Strangers Games.. – Chi-Nu – World of Tanks

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  1. Match Making patch should have hit today, hope it works out. : )

    • Part of me wants to reinstall to see if I can get that bastard 3rd mark on my Ferdinand but I’m on NA. There’s no saving us lul.

    • Hey Circon, speaking of MM, what would you think of a setting that allows players with over 10k games to go back and play lower tiers without feeling like dirty seal clubbing monsters? Have MM select only players that have above a certain amount of games/Win Rate and enable a checkbox in settings if you want to threemark tiers 2-3-4. (Okay, I’ll admit it, I really would love to see you three mark the lawnmower of doom or the pz 1c.) That way, newer players get protected from getting clubbed and guys with more experience can give some love to the fun tanks at lower tiers.

    • There is no gun marks in tiers 1-4 I think. Not sure about 4 off top of my head. But I second the idea. Stats based mm should be a thing in low tiers even more so than in latter game

    • +Nebojsa Kmezic
      I don’t think you guys understand the ramifications of skill-based MM. Fun tanks won’t be fun when the other team is just as skilled as you, running 5 skill crews with food. Every match will have 2 LEFh on each team, base-camping heavies, and invisible T67s.

    • +UltimateMcNasty True, we would probably end up with those problems via skill based MM. However, we already have all of those things here on NA server, due to the TINY server population. There are guys here who have like 10k games in the t67(one has 27,000 games in his…let that sink in.)… I have a guy on my blacklist who has 6k games in his t-127 and another with 4k games in his Pz. B2. Actually, I wasn’t strictly speaking about skill based match making, more a protective cap for new players and adding the ability to have MoE in low tiers.

  2. I know it sounds weird but the Black Prince is not that bad if you play well with it.. I mean with some premium ammo its very playable and still one of my favourite tier VII vehicle in the game (3 marked it pretty easily).

  3. Food is food. You want a child menu in WOT? They have issues as it is.

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Chi Nu is not bad but Chi To I feel is quite good Sad that Cromwell and T34 85s eats other tier 6 mediums for breakfast

    • Chi-to seemed mediocre to me, a decent gun on a big unarmoured brick with no mobility.

    • The Chi-To is the only tank that has earned me a Radley-Walters. I’m a bad player. Still, it is a very good tank, accurate gun, decent penetration. You just have to keep it out of the fight for a while to keep the gun going. Tier 6 is pretty much the sweet spot for a low-armored mediocre mobility medium.

    • Chi to was really enjoyable to play same goes for the the chi ri. Chi nu just suffers like every techtree med with hp.

    • T3485 > Chi To in every way possible

    • I enjoyed the entire Japanese medium line, including the Chi-Ri. Yeah they’re slow as boats, huge as houses with literally no armor but that gun depression and those punchy guns are worth dealing with the negatives. The Chi-Ri gun is also total memes.

  5. I liked this. Thanks for the upload.

  6. Man, if that’s your weirdest game then you haven’t played enough low tiers lol. This would be an ordinary low tier most of the time ( minus the 2k damage of course).

  7. Karol Wojtyła Władca Piekieł

    The title made me think you were gonna showcase a viewer’s replay lol

  8. Nice meme

  9. World of Family car ???

  10. Circon where are the weekly/monthly funny moments? I keep watching the old ones to content myself meanwhile.

  11. I missed a bit war? REEEEEE

  12. That camo factor on that t67…..that is broken.

  13. Mayo as a condiment = duck shit
    Mayo as an ingredient = good
    Mind = blown

  14. Krystian Olszański


  15. Garlic sauce ftw

  16. #teammayo

  17. And what about fry sauce?

  18. Honestly, how many people use food at tier 5? The amount of gold you used is beyond normal for most tier 5 player.

  19. the link no-one asked for:

    (ketchup vs mayo)

  20. This is literally every game on NA server. It’s all bizarre

  21. Ketchup vs mayo ,….what about mustard. Wtf was this game lol

  22. I 3 marked my Black Prince.

  23. Circon back at it with more regular uploads. As i cannot watch the streams due to work, i appreciate the highlights

  24. Mayo is King!

  25. Mustard is the best.

  26. That opening line! 😀

  27. Trevor Renkevens

    @Circonflexes I already three marked the Black Prince. 🙂 Would you like some advice? XD

  28. The great question remains tho, why in gods name did Mayo lose to Ketchup?

  29. “what a fuck” u play in tier 4,5 with noobs biginers kids what is strange

  30. are an idiot.spotted

  31. Matthew Sinclair

    Hahaha yes! You did upload it!

  32. Remove kv 2 HE gun while they are at it. Oh wait that would make people mad. Leave the HE guns just rebalance them. Honestly only the type 4 and 5 have a problem, and its only because of the premi7m ammo. Leave the standard ammo alone, and give it a weaker prem ammo

  33. 5:57 of the video, 5 minutes and 35 seconds into the match, there are 7 tanks alive on the red team. Six of them have not been spotted the entire match.

  34. hi bro, the subject you have just opened at 13.46 … dammmm should be discussed widely….

  35. i like ketchup more

  36. 3 mark the Churchill GC

  37. The only tank I have 3 marked so far.

  38. Typical WoT game lol

  39. Ketchup and mayo are both disgusting. Yeah, I said it.

  40. black prince, most OP tier7 tank in the game. If exclude all the other tier7 tanks lol

  41. What the fork is that t67 camo

  42. ketchup even though im not a fan of it nor mayo

  43. I think you played with a game full of bots to be honest

  44. Miracle whip is best

  45. wasn’t expecting this match to show how absolutely broken the camo on the t67 is. no wonder its the seal clubber’s top choice.

  46. Total Carry

  47. The economics at low tier are fine if you’re willing to run an objectively worse loadout.

  48. Namegoeshere Orhere

    The P26 at D0 spotted you when you were at D9, I’ve had the same thing happen there a few times, it’s like the bushes in between are one way mirrors. What’s even better is they can shoot your from there and not get spotted.

  49. I had some weird laggy movements on this map earlier tonight too. It was odd, the whole tank just felt wrong all game.

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