 mbs and 40 mbs upload in 2015
    all towns become new internet connections

  169. patience is key, phly

  170. Samsung washer be like (You will drown in 5 seconds)

  171. You screwed up when you decided to let Home Depot set it up…YouTube that
    shit and do it yourself!

  172. home depo betr b paying for that shit

  173. I laughed my ass off, youre a very good story teller Phly :)

  174. Jesus what a hassle, hope they rectified the issue for you properly and got
    you taken care of.

    Side note: that gun on that tank is beast but slow to turn and reload eh?

  175. Oh you think that’s bad? I get about 5mbps up and 3mbps down with
    Armstrong. They are the only ISP in my area (mahoning county, Ohio)


  176. Should have got one of those dry washers.

  177. samasung makes a lot of things as a korean ij

  178. and that’s why you ask if everything is plugged in Securely

  179. in Hong Kong 300M – 100M Fiber-to-the-Home PlanUnlimited24-month with

  180. First, second, and third world country are outdated terms. Now modern
    geographers use the terms developed country and developing country. Pardon
    me if i’m picky.

  181. by the way phly in KOREA YOU CAN HAVE A SAMSUNG APARTMENT with smart family
    enviro control in it

  182. omg just do real gameplay of the kv2 dont just show us a replay we want to
    see and hear u play the tank

  183. on the water on light socket,i would ask them “ahh,who do i call?an
    electrician or a plumber?” jokingly and have a good laugh

  184. WAIT….what happened to Spida?!?!?

  185. play t-34-85e next plzzz

  186. i live in seattle…so if anyone is familiar with the seahwks stadium it is
    called centurylink…the biggest, it seems, local internet provider. A lot
    of people belong to them, including me…but they have wronged me so much
    last year, there was a broken cable at the top of this hill. this cable is
    a very major one, and sent internet to a lot of houses, so i call them up
    after its been two hours that it was down…they send a texhnician, and he
    says they fix it i chrck still down, 2 weeks later still patchy, i call
    them to ask for a refund and to fix it, and they say nope ur gonna pay full
    price for little to no internet fuck centurylink its better other places
    but total monopolistic assholes to me

  187. I live in Silicon Valley and we get around 150M download and 80M upload,
    but we do pay almost $100 per month for internet service. *All internet
    service is a ripoff in the US*. If it sounds too good to be true or even
    decent its a lie.

  188. And this is why we don’t have any Home Depots anywhere near where I live,
    nor would I EVER shop there.

    They did almost the exact same thing in my last home, except instead of the
    drain pipe, it was the damn cold water pipe! And they didn’t even bother to
    put it in correctly. They just wrapped a single piece of duct tape around
    the pipe to connect it onto the washer and called it done. Held together
    just long enough for me to walk away before the whole thing failed and
    water everywhere….

    Bunch of stupids, is what they are. -_-

    Really sorry you had to deal with that Phly. Hopefully the damage gets
    fixed asap and you don’t have to deal with that shit again. o7

  189. Samsung sells petroleum and main battle tanks as well. The S Korean
    government strongly supports the company, which is pretty nice for the
    company itself.

  190. Cameron McWilliams


  191. fly it will be ok it could be worse

  192. @phlyDaily I’m in australia and i have ADSL where i get max 400Kb/s,
    usually less.i moved from my old place a bloack away where i got the
    highest speed possible to 99% of Australians 2.4 MB per second.

  193. so.. you dont6 live with Baron and Slick anymoar?

    ps : African kids would kill for your position in life right now.

  194. Phly you can get a Samsung tank, apc, and even a missile launcher

  195. Try being stuck with satellite internet :’D (800 ping, games entirely out
    of the question, 15gb monthly data cap, 12/5 down/up, all for a wonderfully
    overpriced $95 a month)

  196. It’s not there folt that they wanna be with their family on New Years eve

  197. lol you gotta emphasize the “GAR” in oligarchy….fuck cable companies

  198. Ever consider that you’ve a ghost who’s like, “Caveman life!”

  199. EasternGamer YouTube

    You Americans xD The internet here is like 1Mb/s up for 40 USD. For a line
    like 20 mb/s is like 2000 USD a month..

  200. Phly, just come visit here for a while…. you need a vacation to game with
    me 😉 Your welcome anyday man!

  201. goodness goodness goodness goodness goodness goodness goodness

  202. Destroyed! Destroyed!!

  203. In Tunisia the government is like : So, you wanna have a good internet
    connection and Paypal ?
    Guess What ! Keep Dreaming Ass@#le… :'( I cri evritiem

  204. I get excited when I get 6mb of download speed that’s really fast in

  205. Why did Phly and Laura leave the Youtube house in Florida? Where have they
    moved to?

  206. Thumbnail = Time with Story Phly?

  207. Singapore has much better ISPs…
    50USD for 1gpbs up/down.

  208. time with story phly??

  209. time with story phly??

  210. lmao!! never had a problem with twc!!!!! fuckin kidding me.. i had a router
    and cable box that lasted 10mins after the fuckin guy left.. instead of
    contacting the fella they told me i had to wait 3 weeks. then their fuckin
    comsuer service is a joke. microsoft is better. pffft. twc a joke lol

  211. Jesus Phly you think a couple of days of putting up with bullshit from your
    ISP is bad? 2 years ago my family started building a new house and the
    internet was meant to be installed about a month before we shifted in which
    was last december. 12 months (not even fucking kidding) later it was
    installed. We went through multiple companies and all of them said the job
    was too big even though we sit smack bang in the middle of a town of around
    15k people. They would say they would be there in a few weeks, we would
    wait, they never show up and dont explain why. Ironically we also had a
    small flood when we moved in but it was in our garage so nothing serious.
    Keep up the good work with your vids they helped me through some tough

  212. Be happy you’re not in our life…. Holy shit you’re LUCKY!

  213. Phly play matild II.

  214. Phly,according to Simpsons and family guy America is a third world country.

  215. “Hey Baba” “MMMAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” “I am telling a story right now”

  216. Ich mag keine Amerikaner.

  217. James “Jamo1611” king


  218. Dear Phly, as I am sick in my bed right now I am taking the opportunity to
    try to answer your question, a question that couldnt be less epic and
    fundamental: Why is this stuff happening to me? And when you go to the core
    of that question – which would be something like: What is the reason that
    anything in my life is happening as it is? – you can sense some of the
    wheight of that question. So, why is it? Some might say its bad luck, or
    youve been cursed or that this is your faith and so on. Actually i dont
    think so. I think you get what you send out. Simple but also quite
    fundamental in its consequences. Anyways, to make a long story short, focus
    on what is good in your life, look at what is working for you and dream big
    ???I am confident that everything works out well for you, because at the
    end it does for everybody. Bless you and your families heart and keep up
    the good work you are doing. Best wishes

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